Best Pressure Cooker Brand of 2021 In Canada

Best Pressure Cooker Brand of 2021 In Canada

The Best Pressure Cooker in Canada in 2021 – Comparison, Guide, and Reviews

Cooking in a pressure cooker has many benefits. Thanks to its high-pressure cooking system, this household appliance allows you to cook your food in record time.

The one that is also nicknamed presto, multicooker or Instant Pot is very useful for large families looking for an appliance that can quickly cook, such as people with a very busy schedule.

If you have finally decided to start cooking in a pressure cooker or want to change the appliance, it is important to choose the brand of your appliance.

Indeed, the best brands on the market offer quality products with good value for money, attractive guarantees and efficient customer service.

Together, let’s discover our top 9 of the best pressure cooker brands so that you can cook with peace of mind, quickly and easily.

1. Instant Pot, the leading pressure cooker brand

Instant Pot Best Presure Cooker Brands in Canada

Instant Pot is a branch of multicookers designed in Canada.

Founded in 2010 by Robert Wang, the parent company is Instant Brands, which sells millions of products worldwide, and employs more than 2,400 people on all continents.

The company notably owns big names such as Pyrex, Corelle, Snapware, Chicago Cutlery and CorningWare.

All kitchen equipment is at Instant Brands!

Instant Brands enjoys a solid reputation with consumers, who find the products functional, robust, and of good quality by owning such brands.

They also emphasize the effectiveness of customer service in the event of a glitch on a device. And let’s face it, the fact that the Canadian brand is playing in its favour!

The flagship Instant Pot: the Instant Duo Plus 60

This Duo Plus 60 model is particularly suitable for large families preparing fast and always tasty cuisine.

With its ideal capacity, the device can replace most kitchen appliances.

Its price is very accessible (around $ 160) given the many preparations it allows you to make.

It measures 34 x 31 x 31.8 cm, i.e. 13.39 x 12.2 x 15.52 in, and weighs 5.37 kg, i.e. 11.84 lb.

In our opinion, it is a perfect volume, neither too bulky nor too heavy, and which can be easily stored in a kitchen cupboard.

Its offered capacity is 5.68 L, or 6 Qt, a very good value for three to four people.

However, this capacity is quickly reached for three big appetites, but four little gourmands can find their account.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to change to the above capacity.

In terms of machine operation, it is very simple and intuitive: the functions are written on the instrument panel, and you can consult the settings made on the very practical blue LCD screen.

We advise you to watch video tutorials if you still need clarification, as the user manual is not very clear, in our opinion.

The main strength of this Instant Pot is its versatility in cooking.

For example, you can cook eggs, cakes, rice and even use it as a yogurt maker or slow cooker.

We repeat you are investing in a multifunction appliance that will save you a lot of money on independent kitchen appliance purchases.

Small downside, however: the heating time is rather high, and the power of 1000 watts does not provide optimal speed.

Preparation time is therefore not eliminated.

Regarding the programs, 15 are already pre-recorded: keep warm, delay start, cooking oatmeal, cooking broth, grains, chilli, sterilization of jars.

There isn’t one thing you can’t do with your Instant Pot Duo Plus 60!

In addition, the product has UL certification, which ensures compliance with North American safety standards.

The elements in contact with food, including the lid and the bowl, in particular, are made of specific stainless steel.

They are dishwasher safe, and the rest of the machine maintenance is quick and easy too.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 requires a bit of preparation and effort on your part.

There is no major weak point to detect, apart from a heating time that may seem a bit long for those in a hurry.

This appliance can make your kitchen life easier, especially if you are in a household of at least three people. We can only recommend it, with its very attractive price!

Pressure Cooker

2. Ninja, an efficient and ultra-safe pressure cooker

Ninja Kitchen is a subsidiary of the American company Shark Ninja, specializing in manufacturing and distributing household appliances.

Founded in 1993, the company has continued to respond to new consumer needs by developing air fryers, mixers, pressure cookers, indoor grills, convection ovens, juice extractors, multifunction cookers, etc.

These high-performance devices revolutionize our experience in the kitchen, allowing us to focus on the purpose of our recipes while saving time and simplicity.

