How to Choose the Right electric barbecue

How to Choose the Right electric barbecue?

The electric barbecue can be used indoors and outdoors and is ideal in a city where the traditional barbecue is often prohibited.

This appliance is practical, easy to use, and maintain; this appliance will satisfy all lovers of good grilling! The bbq allows you to spend unforgettable moments with your family and loved ones.

We have put together this bbq buying guide to help you make the right choice for your electric barbecue.

Here are some essential criteria to consider to have the best barbecues.

What you need to know before choosing an electric barbecue

We all want to have a good quality electric barbecue.

Since there are many models on the market, it is essential to consider several criteria before embarking on the purchase of a bbq.

Plan the number of people to buy an electric barbecue

The number of people will be decisive for the choice of the model of electric barbecue.

Are you more of a barbecue couple with your little family, or are you spending a good afternoon with friends?

Electric barbecue models are certainly more compact compared to natural gas barbecues.

But depending on the cooking appliance, the cooking surface varies in the same way: the larger ones make it possible to prepare barbecues for ten people.

A barbecue to pose or on feet?

Depending on where you want to use your barbecue, deciding between an electric barbecue with a stand or on a stand is essential.

Some have a trolley, storing various utensils and accessories such as crockery, spices, aromatic herbs, and hanging utensils.

Some manufacturers also offer accessories such as protective cover, trolley, special cooking plates, etc.

A cooktop with or without a lid?

Some brands that sell electric barbecues offer models with a lid.

The lid on the barbecue keeps food in optimal condition, preventing it from drying out.

It also speeds up cooking and limits the splattering of fat. This accessory brings another added value for those who live in an apartment: thanks to the lid, the user will have a small oven at his disposal.

Thus, you can cook large pieces on the grill: chicken leg or a whole turkey, for example, which may be a little more problematic on a tiny electric barbecue that does not have a lid.

What to choose: a classic barbecue or a plancha barbecue?

The plancha is particularly popular among barbecue and grilled meat lovers.

In addition, some brands offer a sizeable mixed surface on the electric barbecue. This feature allows you to grill different types of food on both sides: griddle and grill sides.

It would be a good solution for occasionally cooking seafood or grilling vegetables simultaneously as grilling meats.

The choice is up to you to see if you use the plancha regularly.

For more occasional use, some brands offer planchas suitable for different types of electric barbecues.

Are two cooking times better than one?

There are electric barbecues equipped with two independent thermostats (adjustable thermostats) to benefit from two types of cooking at different temperatures.

This option is found on some models with a space for the plancha, and some electric barbecues are equipped.

It is an advantage for those who love good food and want to cook their meats and vegetables perfectly at the same time.

Indeed, it is advisable to cook vegetables, seafood, fish, or meat at different temperatures.

It means an investment because this dual temperature is only present in high-end references.

If you occasionally use your barbecue, it will be wise to opt for a model without two independent thermostats.

On the other hand, think about it if you are passionate about cooking and use your barbecue all summer long as a kitchen appliance in its own right, replacing the oven and the ceramic hob during the summer period.

What materials for your barbecue?

One of the notable differences between top-of-the-range models and other barbecue models is the material. Apart from the cooking grid, some are made mainly of plastic and stainless steel, while others are aluminum.

Steel models are much sturdier but are a bit heavier.

And for the cooking grill, what material?

The most common materials are stainless steel or cast iron grills for the cooking surface.

Stainless steel grills for electric barbecue: the first has the advantage of heating more quickly than cast iron, but it gives an uneven temperature: it is hotter on top.

Cast iron grills for electric barbecue: as far as cast iron grills are concerned, they allow a more homogeneous temperature. If the cast iron is enameled, this limits the appearance of rust and is much easier to clean.

How powerful should my electric barbecue be?

Electrical energy plays a vital role in the speed and quality of heating, especially if the type of barbecue does not have a lid.

A small, less powerful model provides more prolonged heating and cooking times. It will be suitable for occasional electric barbecue users and a limited number of people.

The majority of models have a power greater than or equal to 2000 W.

Also, pay attention to the resistance shape: the longer it is, the more “serpentines” it will form under the grid. Thus, the more excellent the electrical resistance, the greater the heat accordingly, allowing for even cooking.

Choose a type of barbecue that is easy to maintain

The maintenance of an electric barbecue can be a little more complicated than that of a charcoal barbecue due to electrical resistance, preventing cleaning.

Ensure that the tank is easily accessible and that the elements can be removed easily.

Generally, the grids and fat collector are removable and can even go in the dishwasher.

The availability of spare parts

Like the accessories, it is interesting to buy certain spare parts separately, such as the resistors, if they are removable, the power supply, or even suitable grids.

It, of course, allows better durability to your device.

It should also be noted that some high-end electric barbecues have a 5-year warranty instead of 2 years.

