How to properly recycle a lawn mower

How to Properly Recycle a Lawn Mower?

In this article, we share a few tips on How to Properly Recycle a Lawn Mower? so that you don’t end up with a big mess on your hands.

Have you just bought yourself a new lawnmower, or why not a cordless edger, or are you just cleaning the garage, and you need to get rid of the old lawnmower that no longer works?

Be careful; this kind of device is not thrown anywhere. Anyhow, if we want to be responsible, do things well and optimize recycling to participate in our way in the planet’s future by avoiding pollution. Accumulation of waste, especially when it comes to bulky machinery.

Several questions arise when it is necessary to throw away a mower: how to get rid of fluids if we are talking about a thermal model, should the oil and gasoline be drained, should the plastic or metal parts be removed, what places accept to take back electric models, which organizations can recover your old garden machines?

Let’s try here to provide some advice and ideas for managing the recycling of a lawn mower as ecologically and as responsibly as possible, whether it is in good condition, broken, electric or thermal.

Recycle a mower that is still working

We can mention the first category here, it is that of mowers that are still in good condition: some work well, and it is just because we have just bought a new one that we want to get rid of.

It often happens to those who own a large lot and sometimes accumulate various electric or gas-powered tools over the years, sometimes ending up with a collection of mowing and garden maintenance devices.

Some are broken, have a defective part or a repair to do, but due to a new acquisition, we do not have the time or the desire to take care of them, and we may be tempted to throw them away even in a rush.

However, in both cases, even if it is sometimes easier to leave your old mower by the side of the road or throw it away at all costs, it is not the most ecological choice because a machine like a lawn mower Grass is not waste that disappears or is easily recycled: it is better to extend its lifespan if possible.

For a mower that still works well or for which we have been able to identify the fault, we can take the time to put it online on Kijiji or Market Place, even to give it away if we want to get rid of it faster.

In addition to making a happy new owner and giving an object a second life instead of sending it to the trash, the environmental impact will make a huge difference.

Recycle a gas lawn mower

Recycle a gas lawn mower

If your machine is good for disposal, you must try to optimize its recycling because you cannot, or at least you should not, throw it away or put it on the side of the road without doing anything.

Technically, a gasoline mower can fall into the category of metal waste, scrap metal, which is collected and picked up by several organizations, but to fall into this category, two kinds of materials must be removed: fluids and non-metallic materials.

1 – Fluids: As with other gasoline-powered machines such as hedge trimmers, edgers, snowblowers, or thermal chainsaws, gas mowers contain fluids that must be drained before disposal.

You must first change the oil by emptying the tank, then empty the gasoline, and even siphon the tank to be sure that you have no more liquid in the machine because they are not recyclable in the same place.

These fluids can then be recycled and deposited in waste collection centers for household or toxic liquids.

2 – Non-metallic parts: Once the oil has been drained, the second step towards “scrap” is to remove all the non-metallic parts on the mower: rubber wheels, plastic handles, tips, cables, etc.

Once these two steps have been completed, the petrol mower will be ready to be recycled as scrap metal, which can then be picked up or dropped off in several suitable places.

Recycle an electric mower

Recycle an electric mower

For an electric lawnmower that is no longer in good condition, two solutions are available to you to recycle it properly.

1 – Recycling as scrap metal: Here, we will follow a bit the same principle as for gasoline models, to manage to make it a recyclable object considered as “scrap metal,” therefore metallic, by removing certain elements.

In this type of mower, the electrical part will have to be removed before being able to recycle the metal, more precisely, the batteries.

Indeed, a lithium-ion battery cannot be recycled like metal and must be disposed of in an appropriate place: most recycling centers have a place to dispose of lithium batteries and other such waste.

Once rid of its electrical parts, batteries but also wires, and non-metallic parts such as wheels and rubber or plastic seals, the electric mower can be accepted as “scrap” and be either thrown in the appropriate recycling or picked up by an appropriate organization.

In Quebec, several bulky waste or machinery collection services, private companies, and even some individuals found in the classifieds specialize in recovering scrap metal by getting rid of it and reselling it as parts.

2 – Deposit / Collection: However, electric lawnmowers can more easily be accepted than thermal models by recycling and recovery centers and DIY stores.

Some major brands and distributors are sometimes required to recover an electrical device you purchased from them.

Recovery programs in Quebec: Several stores such as Rona, Home Depot, or Canadian Tire sometimes offer recovery programs for used power tools: you can find information on the Internet about stores near you, by searching by postal code, for example, for an Establishment with a collection point for this type of used machinery, sometimes giving you vouchers for purchase in-store.

Why is it important to recycle your mower?

Whether it’sit’s an electric mower, a battery-powered mower, or a gasoline-powered thermal model, DIY and gardening devices are not a waste to be taken lightly.

We can already mention the size: it is an object that will take up a lot of space in a recycling center, especially if we cannot recycle it, and we have to bury it, for example, or worse, have it thrown on the edge of a path: it will take hundreds of years to disappear, and again.

And as you surely know from the latest reports from environmentalists, the planet’s situation is far from reassuring in terms of pollution and global warming, mainly because of human activity, which is why every gesture counts today.

So taking the extra time and effort to extend the life of a lawn mower or recycle it properly can make a huge environmental difference.

Extend or recycle, but not throw away

Extend or recycle, but not throw away

When we talk about reselling or giving a mower watch to give it a second life, we can think of the strength of social networks today by announcing on Facebook or Market Place, various sites like Kijiji or Craigslist, or even the good old ” for sale” or “to give away” sign on the side of the road, which works very well.

When discussing recycling, you must either make an effort to dismantle the different elements, whether fluids, plastic, or batteries, so that the mower is recyclable as metal waste, which can be reprocessed, not thrown.

Finally, when it comes to pick up or drop off, it will take some time to do some research to find the appropriate stores or organizations in your area, with some sometimes offering to take back electric mowers in their entirety without you needing to disassemble. And sort the parts.

If you’reyou’re finally ready to recycle your old polluting mower and shop for a new one that’sthat’s more efficient and eco-friendly, look at our buying guide for the best electric lawn mowers in Canada.