The 5 Best Shower Faucets Of 2021 In Canada

The 5 Best Shower Faucets Of 2021 In Canada

Shower Faucets: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

Like the other parts of the house, it is also essential to have a well-equipped and sophisticated bathroom. The different brands that work in the field offer a wide range of shower taps, among which you can choose the accessory compatible with your needs and the decor of your bathroom.

Buy the Grohe 34150003 to take advantage of the technology and ergonomics it comes with, or treat yourself to the Moen Gibson Posi-Temp T2902EPBL to add a touch of modernity and elegance to your bathroom. 

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Right Shower Faucet? 

How to choose the best shower faucets for 2021? It is the question we help you answer in this article. We offer several selection criteria that will allow you to find yourself faced with the variability of shower mixer models on the market. 

The quality  

This point takes center stage as it defines the practicality and efficiency of the shower faucet. This selection criterion will immediately guide those who do not know which shower faucet to choose as it determines the performance and durability of the device. 

Our advice? Choose the most efficient, comfortable, resistant, silent, and economical mixer. These three important points are cumulative in determining the quality of a shower faucet. To find the best-performing article, you can rely on its ranking and rating online. Rating A designates the loudness of the sound level of the shower faucet. The A3-certified models are among the quietest. The C rating assesses the comfort provided by the mixer. We recommend products rated C3, easy to use, adjust, and clean, with a water-saving stopper.

Note E is used to define the water flow rate consumed by the product. In this case, the higher the rating, the more water the mixer uses. E00 means, on the one hand, that the tap consumes around 5 liters of water/min. E4, on the one hand, denotes a consumption rate of 25 liters/min. Finally, the U designation determines the durability of the valve. On this last point, we advise you to choose mixers rated U3 because they have a much longer lifespan than those of U2 and U1.

The designs 

This time it’s a matter of taste and preference. The design is also to be considered because it gives a refined and sophisticated touch to the bathroom. There are, of course, countless models of shower faucets. The design is also variable, ranging from retro style to more modern, rounded models to the most tapered. However, we advise you to choose shower mixers to your taste and, above all, which match the design of your bathroom. Don’t go and install a modern shower faucet in a retro bathroom. 

Choosing the ideal design also involves selecting the color and finish of the mixer. For this, you have to choose between chrome, bronze, and dark colors like gray, black, and matte. 


The method of fixing is also decisive since it must suit the plan of the bathroom and the type of shower or bathtub you have. You have to choose between the deck-mounted shower faucet and the wall-mounted shower faucet. There is also the waterfall faucet. 

In our opinion, the best shower faucet is the one with a wall mount. It allows you to choose the height you need without forgetting the little extra in aesthetics gained and the easy installation, so you benefit if you decide to buy it. However, it is necessary to provide holes and connections to install this type of mixer since it is necessary to take into account its dimensions and shapes. Unlike the wall-mounted or built-in model, the deck-mounted faucet is mostly suitable for bathtubs and is more difficult to install. Especially since it mainly applies to a vintage bathroom. 

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Most homes in Canada have instant hot water boilers that produce hot water at a variable temperature, given the absence of a hot water reserve. This type of boiler is therefore not suitable for all types of mixing valves. The solution to knowing which is the best shower faucet on the market that we offer you is the selection of a thermostatic mixer from the best brand of shower faucets that can work with an instantaneous production boiler, aside from being compatible with your water heater system, shower faucets like this guarantee excellent energy efficiency.

The price 

The price certainly varies depending on the type of faucet involved. Thermostatic mixers are more expensive than simple mixers. Expensive products are indeed more reliable and durable than cheaper items. However, be sure to select a model that offers the best value for money and a price that fits your budget. 

The 5 Best Shower Faucets (Review & Test) of 2021

Finding the perfect shower faucet for your bathroom isn’t always easy. Considering your needs, your taste, the design of your bathroom, and your budget select the perfect mixer among the 5 examples that we offer in this article. 

1. Grohe Chrome thermostatic shower faucet 34150003

The 5 Best Shower Faucets (Review & Test) of 2021

For your modern and sophisticated shower, enjoy the performance of this flagship product in each price comparison. Its main asset is its ergonomic design. Its 2 handles are extremely easy to handle, tapered and rounded at the end.