Moreover, the brand enjoys real sympathy from its consumers, who always have good experiences with Ninja.

In addition, they commend the company’s efforts in terms of speed of delivery, efficient customer service, ease of use of devices, and willingness to innovate.

Ninja’s flagship product: the Ninja OS301

The ninja pressure cooker has many advantages, both in its versatility and the cooking duration.

Let it be said, what matters most to cooking enthusiasts is the quality of the cooking and the taste it brings to the dish.

In this sense, the Ninja OS301 perfectly masters this aspect.

This model is a little more expensive than average, but there are several reasons for this: it is a rather powerful device with 1460 watts, and its capacity of 6.5 quarts or 6.15 litres is ideal for a family. Of four.

For example, it can easily hold a five-pound chicken.

Some find its design a bit big, but you have to consider that it is a multifunction device: it combines several devices on its own.

Indeed, this Ninja OS301 model can do the job of ten cooking machines.

For example, it can be used as a dehydrator, steamer or even air fryer. It’s great.

This last feature, in particular, is very handy for preparing healthy and crispy foods.

Its 4.6 quart or 4.35 litre Cook & Crisp tray allows efficient and uniform air circulation in fryer mode and can cook up to 3 lbs, or 1.4 kg, of fries.

Its TenderCrisp technology allows you to pressure cook chicken to keep its tender and juicy side, then fry it without oil for a crisp and delicious exterior.

The cover connected to the base is mainly used for the fryer option, while a second cover is used for pressure cooking.

The appliance also comes with a metal shelf, ideal for saving space, steaming or grilling or frying your food.

Upon purchase, you get some recipe ideas and cooking tips, including a recipe book included.

In conclusion, the Ninja OS301 is a high-performance pressure cooker, offering efficient cooking and giving great flavours to your food.

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3. T-Fal, the multifunction and accessible pressure cooker

Tefal is a brand specializing in non-stick kitchen appliances.

In 1968, it became one of the subsidiaries of the French group SEB, the world leader in small household appliances.

You can buy absolutely anything in the kitchen, from pots and pans to blenders, casseroles and slow cookers, to air fryers.

Investing in Tefal products means benefiting from product quality that has been proven over decades, equipping homes with the best appliances, always at a competitive price.

The reputation of the brand is well established, and its customer service is there to testify.

T-Fal’s flagship product: the T-fal Rapid Pro 12-in-1 pressure cooker

If cooking is a time-saver for you without sacrificing taste, the T-fal Rapid Pro 12-in-1 will be the perfect appliance for your needs.

It can be found on the internet at around $ 110; however, it requires a little adaptation time and patience before seeing your preparations perfectly carried out.

Its versatility is exceptional: you can use the appliance as a slow cooker, to make pastries, to reheat preparations, to design baby food, to make yogurt etc.

You save a lot of money buying these 12 separate machines.

However, keep in mind that the device is sometimes slow despite an interesting power of 1100 watts for its capacity of 5.68 L or 6 Qt.

In addition, the pressure setting is not always optimal: you have to take a helping hand to obtain really tasty meat or rice.

The product also has a fairly large template (32.1 x 32.1 x 37.3 cm or 12.64 x 12.64 x 14.69 in), which is not inconvenient in itself, but it can quickly clutter up small spaces.

On the other hand, its weight is quite correct: 5.79 kg, that is to say, 12.76 lb.

Regarding the use of the device, it can be a bit tedious at first.

The buttons are pretty clear, and the options simple.

However, you will have to adapt and experiment according to your preparations.

It is because the machine is not always 100% reliable in its presets.

Admittedly, its selling price is not very high, but in our opinion, it is worth putting a few extra dollars for a more specific product.

To conclude, the T-fal Rapid Pro 12-in-1 combines two qualities: it is accessible and versatile.

Its selling price is very affordable for this type of device.

However, its slightly below standard quality can lead to investing a few tens of dollars more in a pressure cooker that is a little more robust and reliable.

4. Crock-Pot, the pressure cooker for large tables

Crock-Pot is a renowned pressure cooker brand founded in the United States in 1971.

