How to choose the right toaster

How to Choose The Right Toaster?

How to choose the right toaster? The Ultimate Guide

Whether for lunch, brunch, or even an aperitif, we sometimes want very hot toast as an accompaniment. For this, the toaster is handy. This device is now popular in many homes. But the choice can be difficult. There is a trail of manufacturers, shapes, and categories of toasters on the market.

To avoid making a mistake in your choice, it is better to have all the helpful information. In this article, we present the most important criteria to take into account before buying your toaster.

A vertical or horizontal toaster?

The shape of the toaster is the first point to consider when making your choice. There are two leading families of toasters: the vertical toaster and the horizontal toaster. The vertical toaster is the one we often use in our homes, and it is more extensive and allows you to toast baguettes and pastries.

The horizontal toaster is used less. Like the vertical toaster, it is a conveyor: the toast circulates on a conveyor belt, sending the loaves into the grid through a slot. It is possible to control the speed of the carpet according to the gilding that one wishes.

The horizontal toaster is popular for toasting household bread, quiches, or pizzas. It is less bulky, more compact, and more stable in the kitchen. It is often found in cafeterias, hotel restaurants, or community restaurants.

Which thermostat for the toaster?

The thermostat allows you to adjust the intensity of the toaster and defines the degree of browning or baking the bread being toasted. This intensity varies from device to device. To make your choice, you must also take into account this characteristic of the toaster.

There are toasters on the market with a thermostat with 5 temperature levels, others with 8 temperature levels. There are even more sophisticated appliances whose thermostat allows you to define different degrees of cooking for the inside and outside of the bread!

Some toasters do not have a thermostat but a timer; in this case, it is not the temperature control but the cooking time. You must, therefore, always consider your preferences when baking your bread to make your choice.

How Many Slots for a Good Toaster?

How Many Slots for a Good Toaster?

The number of slots in a toaster is something to consider when buying it, and we often find models with 1, 2, or 4 slots. You have to choose the number of slots according to your household size and the number of people who frequently eat at your table. The choice of dimensions also depends on the thickness of the grills that we are used to making.

For a couple without children, a single slot toaster is more than adequate. For a small family, opting for a toaster with 2 slots is better. Toasters with 4 slots or longer 2 slots will be ideal if there are more of you. Toasters with long slots can accommodate several slices of household bread or a large piece of bread.

Toaster slot sizes are not uniform and differ in thickness and width. There are often two models for consistency: the slots of 28 mm and those of 38 mm. The first layer is more suitable for toasting simple toast, and the second is more suitable for thicker slices of bread.

How much power for a toaster?

Power is another point to take into account when buying your toaster. Expressed in watts (W), power determines how quickly the appliance will grill or cook food. You choose the power of your toaster according to the use you want to make of it. If you want to use it regularly, it is advisable to take a toaster of 1000 W minimum.

Which material for a resistant toaster?

Toasters can be found in different materials: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. The most resistant are those made of stainless steel (inox). Stainless steel gives the appliance better resistance to stains, scratches, rust, and time. It is also easy to maintain and very aesthetic.

Which design for your toaster?

The design now makes the difference between the toasters on the market. Manufacturers are increasingly relying on the design of their products to stand out. The toaster must be in harmony with the decor of his kitchen. The design is, therefore, a criterion that counts in the choice of your device!

A transparent toaster on the market allows you to follow the progress of cooking in real-time, or even a vintage toaster with a retro look.

You can also have fun “customizing” your toaster by covering it with a metallic coating, for example. It will give a modern look to the device that will blend in perfectly with kitchen utensils and other household appliances. With a touch of creativity, you always have the possibility of modifying the color or the look of your toaster.

What other features matter when choosing a toaster?

Before deciding on purchasing your toaster, you must consider the functions and options of the device.

Functions of a toaster

There are toasters on the market that have several functions. They are versatile and make life easier for the user. The main tasks that can be found on a toaster are the following:

  • defrosting, which allows you to toast bread or toast that comes out of the freezer;
  • reheating, which simply allows you to warm your bread before eating it;
  • the baguette function enables the appliance to brown the crumb without burning it.

The options of a toaster

Some options make it easier to use the device, and it is essential to consider them, especially if you plan to use your toaster frequently. The main toaster options are:

  • The extra-high lift allows you to recover the grilled meats in complete safety. Indeed, with some toasters, there is a risk of burning yourself if you do not raise the toast sufficiently before recovering it;
  • the LCD screen, which allows better programming of the device;
  • the “stop” button to interrupt cooking at any time;
  • the automatic bread lowering or raising mechanism;
  • the support for pastries which allows bread or pastries to be placed above the appliance to heat them without the risk of burning them;
  • cold walls that limit the accumulation of heat;
  • The crumb tray allows you to remove the crumbs from the appliance.

Ultimately, toasters are essential for making an excellent hot toast at home! But, when you want to acquire one, you are often quite embarrassed by the many devices available on the market. To make your choice, you must pay attention to criteria such as the type of device, the number and the dimensions of the slots, its features, options, design, etc.