The 5 Best Snowboards Of 2021 In Canada

The 5 Best Snowboards Of 2022 In Canada

Snowboards: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Snowboards of 2022 in Canada

Winter is fast approaching and brings with it its cold and snow. Despite the bad weather, this season remains very popular with young and old alike because it is marked by the Christmas and New Year celebrations which bring joy and good humor. So many outdoor activities can be done during this period, such as tobogganing, skiing, and snowboarding, which is very popular today.

However, the latter requires specific equipment to be practiced in complete safety. In addition to suitable clothing, you will need good snowboards to enjoy this sportfully. Before investing your money in this accessory, you need to choose a good snowboard. Let our buying guide help you. The Nightingale Gala holds the first place with its rocking profile which is ideal for beginners. Then comes the Burton Stylus, which remains very practical and balanced thanks to its shape and flexibility.

The 5 Best Snowboards (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

As you need a good and less expensive snowboard, depending on the type of ride you want to perform and your level of skill in handling it, you must make a point of honor to choose it well. Take the time to study its size, design, and arch to find the right one for you. Discover our selections in our buying guide for the best snowboards.

1. Rossignol Gala Snowboard for women

Best Snowboards Of 2022 In Canada

Before wondering where to buy the best snowboard, consider finding a suitable model for you first. If you are looking for a board for mountain riding, this is the one for you. Made with high-quality ABS material and combined with fiberglass, it is pretty sturdy and highly resistant to moisture but is also very flexible.

With a more directional camber, this junior snowboard model provides stability with a stiff edge at the back and maneuverability with a soft edge at the front. It also provides power to your run.

Featuring a rocking profile, it gives you the most accessible progression on any track so you can focus on your moves. Also, it is very suitable for the beginner.

  • Ride: This all-terrain model is suitable for your mountain rides.
  • Practice: With a rocking profile and a fairly stiff rear edge, this model has great stability and simple maneuverability to be easily used, and thus is very practical.
  • Movements: Its characteristics give it great grip whatever the slope and the track so that you can perform all the movements you want without worries.
  • Color and design: The color and the design are showy enough that they can sometimes be a brake on its acquisition for those who do not like this kind of pattern.

2. Burton Stylus Snowboard for women

If you are wondering which is the best snowboard on the market, this model is by far the answer to your question. Doubly symmetrical, it is ideal for freestylers who want to perfect their figures in a park.

Indeed, it brings you a more significant balance while remaining flexible during your travels. This snowboard is also suitable for beginners with its somewhat convex base and offers excellent ease of handling, essential for a first time on the piste. 

Twin flex type, this model is short enough to be easily manipulated but remains flexible to allow you to be free in your movements, whatever direction you point it. Its mounting system with adjustable fixings makes this model very practical.

  • Symmetrical: With its 2 completely symmetrical edges, this snowboard is very suitable for figures and jumps performed in a park, also called freestyle.
  • Practice: This model has unparalleled balance, stability and flexibility and thus remains easily controllable.
  • Movements: This model offers you great freedom of movement during your descents on the slopes or your patterns in the park.
  • Fast: Very fast, this Burton snowboard can be quite rowdy for a beginner who doesn’t know how to keep his balance yet. If this is your case, double your security.

3. K2 Snowboard standard 2021

If you are still struggling to find which snowboard to choose, this model may be the one for you. An all-mountain version of the all-mountain type, it is suitable for both track rides and figures in the park.

Revisited, it dramatically facilitates cornering. In addition, it allows a comprehensive set of movements, from left to right and back and forth, to perfect your figures or improve your skills.

This model is very stable, adherent, limits fall, and promotes accessible and fast progression, ideal for beginners. Made with woven fiberglass and a wooden core, this model is very sturdy. This stiffness brings more power to your progress by increasing the course speed as you go—no more worrying about where to buy a new snowboard. 

  • Easy turns: Designed with state-of-the-art technology, this snowboard recommended by any buyer’s guide for the best snowboards makes it easy to detour and turn when traveling on the trail.
  • Movements: This model gives you great freedom of movement to coordinate your games or your race.
  • Powerful: Thanks to its rigid shape, it brings speed to your movements, which makes it quite powerful on the track.
  • Beginners: With unparalleled performance, this board is still quite difficult to handle for beginners, it is better to opt for another model if this is the case.

4. Stauber Summit Snowboard and binding Sizes 128

If you want to compare and then buy a model of the best brand of snowboards, both powerful and very high quality, we offer you the possibility to make a more comparative choice with this buying guide. This model is an all-terrain, both all-mountain, allowing you to cover all powder tracks and suitable for freestyle to create and build your most beautiful figures.

Bidirectional with a rocking camber, this model is very stable and easy to control. Robust thanks to its mode of manufacture, this model supports very well the shocks, of course.