For more than 40 years, Crock-Pot has had a special place in many kitchens and has been a leader in simplified cooking with an electric appliance.

More and more consumers favour cooking under high pressure to save time and concentrate on the flavours.

Consumers are very attentive to the user experience and the gains they can make by purchasing such a machine.

On Amazon, positive reviews are raining down on Crock-Pot products, which they consider solid, reliable, very practical and time-saving.

A brand that we, therefore, recommend with your eyes closed!

Crock-Pot’s flagship product: the Crock-Pot® Express Multicooker

The Crock-Pot® 12-in-1 Programmable Express Multicooker has a capacity of 5.6 litres.

It is therefore perfectly suited for large households, up to 6 people.

The appliance is equipped with four cooking modes: pressure cooking, steam cooking, slow cooker, and sauté mode to vary the pleasures.

With its eight pre-programmed functions (meat/stew, chilli/legumes, rice/risotto, yogurts, poultry, desserts, soups, plus manual setting), cook your meals up to 70% faster than with traditional cooking methods.

It also has 2 heating stages, as well as an automatic “keep warm” function.

With its delayed start function, the meal cooks quietly in your absence, whether at the office, on a walk or at the gym.

If you don’t come home on time after cooking is finished, don’t panic: the appliance automatically activates, keeping warm until your return.

The big advantage of this pressure cooker is that it is very fast: enjoy a dinner cooked in less than an hour with a cooking time up to 70% faster.

For example, cook your roast chicken in 30 minutes while steaming your veggies and reheating your roast.

Vary the cooking within the same appliance, and save precious time thanks to pressure cooking.

Fancy a risotto? It will be ready in 8 minutes flat.

Caramelized pork ribs? Allow only 15 minutes.

A tender braised pork? Can you wait for a little 1h15?

Regarding the appliance’s safety, you cannot remove the safety cover before all the pressure is released if you use the pressure cooking mode.

Plus, we like the design of the side handles, which allow the lid to stay upright when serving or mixing.

No more lack of space on the worktop, and hello, practicality!

5. Insignia, the pressure cooker and its many accessories

Insignia is a brand specializing in the design of household appliances and technological products.

It was founded by Best Buy and then has great confidence from consumers, who appreciate the parent company’s products.

Regarding its range of pressure cookers, the brand offers very good service, given the various consumer opinions left on its site.

The ease of use, quality as well as value for money are all highly rated. We recommend Insignia with our eyes closed to all our readers!

Insignia’s flagship product: the Insignia – 6-Quart Multi-Function Pressure Cooker

If you are used to Instant Pot products or a brand that you enjoy using, then this model from Insignia should satisfy you in the same way!

Indeed, many consumers point not only to a similar design but also similar features and programs.

It is rather good news when you know the quality of an Instant Pot.

Plus, the selling price stays pretty much the same: $ 111.25 on Amazon.

Let us come to its characteristics and functionalities.

Its 6-quart capacity provides enough room for large families or guests.

Overall, the device is imposing and robust: therefore, hear a secure multicooker.

Your ingredients cook quietly all together, never being crushed.

10 programs are available: cooking rice, soup, grains, meats and stews, poultry, fish, steamed vegetables, beans and chilli, quinoa and pastries.

With such versatility, you can easily do without the rest of your appliances.

Its integrated 24-hour timer allows you to program the start of the pressure cooker for custom cooking and ready when you sit down at the table.

All you have to do is put the ingredients in the bowl and program the cooking start time.

And if you do not come home in time for the end of cooking, the appliance automatically activates its hot and hot mode.

The Instant Pot model handles the pressure cooker is easy and simplified for maximum cooking comfort.

The LCD screen lets you view your options, and the buttons are easy to recognize.

To use your appliance immediately upon receipt, the manufacturer also includes:

  • A measuring cup.
  • A rice spoon.
  • A soup spoon.
  • A stainless steel rack to gain cooking surface area and a condensation collector.

Regarding the maintenance of your appliance, the cover and all the other accessories are easily dishwasher-safe.

For the tub itself, its coating is non-stick; you shouldn’t have too much trouble cleaning it with hot water and soap.