It is, of course, an ideal entry-level mixer for you to take a refreshing shower after a long day of work or a workout. Equipped with a thermostat, this item is suitable for people of all ages, especially children and the elderly. Its cooling channel keeps you away from the risk of scalding while showering.

Hyper resistant, this product recommended by each buying guide for the best shower faucets shows undeniable durability despite intensive use. It resists, among other things, scratches and tarnishes. This thermostatic valve can also deliver the water temperature you need in record time. 

  • Technology: The Grohe TurboStat raises the temperature and the water flow as quickly as possible. This technology is also the dream tool to keep the water at the same temperature throughout the shower, regardless of its duration.
  • Economy: Equipped with the Grohe EcoJoy, this type of mixer also allows you to save a maximum of water.
  • Thermostat: A 38 ° stop is very effective in combating burns. The mixer therefore automatically stops producing water once this temperature is reached.
  • Price: Consumers believe that it is possible to find a shower faucet that is more comparatively priced and has the same functionality.

2. Gibson Moen Posi-Temp T2902EPBL Garni Ture de douche

Gibson Moen Posi-Temp T2902EPBL Garni Ture de douche

If you’ve always wondered where to buy the best shower faucet, this model is sure to be one of your favorites. Few of the bathrooms are equipped with this type of accessory. Black and mat color, the design of this faucet aims to combine modernity and daring. Moreover, its attractive design and its incredibly surprising resistance are part of the strengths of this product.

Flexible, the valve ensures its hardness and the possibility of replacing the faucet without modifying the plumbing of the shower. Modern, this Moen shower faucet will undoubtedly be ideal for beautifying your bathroom without forgetting the little extra that it offers, thanks to its color and finish.

And what’s more, in the shape of a circle, it turns out to be more attractive than most faucets in its class. And this, without forgetting the compatibility with disabled people or PRM.

  • Design: A unique and unusual finish awaits you thanks to the matte black color.
  • Compatibility: This faucet meets the standards established by the United States Disability Act. No need to create a separate shower, because family members who suffer from reduced mobility will be able to enjoy the benefits of this bathroom with you.
  • Resistance: The flexibility of this tool makes it even more pleasant to use. It makes, thanks to it, proof of durability and resistance.
  • Technology: Having a less advanced technology than that of the competition, this inexpensive faucet offers neither thermostat nor solutions to avoid the burn.


3. Keeney Bélanger 3060W Tub / Shower Faucet

Keeney Bélanger 3060W Tub / Shower Faucet

If most kitchen faucets and shower faucets are presented with 2 handles, this article has 3. Therefore, the central handle is the bypass handle, which could undoubtedly be useful to you when handling your shower faucet. The little character in addition to this product is its versatility.

Unlike conventional mixers, the Bélanger shower faucet is suitable for both a shower and a bathtub. Shown in polished chrome, this shower faucet will match any decor you choose for your bathroom while giving it an elegant appearance.

Not to mention the 3 buttons, the diverter, the valve, the shower arm, the flange, the showerhead, and the slip-on bathtub spout, which it has to make its use easier. 

  • Versatility: It is possible to lay it with a bathtub and a shower cabin. Not to mention the chrome and polished finish that ensures its compatibility with all types of stores and all decorations. Stop looking for where to buy a new shower faucet.
  • Convenience: The whole of this product satisfies a good number of users given the pivoting nature of the knob and the presence of 2 water jets. One for spraying and another for massage. Not to mention the presence of the third handle which further facilitates the adjustment of water and temperature.
  • Resistance: Made with metal, this product offers fairly reduced durability.

4. Delta Faucet T14259-Bllhd Trinsic Monitor 14 Series

 Delta Faucet T14259-Bllhd Trinsic Monitor 14 Series

Elegance is, above all, at the rendezvous with this new Delta shower faucet. It is ideal to complement the decor of a wide variety of bathrooms; you can install it in a classic shower, a rustic shower, and a contemporary shower. This accessory also protects you against sudden changes in temperature thanks to the balancing valves.