Its bindings are well thought out and give you a good grip on the ankle and toes. This model is easy to handle; it is suitable for both beginners who want to try their hand at snowboarding and the more experienced ones who want to improve or try something new.

  • Practice: This model of snowboard is suitable for trips in the mountains or for jumps, rotations or beautiful figures in the park.
  • Polyvalent: This model is suitable for beginners but also for experienced people looking for new sensations.
  • Robust: This model is resistant enough to withstand both shocks and road accidents.
  • Smooth: This snowboard is a bit smoother and slicker compared to others that you need to use non-slip accessories with it.

5. Agog Sports Slopedeck A skateboard for snow

To buy a better value snowboard, this model is by far the most suitable snowboard for your mountain getaways.

Revolutionary, it was designed to let you take even the tightest turns with unparalleled control. Made with the most robust materials globally, it withstands shocks and splashes and is ideal for rough slopes. Identical to a skateboard deck, it is easy to handle and has a non-slip function, useful in wet conditions.

This snowboard is versatile and is perfect for beginners but also for the most gifted. It’s a very well-studied binding, giving it excellent stability during the course. According to your choice, its innovative characteristics allow it to be used in freestyle, freeride, or all-mountain.

  • Revolutionary: This model ensures you take all your turns, even the tightest with the new technology it is equipped with.
  • Robust: Made with very high quality materials, this model is compact enough to withstand shocks, accidents and even falls.
  • Fixations: These bindings are fairly well positioned and can be mounted easily for better tuning and positioning.
  • Balance: This model is fast enough that it is sometimes more difficult to balance; especially for beginners.
Buying Guide – How To Choose A Snowboard ?

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Board In Snow? 

Having a good snowboard suitable for you is essential for a successful entry into the field and to practice snowboarding without worries. There are many models available on the market that sometimes you don’t know how to choose the best snowboards for 2021. Our buying guide is here to help you make a wise and comparative choice.

The criteria to take into account before choosing your snowboard 

 – The type of ride

There are many snowboards on the market. They differ by their sizes and their characteristics but especially by their uses. Also, you need to know what you plan to use it for to choose one that is right for you. If you want to learn to perform tricks and jumps, in the snow or a park, without exploring the mountain from top to bottom, the freestyle board is the one for you with its total symmetry and centered bindings. It is the most maneuverable of all committees and allows you to perform all the maneuvers you want, even the most complicated.

If you like speed and racing in the snow, you will need to opt for a board that grips ideally during all your movements and turns and maintains specific stability, even when operated at full speed. Therefore, a freeride snowboard is the most suitable for this type of activity, with its front board longer than the rear and its bindings further back. If you still have no idea what to do or like, go for an all-terrain snowboard or all-mountain snowboard. This board is an exquisite combination of freestyle and freeride and allows you to perform different tricks while riding in powder: a convenient combination option.

 – The level of technical skill

Your level of snowboarding skill is decisive in the choice of snowboards you make. There are 3 skill levels to which specific panels correspond. If you’ve never ridden a snowboard before, it’s clear that you have a beginner’s class. Even if you have tried before but find it difficult to turn corners or have trouble keeping a steady speed during your run, or if you are still afraid to walk some steep tracks, you are still a beginner. Indeed, it would help if you had different boards for someone who has never snowboarded and for someone more experienced, so this self-assessment is crucial. Also, a flexible all-mountain snowboard will suit you best, be versatile and suitable for any event.

If you go down the slopes with some confidence and carve now and then or move forward with carefree jumps and tricks, you are in the intermediate level. Thus, you will have to choose a board corresponding to your main activity. If you like to ride, go for a freeride snowboard. On the other hand, if you prefer good tricks techniques, take freestyle to be more satisfied. For the more experienced, you can go for all the styles you want, and why not try a completely different board than the one you are currently practicing with for even more fun.

 – The size and design of the snowboard

The size of your board is decisive when it comes to movements with it. Also, you will have to choose one specific to your needs so as not to be disappointed. If you want to roam the mountains and ride with your board, select a board less than 10 to 20 cm from your height to maximize practice and keep a stable speed during the race. Opt for an all-mountain freeride or a directional or tapered snowboard.

 If you are snowboarding in the park to perform jumps and other tricks styles, take a shortboard less than 8 to 25 cm from your waist to be easier to handle. A twin snowboard will do the trick very well.

 – The arches

Camber determines the shape and lines of your board. It allows, depending on the case, to obtain a good distribution of the weight and a good grip during your race. It will thus be chosen according to your type of ride and the precise characteristics it requires.

If you want to perform more patterns with your snowboard, take a regular or flat camber model for a gradual effect. On the other hand, if you’re going to do a ride, you have the choice between a directional camber, which brings power to your race, or a hybrid or reverse camber for more stability.