In conclusion, we greatly appreciate this model for its ease of use and for all the possibilities it offers.

6. The Ricardo pressure cooker, a sure bet in the kitchen

You must certainly know Ricardo, this Quebec chef, author, television personality and entrepreneur.

This ultra-popular and friendly chef is recognized across Canada and infuses the art of family living to perfection.

With his many cookery books and shows, he also develops a whole range of kitchen utensils bearing his name.

With a phenomenal popularity rating, you can trust Ricardo to bring you the best products, and thousands of recipe ideas are available on his various platforms.

Ricardo’s flagship product: the RICARDO multifunction electric pressure cooker

This RICARDO 6 litre electric pressure cooker cooks delicious meals for 4 to 8 portions in 30 minutes.

Thanks to the LED digital control panel, its design makes it very easy to use, which displays the cooking progress.

You get ten pre-programmed functions to choose from with just one push of a button.

The lid locking mechanism and the pressure regulator make it a very safe device, so there is no risk of steam burns.

Its keep warm function allows you to keep your preparation at a good temperature when the cooking is finished.

Take advantage of the built-in timer, which allows you to program a delayed start-up 24 hours in advance.

You can manually adjust the cooking times if the present ones don’t suit you.

The non-stick cooking pot, spoon, and stainless steel cooking rack are all dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup.

Finally, you have included with your Ricardo pressure cooker a book of 13 recipes, as well as a guide for use and maintenance.

To conclude, we can only recommend a Ricardo product, the guarantee of reliable and quality equipment.

Its value of $ 119 is in the price range of pressure cookers, the fame of a great chef to boot!

In addition, many recipes are also available on its platform to help you discover the full potential of your pressure cooker.

7. NutriChef, the perfect pressure cooker for a couple or single people

Founded in 2014, NutriChef is an American brand whose mission is to democratize healthy home cooking accessible to all, regardless of skill level and economic status.

The company offers all household appliances for the kitchen: dehydrating machines, mixers, extractors, vacuum sealers, saucepans, pressure cookers etc.

Consumer feedback is generally good to very good, and the prices are very good.

The flagship of NutriChef: the NutriChef PKPRC66

If you need a pressure cooker to cook faster and eat better on a busy schedule, the NutriChef PKPRC66 is for you!

With its low price ($ 100) and its basic but efficient functions, this multicooker convinces the most modest budgets that fast and tasty cooking is accessible to all.

The strength of the device, but also its flaw, is the capacity of its cooking tank.

Indeed, with 4.73 L or 5 Qt, it won’t be easy to cook for more than two people, especially if you have a good fork.

Above all, it is a product that has been designed to be compact and efficient, without further consideration.

Therefore, it displays dimensions as well as a reduced weight: only 28.4 x 28.4 x 30 cm, for 5.08 kg (the equivalent of 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.81 inch, for 11.2 lb).

It is, therefore, by far one of the most compact, ergonomic and easy to place pressure cookers on a counter.

However, we notice a rather crippling flaw: its lack of versatility.

Other than cooking your food in different ways, and the ability to bake, it won’t be easy to push performance beyond.

However, its speed is nice and far surpasses other models from bigger brands.

For example, since its power at 900 watts is not very marked, but its capacity is not huge, the cooking time becomes very satisfactory.

Small size + medium power = fast performance!

Overall, comfort is the key asset of this NutrifChef model, especially true for maintenance.

Cleaning is easy, thanks to the intelligently chosen materials for the different elements.

The exterior of the machine has a stainless steel coating, and the tub has a Teflon coating.

For the assistance options, you have the essentials: keep warm and delay start, as well as eight cooking programs.

In conclusion, we would say that the biggest problem with this pressure cooker is its somewhat underwhelming capacity-to-price ratio.

It is a perfect device for individuals or couples, but if you plan to use it often, do not hesitate to pay a little more and give yourself a more spacious model.

8. De’Longhi, the simple, fast, but cumbersome pressure cooker

De’Longhi Group is an Italian company producing household appliances.

Founded in 1902, you must surely know it for its unique conception of the authentic Italian coffee machine.

