How to Make a Weighted Blanket

How to Make a Weighted Blanket?

How to Make a Weighted Blanket? A complete guide

A weighted coverage, or weighted blanket in English (literally weighted coverage), is a cover made heavier by the weight of microbeads of hypoallergenic plastic or glass, which are compartmented.

The idea is that it is heavier than a classic blanket to offer the person who uses it a feeling of well-being (this is called the profound effect. touch pressure – deep pressure, or deep tactile pressure, depending on the translations), safety, and comfort.

The weighted blanket can bring many benefits: it stimulates the production of serotonin, which is none other than “the hormone of happiness,” but also of melatonin, which helps to regulate the biological rhythm, and of oxytocin, which boosts confidence, empathy, generosity, and sexuality (just that!) while reducing the level of cortisol, the famous “stress hormone.”

Because it has a containing power, the weighted blanket is often recommended for people who suffer from certain sleep disorders such as restless legs syndrome (which is characterized by an overwhelming urge to move the legs and tingling that usually manifested at night), as well as those with ADHD (attention disorder with or without hyperactivity), for its calming and relaxing action.

Of course, it can be beneficial for people who “simply” seek to fall asleep more quickly and easily (it can be attempted if one wishes to do so without sleeping pills, for example).

In short, its purpose is to help you get restful sleep.

(A little warning though: weighted blankets are not suitable for pregnant women, babies, very young children (under three years old), the elderly, or people with disabilities.

It should also be noted that this item is individual and is not made to be shared.

You need one per person, even if there are several of you in the bed, whether the bed is single, queen, or king size .)

As you know, there are some heavier blankets on the market. But is it possible to make one yourself, you ask yourself?

Well, the answer is yes (that’s why you are reading these lines, by the way). Time for explanations.

The DIY weighted blanket ( Do it yourself, in English) isn’t that difficult.


Before you start making your own heavier blanket, there are two main criteria to consider: the sleeper’s size and weight.

The first is because the item must be adapted to each size, and the second is because it is necessary that the weight of that which one also calls “heavy duvet” correspond to approximately 10% of the body mass of anybody.

The DIY weighted blanket

A little preparation

First of all, and it goes without saying, you need to equip yourself with the right equipment. The ideal (because otherwise, it may be longer and more complicated, although doable) is to have a sewing machine with you.

Then, for the outer part, we advise you to go for something soft and warm, like fleece or fleece (which is usually made of wool or brushed cotton).

You will also need pins, a scale, a pair of scissors, thread (if possible the same color as the chosen fabric), and of course: microbeads ( again, 10% of the person’s weight), knowing that if you can’t find any, you can opt for dry peas, rice, or anything else that can act as padding to make the whole thing heavier.

These materials are usually elementary to find in stores, but you can also order them online, for example, on the trendy Etsy website.

In practice

Once you have calculated how much fabric you will need, start by cutting the piece in half. Then place the two parts on top of each other.

Sew three sides together, use the pins to draw vertical lines, and leave the fourth side open.

Turn the set over so that the seam is inside the future blanket. Now sew horizontal lines.

Of course, the more straight lines you make, the better. You will understand, the idea is to classify the cover.

Ideally, each tile should have a diagonal measuring between 8 and 13 cm (3.2 to 5.1 in).

Using the scale, divide the microbeads (or others) into equal parts and pour them into the compartments before sewing the fourth side of each.

Check that the weight is correctly distributed over the entire surface of the weighted blanket.

If you are worried that the whole thing is too mobile, do not hesitate to use fluff (often cotton).

Finally, if you wish, you can place your freshly designed blanket in a duvet cover, which will protect it from both stains and wear.

If you want/need to visualize this method instead, there are many tutorials (the famous “tutorials”) on the internet that can help you design your weighted blanket step by step.

How to wash a homemade weighted blanket?

Usually, the weighted blankets sold in the market come, like all items with fabric, with a label indicating how to wash and care for them, but this is not the case on something that we make for ourselves.

Luckily, if it’s sturdy enough, your homemade weighted blanket is also washable, and the process is the same as with a store-bought blanket, meaning you have a choice of washing. By hand and in the washing machine (if you opt for the second option, we advise you to devote an entire machine revolution to the blanket already because, given the space it takes, it may be difficult for you to slip other things in the drum, but also to allow it to be washed thoroughly).

It is more appropriate to use a detergent or mild soap without bleach, chlorine, or bleach.

Fabric softener is to be avoided. Regarding the temperature of the water, it should be cold and for the cycle to be delicate.

Finally, the idea is to let your weighted blanket dry flat or stretched out when it comes to drying, but not to use the dryer.

In conclusion

If despite everything, you want to have a heavy blanket already made at home, nothing prevents you from going for a bit of a trip on the internet to find the model that will meet your expectations.

This guide, for example, shows you the seven best-weighted blankets currently on the market (updated regularly), selected from a total of 38, based on feedback from 286 users. ).

There’s something for all ages, tastes, and budgets, so you don’t have to spend too much time researching, and shopping links are provided (often to the Amazon platform), making it even easier.

We wish you an enjoyable night!