Offered in matte black, this product would be the perfect innovative touch for your bathroom. It will reduce the risk of burns. The strong contrast would, moreover, be extremely conspicuous and sophisticated for your great happiness.

This model can quickly become one of your favorites, given its compatibility and versatility. Shower faucets of this kind go perfectly with all the lighting systems and decorations that you will adopt. In addition, you will avoid color problems since black is associated with both warm colors and cold colors. 

  • Versatility and compatibility: It is suitable for all types of showers, regardless of decoration, light color and wall color.
  • Attractive: This black shower faucet will create a perfect contrast in your bathroom. Which will give it an even more refined and sophisticated air.
  • Secured: By regulating the temperature degree, the monitor technology that constitutes it protects you against the risk of burns caused by sudden changes in temperature.
  • No shower head: Delivered without a shower head, the purchase of this type of faucet may complicate your task since you will have to find a head compatible with this set.

5. Volton Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

Volton Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

Nature is, this time, put on the front of the scene as the manufacturers of this quality faucet were inspired by it to create this innovative and modern product.

Featuring modern styling and an evolved design, the Waterfall Shower Faucet has the qualities to give you new and better bathroom experiences. It has a matte and black finish, a detail favorable to your decor since it adds a touch of elegance to the room. This practical faucet has a long, easy-to-handle wrist that you can use to regulate the flow of water and the temperature of the water.

Made with solid brass, this faucet is arguably one of the toughest of its generation. In addition to that, it is a simple element of the tap but extremely pleasant, especially if you like the minimalist style. Also, benefit from comfortable use thanks to the water flow offered by the waterfall. 

  • Elegant: The design and the matte black color of this bathroom faucet bring an elegant and refined touch to your bathroom.
  • Comfortable: The ultra-wide water flow it provides as well as the maneuverability of its long wrist make it very pleasant to use.
  • Modern: A modern and sophisticated accessory that will be noticed at first glance in your bathroom. It will surely suit any kind of decoration you choose.
  • Water consumption: Although this faucet wins points in terms of comfort thanks to the importance of the water flow it provides, its water consumption could greatly increase your bill.

frequently asked Questions 

Q1: How high to install a shower faucet?

It will be necessary to compare and take into account the height of the various components of a shower to define the ideal place for the faucet. To do this, carefully check the height of the tray, the size of all the family members, the dimensions of the bathroom, and the arrangement of the various piping elements. Note that this accessory is normally located 110 cm from the receiver. 

Q2: How to replace a shower faucet that leaks after closing? 

If you haven’t wondered how to buy a better value shower faucet, the leak could be one of your most common problems. Fixing a leaky faucet is a quick and easy task to perform. However, there is always a suitable solution for this kind of failure. 

It is done in 6 stages and begins with the interruption of the arrival of water. To do this, turn off the power supply from the water meter. The second step is to purge the circuit. The tap should be opened until all the water in the piping has been removed. Continue the third step by removing the wrists from the mixer. The goal is to access the seals to be able to change them. Start the process by removing the patch (red or blue) that hides the screw inside the wrist. Then unscrew the wrist and remove it. 

The fourth step is to remove the faucet head by unscrewing the nut. Remove the head and clean it with a cloth. In the fourth step, remove the valve seal causing the leaks and clean the seat. The sixth and last step is replacing the gaskets and reassembling all the parts you have disassembled previously. 

Q3: How to change a shower faucet? 

Some faults with the shower faucet cannot, in some cases, be repaired. A replacement becomes, at this moment, essential. It is an operation that can be easily performed by providing you with an adjustable wrench, gaskets, sealing tape, and open-end wrenches. 

The first step is to dismantle the defective valve using an adjustable wrench. Second, change the fitting starting by applying a sealing tape to the fitting thread in question. Third, install the new faucet. Then try to check the water circulation before proceeding with the finishing touches. 

Q4: How to change a shower faucet cartridge? 

Lack of water pressure and flow is surely related to scaling in the shower faucet cartridge. To remedy the problem, you can either clean this part or replace it permanently. To reach the cartridge concerned, the valve must first be disassembled. You have to insert it into the compartment, tighten the rings, and replace the covers. To ensure the proper functioning of your faucet, try to find a model identical to the old cartridge.