However, De’Longhi has also had air conditioners, pressure cookers and everything related to small appliances.

Moreover, the De’Longhi group also owns the brands Kenwood, Ariete and Braun.

These brands are renowned for the good build quality of their products.

De’Longhi’s flagship product: the Delonghi CKM1641D

The Delonghi CKM1641D is a device that is very easy to use and requires virtually no effort on your part.

However, tranquillity and ease often come at a price that is much more expensive than most of its competitors.

Indeed, you will have to pay nearly $ 230 to hope to obtain it on the various trading platforms.

This De’Longhi pressure cooker is one of the most massive products, with dimensions of 31.5 x 46 x 27.5 cm and a weight of 7.55 kg.

It is the equivalent of 12.4 x 18.11 x 10.83 in, for 16.64 lb.

So, of course, it stores a little less easily and weighs a little more than its competitors.

Another drawback that can make you hesitate is the limited versatility that is increasingly rare for pressure cookers, especially at this price range.

For once, this simplicity in the programs allows easy handling.

Here, there are no complicated options: the pre-existing settings are the right ones, no need to search or do roughly.

The buttons are very clear and located on the device’s front, while the LCD, which indicates the timer, is sober and legible.

As with most models, you can keep warm or program a delayed start.

With its dedicated ExacTemp technology, the De’Longhi appliance promises you a fairly impressive cooking finesse.

The machine is made of sturdy stainless steel, and the tub is dishwasher safe.

To summarize, the manufacturer takes advantage of its notoriety to post a fairly high selling price, even if the handling is easy and quick.

However, we tick a little on its small capacity of 5.68 L or 6 Qt and the ultra-thin versatility compared to that of the competitors.

9. Cuisinart, the powerful and resistant pressure cooker

Cuisinart is a brand of kitchen appliances created in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer.

It is eponymous of the food processor whose use it notably introduced in the United States.

Toaster, coffee maker, food processor, electric mixer, pressure cooker.

Everyone in the kitchen can be found at Cuisinart, a brand that consumers have trusted for decades.

The products are praised for their strength and reliability, ensuring prolonged use over many years or even decades.

Moreover, the brand offers two types of guarantees: one for three years on manufacturing defects that may occur on household appliances, and one for 20 years on the motors of household robots.

Cuisinart’s flagship product: the Cuisinart CPC-900

Granted, it is not always easy to master all the features of a pressure cooker.

Fortunately, some models are more intuitive than others, such as the Cuisinart CPC-900.

This pressure cooker model offers an attractive price-performance ratio given its brand.

Cuisinart is indeed renowned for very solid products, so the price is quite satisfactory.

The device offers a capacity of 6 quarts or approximately 5.7 litres.

In terms of its power, it can reach up to 1000 Watts.

Its unique design, crafted from stainless steel, has two convenient ergonomic handles for carrying it.

On its cover is another handle, which allows you to lock it once properly in place.

On the front, the LCD screen gives us useful information, including the various functions offered and the pressure level and temperature.

These options are controlled using just four buttons and a dial, so it is quite intuitive to use them.

For the programs, 12 are available and include the most used: cooking rice, stewed beef, yogurt, grains, soup, chilli, pastries, fish etc.

The Cuisinart CPC-900 is, therefore, a simple and well-designed pressure cooker.

Its practical and flagella-free design makes it easier to move and use.

The controls are intuitive, and you will have no difficulty navigating through the different options.

What you must remember

  • Instant Pot, the leading pressure cooker brand;
  • Ninja, an efficient and ultra-safe pressure cooker;
  • T-Fal, the multifunction and accessible pressure cooker;
  • Crock-Pot, the pressure cooker for large tables;
  • Insignia, the pressure cooker and its many accessories;
  • Ricardo, a sure bet in the kitchen;
  • NutriChef, the perfect pressure cooker for a couple or single people;
  • De’Longhi, the simple, fast but cumbersome pressure cooker;
  • Cuisinart, the powerful and resistant pressure cooker.

Finding the best brand for your pressure cooker is child’s play when you are guided.

When making your choice, we advise you to carefully compare prices, customer reviews on merchant sites, and the different features offered by the device.


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