Are robot vacuums effective?

Are Robot Vacuums Effective?

Are robot vacuums effective? All You need to Know

They have become, in recent years, essential household appliances to help us with household chores.

We are talking about robot vacuum cleaners, these autonomous, discreet and intelligent gadgets whose performance is always more advanced.

However, while some are convinced of their effectiveness, others are still reluctant to plunge, wondering if robot vacuum cleaners are effective.

Will the house be immaculate even if I have a large family or pets?

To solve the mystery, takes stock with you in this article!

Great for keeping your home clean, but not as thorough as a canister vacuum

The robot vacuum cleaner is often misrepresented as the miracle device that definitively rids you of the struggle of going through the canister vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, is this type of device as effective?

From our point of view, not quite.

It is true that it completes and maintains the cleanliness of the floors, making it possible to reduce the frequency of passage of the sledge.

It is more practical when you suffer from back pain because you will have less to bend down to vacuum.

On the other hand, this type of device is generally limited to “technical” places that are more difficult to access.

In this case, your classic canister vacuum cleaner will be of greater use to you and allow you to go faster.

If you get the idea that the robot will be an excellent complement to your classic vacuum cleaner, then you will buy it for the right reasons, and you will not be disappointed!

By maintaining a satisfactory level of cleanliness every day, the robot allows you to reduce intense cleaning time and keep a clean house.

Moreover, our 1st choice model Eufy Robovac is by far the one consumers prefer: it offers excellent value for money, with really satisfactory cleaning performance daily.

To learn more, check out our buying guide to the 5 best robot vacuums!

Powerful suction, but not as much as a conventional vacuum cleaner

The suction power of the robot is sufficient for daily maintenance of the level of cleanliness in the house.

If you like an intense cleaning where the most hidden dirt does not resist you, that offered by a classic vacuum cleaner will surely be better.

Most robot models offer different suction levels, depending on the type of floor (hard floors, rugs, carpet, etc.).

  • The side brushes return the dust located along the walls or baseboards towards the centre of the robot so that it is sucked up. The specific design of the robot vacuum cleaners prevents them from vacuuming on edges or in corners.
  • The main brushes: make it easier to pick up encrusted dirt or dust, especially on rugs and carpets. These can be classic nylon brushes or rubber ones (better to avoid tangling long bristles and hair).

For animal hair, be aware that robot brushes are very effective in getting rid of it, and their small size allows them to sneak in everywhere, including under furniture!

On the other hand, certain limits persist: some parts of the house will perhaps be less well cleaned due to the robot’s lack of accessibility.

In this type of situation, an upright or conventional vacuum cleaner will be necessary to complete the job.

Smart sensors that improve their efficiency

With constantly improving technology and connectivity, the best robot vacuums are equipped with sensors that will enhance the quality of cleaning.

Map navigation system and obstacle sensors

With such technology, the robots can clean all the house rooms one after the other, demonstrating good surface coverage, without bumping into obstacles during their journey.

It makes them very autonomous and even allows them to reach their charging station on their own when their battery becomes low or when it is time to empty their dust bin.

The most gifted robots to recognize obstacles and offer precise cleaning are equipped with a laser rangefinder.

Surface and dirt sensors

These sensors make it possible to adapt the suction power, depending on the type of surface (parquet, linoleum, tiles, carpet, carpet, etc.), as on this iRobot Roomba 694.

Vacuum sensors

Thanks to this sensor, if you have stairs and your robot is working upstairs, it won’t fall off the top of the stairs.

Most models are equipped with it, reinforcing their “intelligent” side.

Is this enough for impeccable maintenance?

Maybe not, but for everyday use, it’s more than satisfactory!

Remarkable Connectivity

A significant thing with a robot vacuum cleaner, which is not found with a conventional vacuum cleaner, is the connectivity it demonstrates.

You can connect your robot to your wifi network and even with your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants to control it remotely, launch a delayed start, etc.

Thanks to their dedicated application (to be downloaded on Android or iOS), you can control everything remotely, perform updates, follow the robot’s cleaning cycle in real-time, etc.

Things you can’t do with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

How does a robot vacuum work

Appreciable discretion and clean air

Its discreet side also makes the robot vacuum cleaner effective: with a sound level often between 65-70 dB, the noise is far from disturbing, unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner.

In addition, most models have a HEPA filter that effectively captures dander, allergens, and harmful particles that can reduce ambient air quality.

Again, these features are usually absent on a canister vacuum.

The possibility of passing the mop

There are specific models of robot mops that mop the floor thanks to their integrated water tank once the suction is finished.

The capacity of the tank can reach, in the best robots, up to 5 litres!

Their microfiber pads effectively overcome stubborn stains, even more so if they have several cleaning modes.

Your floors will be even cleaner, and the prospect of a thorough cleaning can tip the scales.

Note: these mopping models represent a different product line; therefore, a robot vacuum cleaner is not necessarily a robot vacuum cleaner.

The robot vacuum cleaner is, however, limited in its actions.

After analyzing and listing a dozen models in our buying guide, our observation is always the same: a robot vacuum cleaner will never have the same power and speed as a traditional broom or sledge vacuum cleaner.

The luxury offered by this type of product, on the other hand, is to have a permanently clean floor and the possibility of programming it to start its cleaning cycle when you want.

You come home in the evening after a day’s work, the floor is clean, and you can spend time with your family without thinking about housekeeping.

Above all, entry-level models that are not very innovative should not tarnish the reputation of an entire line of products.

For this reason, if you are looking for a powerful, efficient robot vacuum cleaner that will leave you with an impeccable home, it is better to pay the price.

With a mid-range or high-end model, the robot will be equipped with sensors, lasers and other intelligent navigation with mapping, which will make the cleaning cycle much more efficient.

Most often, it is by managing obstacles that robot vacuum cleaners.

Indeed, many models on the market show difficulty in evolving in a domestic environment, especially when cables are strewn on the floor.

It can lead to frustration because no one wants to go back behind an appliance that is supposed to do the job for you!

An entry-level robot is more likely to disappoint you.

Our observation is that you will have little chance of being satisfied with an entry-level robot model since the cleaning performance will not necessarily be up to par.

It will not be sufficiently well equipped in terms of sensors, mapping technology or even good suction power, which would result in less good maintenance.

You risk being disappointed and needing to go back to him more often and having spent a substantial amount of money.

What you must remember

When you want to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner, our advice would be to be ready to pay the price (we love this very high-end model from Narwal !).

In this way, you make sure you have an efficient device, offering intelligent features that allow much more efficient cleaning than an entry-level model.

Of course, even a perfect model does not replace a classic vacuum cleaner; let’s say instead that it is an excellent daily complement.