How to charge a smartwatch

How to Charge a Smartwatch?

How to charge a smartwatch? A Complete Guide

Connected watches are all the rage on the wrists of Canadians!

These connected gadgets find their audience both with athletes, people who want to move more daily, and people in a hurry who like to receive their notifications without taking out their cell phones.

Pedometers, heart rate monitors, calculation of the number of calories burned during the day, speakerphones, notifications from social networks, etc., smartwatches are more and more innovative!

Maybe it’s the first time you’ve used such a device, and you’re wondering how to charge it.

It’s straightforward: we explain how to proceed!

Recharge your watch on the mains

When you unpack your connected watch from its packaging case, you discover a charging cable and a tip to plug into the watch to be able to charge.

There are mainly 2 types of connectors on the watch:

  • a magnetic base on which the underside of the watch dial is positioned (e.g., Apple Watch Series and Galaxy Watch models);
  • A pin tip, where we will match the locations on the bottom of the watch (e.g., Huawei connected bracelets).

You have to connect everything to the wall, and the watch will immediately start charging.

If your watch model charges on a specific base, place your watch on it and connect it to the wall outlet.

Recharge your smartwatch via the USB port of your computer

If you don’t have a wall adapter to plug your watch into the mains, you can easily connect it to your computer’s USB port!

Of course, it will have to be active and not on standby.

Don’t hesitate to keep your computer charged so that the watch can benefit from a fast and uninterrupted charge.

Charge your smartwatch without a charger

If you don’t have a wall adapter and no computer handy to charge your watch, you can use an external battery!

While they are mainly used for our cell phones or other electronic devices, this type of battery can ensure the charging of your connected watch.

  • First, your power bank needs to be charged enough to transfer its voltage to your smartwatch;
  • Press the power button to activate the external battery;
  • Now connect the charging cable to your power bank and your watch;
  • Check the battery level on the watch;
  • Once it is fully charged, turn off the power button.

What is the average charging time of a smartwatch?

Only a few hours are needed to charge the device on most mount models fully.

Depending on your usage, the battery could last from one day (like the Fossil Gen 5 FTW4025) to 7 days (Garmin Vivoactive 3)!

What should I do if the watch does not charge correctly on its base?

If the charging indicator (lightning bolt) does not appear, the charger does not detect the watch. Please follow the following tips:

  • Place the watch back on the charger;
  • Check that the watch is placed evenly on the charger without any gaps.
  • Check that there are no foreign bodies between the charger and the watch (dust, etc.);
  • Ensure that the charger is well powered and check that the USB cable is working correctly with other devices (a red light should turn on).
  • Try changing the charger’s power source;
  • If you are charging via a PC or laptop, make sure it is active and not on standby;
  • The device may be defective; try to replace it if the watch is under warranty.
  • The device may overheat while charging, so it enters thermal sleep mode until it cools down, then resumes charging when it is no longer overheated. Try removing the device from the charger, wait for it to cool down and place it on the charger again.

Some tips to save the battery of your connected watch

Do you find that your watch discharges a little too quickly?

Would you like it to last you longer without recharging it every 2 days?

Here are some tips to save a few precious hours of life on your battery.

Always charge your watch with a charger/cable/base in good condition.

Indeed, battery drain problems are sometimes due to a lousy charging connection or a faulty power outlet.

Just replace the broken parts of the charger or use a working wall outlet to solve this problem.

Determine which apps are not needed on your watch

In other words, what apps you don’t need your watch to warn you about and turn them off.

It can be Whatsapp, alerts about information or upcoming updates, etc.

When a smartwatch receives fewer notifications, battery life should improve: the screen won’t light up as much, and the device won’t vibrate as frequently.

Check the screen brightness.

The best smartwatches have large high-definition screens, which on the other hand, allow you to see comfortably, even in lower light.

It applies to the watch, but also any other electronic device!

Disable the wrist lift function

Another feature that can seriously drain your battery life: is a wrist lift.

It is undoubtedly efficient since, with a simple movement of the wrist, the watch activates and gives you the time or shows you the latest notifications from your social networks.

To deactivate it, go to your settings!

Simplify control of physical activity

Remembering to turn off the heart rate monitor during prolonged exercise, such as running or walking, will significantly increase your watch’s battery time.

Change watch wallpaper

Some watch face wallpapers may contain power-hungry animations or displays.

Stick to sobriety if you want to save some good battery life!

What you must remember

Whether you have an iPhone running iOS, a Samsung phone connecting to Android or any other model of watch and its operating system, the way to recharge will remain essentially the same: a charging cable plugged into a wall socket.

If you cannot do it this way, there are many alternatives: a USB port to connect to the computer or an external battery.