The 5 Best Women’s Snow Pants Of 2021 In Canada

The 5 Best Women’s Snow Pants Of 2021 In Canada

Snow Pants For Women: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are approaching, and bring with them winter and snow. However, these moments remain the most important of the year because they make us rediscover the warmth of the moments shared with his family and the importance of family. Various outdoor activities are carried out to reconnect, and to do this; you will need to be well dressed to face the cold. Also, for you ladies, opt for snow pants, warm and elegant, to fully enjoy your family activities.

Before investing your money in this outfit, however, you must choose the model that suits you. Let our buying guide help you, which has listed the 5 best Women’s Snow Pants in Canada for you. The Columbia Modern Mountain 2.0 holds the top spot with its adjustable fit and high Omni-Shield technology. Then comes the Arctix Ski Salopette with specific thermal insulation.


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Right Women’s Snow Pants?


Women’s snow pants are meant to keep you warm in the winter when you are outdoors. However, many models and various specifics are available in the market, and sometimes, you do not know how to choose the best snow pants for women of 2021. Our buying guide will help you to make a wise choice and a comparison.

The criteria to take into account before choosing your snow pants 

 – Impermeability

To be able to stay warm all day long in a snowy atmosphere, your outfit must be completely waterproof. It is, therefore, the first criterion to consider if you are looking for the best brand of snow pants for women on the market. The Schmerber scale measures this impermeability. Also, you can judge that your winter garment has a great capacity not to infiltrate moisture when the label of this one indicates more than 20,000 mm of Schmerber. The higher this index, the more waterproof your snow pants. However, a lower index of 10,000 mm is sufficient if you look for a garment reserved for use on the slopes. 

This impermeability is conferred by the type of membrane that makes up your garment. Indeed, it must have pores more minor than the water droplets so that the latter do not slip into them. But currently, companies tend more and more to create their layer for more specificities. The best known in the winter clothing market are the Goretex or Primaloft coatings used by many brands.

 – Breathability

The second criterion that you should look for when choosing women’s snow pants from a price comparison shop is breathability. It is defined by the ability of your garment to wick away the moisture generated by your sweat so that you can stay dry and warm all the time. Also, the membrane with which your snow pants are coated must have pores larger than a molecule of water vapor and thus allow it to be quickly evacuated. 

A well-breathable garment must have a breathability index of 8000 g / m2 / 24h, or even more. So remember to check its value on the label before deciding on which women’s snow pants to choose. 

 – The right size

One of the most challenging criteria to handle when making your choice of snow pants is size. Snow pants should be fitted enough to protect you from the wind and keep you warm throughout the day while still being wide enough not to restrict your movement. If you are buying in a store, to make it cheaper for you, consider trying and comparing several different sizes to find the one that will suit you best. 

If you are buying online, take your measurements and adjust them to the sizes offered by the brand. Note, however, that snow pants require you to wear underlying clothing more often than not, so opting for a size larger than yours may make more sense. You can also choose an elastic waist model for ease. 

 – Ventilation zips

Those looking for how to buy women’s snow pants with better value for money and practice outdoor physical activities such as biathlon, telemark, dog sledding, or mountain biking on snow prefer models with side ventilation zips. During these activities, the risk that you will be too warm is possible. You can therefore ventilate yourself with these small vents and keep an optimal temperature to continue your activity. These small vents are most often placed at the level of the thighs of your snow pants to be handled as quickly as possible.

 – The gaiters

To complete the insulation of your snow pants, some models accompany it with gaiters, thus providing your garment with a significant plus. Indeed, gaiters are additional coverings for your boots and are intended to prevent them from being invaded by snow. Some models are straightforward; others have non-slip soles for more safety and protection during your outdoor trips. 

– The reinforcements

Before you decide to buy the fitting snow pants for you, know that some models have additional safety reinforcements for greater confidence during your outings. These reinforcements are carried out on the knees, thighs, and legs and are used, in most cases, to cushion various falls. For more or less the exact costs, you can compare different models and choose the best one for you.  

The 5 Best Women’s Snow Pants (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

As you need waterproof, breathable snow pants of the right size to be able to face the coming winter without any worries, but also to enjoy the pleasant moments it offers, you can choose them with or without gaiters and reinforcements. Please find out about our selections in our buying guide for the best snow pants for women.

1. Columbia Modern Mountain 2.0 Women’s Pants

The 5 Best Women's Snow Pants Of 2021 In Canada

Before wondering where to buy the best snow pants for women, first think about finding a suitable model for you. If you are looking for adjustable pants that are just as waterproof, this model is for you.

Thanks to the brand’s new Omni-Shield technology, these snow pants wick away all the water that gets in them and keep you always dry during your day. Made of nylon and polyester, this model is insulating, protecting you from wind and snow, and keeping you warm during your outdoor activities.

These pants have been cut to allow you to move without problems. In addition, its size is adjustable for even more ease in your movements.

It is also equipped with a gaiter, placed at the level of the legs for a covering in addition to your boots. Pockets are designed on the sides, which close with zips to keep phones and other accessories. 

