8 good reasons to buy a food dehydrator

8 Good Reasons to Buy a Food Dehydrator

Although it was already practiced by many of our ancestors, food dehydration has become fashionable and has been rising in recent years.

So why buy a food dehydrator?

What is the benefit of dehydrated foods?

What are the advantages and benefits of health on the planet?

Here are 8 good reasons to buy a food dehydrator and explore flavors through dried fruit snacks, crackers, fruit rolls and leathers, aromatic herbs, jerky, and many other recipes.

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8 good reasons to buy a food dehydrator

1 – Preserve food longer

It is the primary goal of the principle of food dehydration which our ancestors already practiced: the best preservation of food.

Indeed, by eliminating the water contained in fruits or vegetables and other mixtures that can include meat or cereals, we avoid any mold and any risk of proliferation of bacteria, and we can therefore preserve them much longer.

In this way, we avoid food waste, for example, when we buy a large quantity of fruit or have a large harvest of berries.

Dehydration recipes make it possible to transform fresh foods in a healthy way to extend their shelf life and give them other flavors through certain mixtures, for example.

It is, therefore, an exemplary method of preserving food.

2 – Preserve natural nutrients and vitamins

Food dehydration is so popular and talked about a lot in the wellness and wellness spheres because dehydrating better preserves the valuable nutrients and good natural vitamins in food. Fresh, unlike cooking at high temperature, for example.

Because we’ve known it for a long time, fruits and vegetables are nutritious natural treasures for us. Still, unfortunately, we often lose these precious good things for our health along the way, whether in cooking methods or the industrial processing of fresh foods.

Thus, dehydrated foods are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients to strengthen our body and immune system and boost our energy. Nutritional quality is one of the main advantages of dehydrating foods.

Therefore, investing in a good food dehydrator can be seen as an investment in health.

3 – Avoid food and chemical additives

When you make your snacks such as fruit rolls, granola bars, or dried fruit mixes, you avoid commercial ones, and you not only save money, but above all, you avoid all food additives, colorings, and preservative chemicals used by the retail food industry, which may not be suitable for you.

We are talking about these mystery ingredients with complicated names or codes with numbers at the end of the “ingredients” label, such as E102 or E471, which often hide things that it would be better not to eat.

You can guarantee healthy ingredients and eat healthier by making your homemade snacks, limiting yourself to a bit of sugar or lemon juice for preservation!

Healthier treats for your pets, too: There are several dehydrator recipes for making treats for dogs and cats!

So you can also share the benefits of these homemade treats with your pets to spoil them with healthy delights without chemicals and questionable food additives!

4 – Save money

Stocking up on food while keeping it for a long time by processing fresh food yourself: this is one of the many advantages of dehydration, making it a way to save money by taking the time to prepare and cook.

Suppose you are buying a large quantity of food to be processed at a reduced price for bulk purchase, and you are equipped with a large capacity dehydrator model, with, for example, several drying trays. In that case, it will be enough to take time to cook the recipes to store reasonable quantities of healthy and long-lasting food.

We think of dried fruits, soft bars, jerky or dry cakes for snacks, but yogurt recipes and instant soups can be considered.

We can also mention the possible preservation of precious Quebec mushrooms that can be kept for a long time thanks to dehydration.

You can also make your teas and herbal teas or blends of aromatic herbs.

Using a dehydrator with practice, organization, and time can be a great way to save money on the grocery budget while producing local food and better quality!

5 – Reduce food waste

Food waste is an evil in our modern societies and excessive industrial food production.

A dehydrator can allow you to create foods and dishes that will keep for a long time and avoid wasting fresh foods that are on the verge of dying out or no longer being good.

Are your tomatoes a little too ripe? Turn them into delicious Mediterranean-style sun-dried tomatoes with some spice in your following recipes and salads!

Do your apricots no longer look good? Turn them into dried apricots to enhance your nut mixtures!

Don’t know what to do with the kale in your organic basket? Turn it into tasty kale chips!

And so on.

Dehydrating then saves food from the trash to create snacks and foods that keep longer.

6 – Reduce ecological impact and energy consumption

You avoid a trip to the grocery store when you make homemade recipes that last longer, whether for dried fruits, energy balls, fruit leathers, vegetable chips, or even dried meat. And to buy food processed and imported by industries that consume a lot of energy, often from other countries, so other transport: ecologically, you are already reducing your carbon footprint.

But that’s not all. The principle of a food dehydrator is that of an oven but with a low drying temperature, which takes much less energy.

It is simply with hot air that most models operate, so little electricity.

These are often recipes that take several hours, but it is a technique that consumes much less energy in the long term.

We can also mention the simplicity of most recipes because they do not necessarily require prior cooking or other energy-consuming processes.

Most of the time, it will be enough to mix a few ingredients and leave them on the drying surface if we take the more common example of a horizontal model.

Finally, we can also mention that being able to store dehydrated foods in a simple cupboard, which does not require any energy, unlike a fridge or a freezer.

We still save electricity and energy.

7 – Live with the seasons and eat locally

Using a food dehydrator also means living to the rhythm of the seasons, consuming it more locally and ecologically by making recipes according to the foods available in your region.

For example, we can make beetroot crisps with rosemary in the spring, mixes of dried fruits and nuts in soft bars in the summer for hiking, fruit leathers on their own with apples and blueberries for example, and reuse the dried fruits l winter in cakes or dried mushrooms in good soups!

On the other hand, you can also mainly use the dehydrator during summer and fall, which are the major harvest seasons in Quebec, to store enough food and dehydrated foods that you can cook and eat during the winter. Winter and spring, waiting to harvest new foods.

In other words, dehydration makes it possible to reconnect with ancestral traditions that are more connected with local nature and its foods according to the seasons, and the notion of preparation and canned cooking, in a spirit of tasting the flavor of food self-sufficiency, at least by optimizing harvests and food conservation.

8 – Stimulate creativity, play with flavors and textures

Finally, the principle of dehydration also allows us to experiment with flavors and textures with infinite possibilities, stimulating our creative side!

Indeed, with a bit of practice, once the basic principles and recipes have been learned, you can experiment with all kinds of flavors for a fruit dehydrator, for example, with the famous rolls or fruit leathers.

Also, think about aromatic herbs and the mixtures you can make yourself.

Why not make small vegetable patties or crackers with your choice of spices and original flavors.

Or the mixtures of nuts and dried fruits according to your inspiration.

We can also think of crisps, whether to make vegetable crisps with multiple flavors or even crunchy sweet potatoes to enhance a salad or a tartare recipe. Playing with textures can be interesting.

And why not make homemade jerky by imagining your seasonings?

The taste will be unique and original according to your inspiration.

Food dehydration is a world that can sometimes seem strange at first glance, but it turns out to be a realm of healthy and local food where culinary creativity can express itself endlessly, in all flavors, colors, and seasons!

There are many good food dehydrators on the market, with several models, some with infrared, adjustable thermostat, automated timer for drying time, constructed of different materials, for example, BPA free and stainless steel for high models. range from Karlstein or Biochef.

To help you find your way around, we have produced a buying guide for the best food dehydrators, promoting the best value for money.