Comfort options

Some high-end electric barbecues have original features that provide comfort:

  • The precise display of the cooking temperature on a digital screen is ideal for the most demanding cooking enthusiasts.
  • An accessory to enjoy the smoker or the smoked flavor: It is a container intended to house small pieces of wood or aromatic herbs. With what result? Grilled meats cooked on the electric barbecue have a smoky taste that we greatly appreciate with the charcoal barbecue.
  • There are connected models. Why is it useful? To accurately monitor the cooking of several pieces of meat even remotely, since the user receives an alert on his smartphone when it is ready. It can be interesting to succeed in certain cookings, especially those with thick red meats.

Advantages of electric barbecues

Among the advantages we can find:

  • Do not use combustibles: This avoids the storage of combustibles inside the house, which can be dangerous. The barbecue can be used as long as there is electricity.
  • Easy to use: There is no fire or embers to burn. Just plug the barbecue into an electrical outlet and turn it on to start cooking.
  • Less dirt: By not using charcoal or emitting smoke, they do not pollute the environment, and the structure tends to get less dirty.
  • Fast: They only need a few minutes to heat up and start cooking.
  • Safety: Electric barbecues do not generate fire, which makes them safer. They cannot begin to fire, and it is more difficult to burn yourself while preparing meat or vegetables.
  • Cheaper and easier to clean: Electricity is more affordable than coal or propane. Electric grills come with a tray that catches grease, making them easier to clean.
  • More sustainable: If you use 100% renewable energy in your home, your electric barbecue will be particularly compatible with your consumption mode.

Different models that you can find in the market

Cecotec Rock’nGrill

The Spanish brand Cecotec has an inexpensive tilting grill and one of the most popular on the market, the Rock’nGrill, of which we can highlight the power of 1500 W.

It’s the best seller on Amazon. In this case, the coating of the plates imitates ceramic stone and has a non-stick coating.

It includes a box to collect excess fat, and the top lid can be adjusted to the thickness of any food.

It offers a good cooking surface, 24.5 cm long and 17.3 cm wide.

Electric barbecue Jata BQ101

This popular model from the also Spanish Jata stands out in the range of pure electric grills, with great power of 2400 W and an excellent stainless steel grill that can also be adjusted to two heights, depending on the food cooked.

It is one of the most appreciated electric barbecues by amazon users with a three-year warranty.

It is completely removable, easy to clean, and has a tray in which you can cook with spice or herb-flavored water to give food another flavor.

Weber Pulse 2000

It is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make if you are a fan of barbecues and do not want to give up living in the city. It is only dedicated to outdoor use.

The Weber Pulse 2000 barbecue, compared to its notably higher pricing than its competitors, is justified because of its various functionalities.

It is equipped with two vitrified cast iron grids with differentiated resistance, and it allows cooking on the same barbecue at two different temperatures. It also incorporates iGrill technology, which enables up to four temperature probes simultaneously.

In addition, it is equipped with a rotisserie and a turnspit.

Aigostar Lava 31LDQ

Very economical, this model of electric barbecue has a grill, also in stainless steel. The ignition and power system noticeably approaches 2000 W.

It also has a tray to deposit the water, another grease collector, and an adjustable thermostat to regulate the cooking temperature.

All its parts are removable to facilitate cleaning separately in complete safety.

Outdoor or indoor electric barbecue Ozavo

It is more than an exciting model for its good ratings and value for money, and the grill is also suitable for outdoor use and compact. The Ozavo model brings excellent versatility thanks to its tempered glass lid that even more mimics the results of an “authentic” barbecue.

It also has two cooking surfaces, grill, and plancha, both non-stick, and offers three simultaneous cooking temperature zones.

Its non-slip feet provide excellent stability and safety, and it has a removable thermostat with five power levels.

De’Longhi BQ 60.X

This exciting design from the Italian brand offers an absolute imitation of a traditional grill to be used comfortably indoors.

With 1900 W and a cooking surface of 28 x 27 cm, the grill is fully removable and closes food so you can turn it during cooking or remove it from the appliance.

Many like it because of its ability to collect drippings.

It ensures that the grill stays cool to the touch and is extremely easy to use, with no temperature controls or cooking modes.

Simple and effective, it has nearly 400 positive reviews among users who have tried it.

WMF Lono Mastergrill

It is a stylish model from the prestigious German house WMF, with almost 100% positive user ratings.

With a power of 2,400 W and an elegant cromargan shiny stainless steel finish, typical of the brand, it offers a large cooking surface with two removable non-stick plates.

It also highlights the rear cover to protect against the wind in case of outdoor use, splashes when cooking, and the separate regulation of power in each of the plates.

It has a stainless steel drip tray, which can be put in the dishwasher, and offers a cooking surface of 28 x 50 cm.


Buying an electric barbecue is an excellent idea if you live in a small space and love grilling.

There is no need for charcoal, no firewood, just an excellent quality model to ensure that your food has the same flavor and aroma of a traditional barbecue.

So now you know, all you have to do is follow the recommendations in this guide to buy the 5 electric barbecue model that best suits your needs and starts enjoying all its advantages.