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  • Omni-Shield: Instead of a membrane that does not allow water to pass, the model incorporates one that evacuates water. State-of-the-art technology to keep you completely dry.
  • Movements: The cut and the more or less adjustable size of this model give it a high capacity of movements, allowing you to perform many activities without any discomfort.
  • Gaiters: A second coating is added at the level of the legs plus a double protection of your feet in addition to the boots.
  • Sizes: The sizes of the pants do not really correspond to those of the standard. Sometimes they fall smaller or larger which is often unpleasant.

2. Arctix Classic ski bib for women

2. Arctix Classic ski bib for women

If you are looking for the best snow pants for women or if you want to combine style, comfort, and warmth during your walks in winter, this model is by far the answer to your question. The overalls give you a festive and relaxed look, the most sought-after for outings. The shoulder straps are adjustable that you can put them quickly to your size.

This model is not bulky; it is ultra-light, is easily put on thanks to the closures, and does not limit your movements. With Thematech technology and its nylon construction, it keeps you warm all day long in temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to 35 ° C. 

This model also has gaiters to reinforce the protection against the cold at the level of the feet. These are equipped with non-slip soles to prevent slips or falls. The model is also equipped with several pockets, all zipped, to store your phones, tickets, keys, or more.

  • Look: The overalls style adapts very well to outdoor activities for which the model is reserved. In addition, this design brings more youth to the wearer.
  • Heating: The model has Thermatech technology which provides heat according to your activities. Its nylon coating provides great insulation which also helps retain heat.
  • Gaiters: These inexpensive snow pants have gaiters with non-slip soles.
  • Length: Compared to the size chosen, the model is quite long even if it is adjusted at the level of the straps, so you will have to adjust them to the seam.

3. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

If you are still struggling to find the best women’s snow pants on the market, this model may be the one for you. In both lightweight, waterproof, and insulated, this model keeps you warm even with outside temperatures of -29 ° C. Made with a multi-layered coating, you need to pair it with suitable underwear, and you’re done.

In trouser format, it gives you great freedom of movement and will allow you to indulge in your favorite activities. It doesn’t require a lot of adjustment like its sister’s overalls. In addition, it has a high breathability index to keep you dry for the duration of your outing.

The model still has the same gaiters as the overalls, with still non-slip soles and additional security at the ankles. It also has a ring to encircle your keys. 

  • Lightweight and practical: This multi-layered model does not weigh heavy, so it allows you to move without limits, while keeping you warm and protecting you from the wind.
  • Waterproof and breathable: These snow pants do not allow outside moisture to pass through but are not too waterproof to allow them to evacuate water vapors from perspiration. So you always stay dry in your winter clothes.
  • Buttons: The closure is done with buttons, which seems more restrictive especially if they jump, compared to zips or closures.

4. Arctic Quest Girls’ black bibs

If you want to find where to buy new women’s snow pants for your daughter and allow her to enjoy winter sports and activities in complete safety, we offer you the possibility of choosing the last two models for you. Offer advice. It provides you with unparalleled waterproofing with a high waterproofing index. In addition, its coating and lining provide excellent insulation protecting it against wind and water.  

Available in overalls, this model is very light to allow your children to move without any problem. It also incorporates an articulated device at the knees for more freedom and safety.

In addition, gaiters are connected to the model to keep their feet always warm. The two front pockets closed with zips and a reasonably large cargo pocket can contain as many accessories as phones, spare gloves and hats, mufflers, and others, thus freeing their hands.

  • Movements: Its overall shape offers its user great freedom of movement, enhanced by the lightness that this model has and the presence of articulated joints.
  • Insulating: This model is made with materials that give it great insulation while being impermeable to moisture, which keeps your children always warm and dry.
  • Slightly solid fabric: Reinforcements are necessary and must be done especially on the knees and legs, because they are intended for children and there they tear somewhat if their users are somewhat unruly.


5. SkiGear Insulated Snow Dungarees for Kids

This model is by far the most suitable snow pants for your daughter. With its bright color and patterns, it brings a touch of cheerfulness to the gloomy winter atmosphere.

With the advanced technologies of Thermatech and Thermalock, this model offers your child excellent and perfect thermal insulation and generally keeps them warm in temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to 35 ° C. It is waterproof and only lets it sink on contact.

Its straps are comfortable and adjustable at will, with gussets on the sides, all of which give them a large margin of movement. The soles of the gaiters have non-slip features that prevent your children from slipping or falling while providing extra warmth to their feet.

The pockets that close with zips, integrated into the model, are significant assets that allow children to store many things and thus free their hands.

  • ThermaLok and ThermaTech: These 2 innovative options give this model of girl’s pants to be waterproof, insulating and above all heating, ideal for outdoor activities in winter.
  • Movements: Easily adjustable and incorporating bellows, the model gives free rein to all children’s movements without any restriction. Which is an important advantage.
  • Length: These models of girls’ snow pants are quite long in relation to the chosen size and most often need to be adjusted by resorting to discount sewing.