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The 5 Best Action Cameras Of 2021

Best Action Cameras: Reviews & Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

Devices like the GoPro are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and have become popular thanks to the GoPro brand. If you want to take photos or videos of anything that would be too risky with a regular camera, the best action camera is the way to go. As a reminder, these are small, portable, and rugged devices that can record videos and still images. If you are looking for a benchmark in the field, the GoPro Hero9 Black is a must. 

This little wonder is capable of shooting 5K video at 30 frames per second and is also waterproof up to 10m. Another awesome alternative is the DJI Osmo Action. It has a front screen perfect for vloggers, making it easier than ever to record yourself and produce amazing content for social media and YouTube.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Stock Camera?

At the time of reading this article, you are probably wondering where to buy the best action camera or which action camera to choose. These devices may differ in terms of functionality and also in price. It is then necessary to identify which camera action best meets your specific expectations. Use this buying guide for the best action cameras you can buy in Canada right now. 

Frame rate

The frame rate is expressed in frames per second or FPS (frame per second). It is a measure of the number of successive images that a camera action can handle per second. So that you have concrete references, classic camera films at 30 FPS while the television is limited to 24 or even 30 FPS. Choosing the best action cameras of 2021 often comes down to relying on key criteria like this. 

High-end action cameras can capture footage at 60 FPS. This makes the movements more fluid. Some devices may support higher frames per second. This is the case with action cameras which can produce 120 FPS videos. These can then be used to create sharper slow-motion footage.

The resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels in each image captured by a device. It is also a clue to the amount of detail present in a photo. For your information, 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) and 1080p (1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high) video formats are considered standard HD resolutions. 

The 4K resolution, which is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, is about four times as many pixels as Full HD. Even if you don’t have a 4K monitor, it’s worth considering 4K camera actions first for top-quality images and videos.

Battery life

Keep this in mind: even the best action camera with a great battery will only be able to run for a few hours. It is therefore essential to invest in a portable charger or in several batteries. That way, your action camera won’t run out of juice when you need it most.


Opting for flexible memory is highly recommended to get the most out of your camera action. When you shoot HD movies, the video files take up a lot of storage space. In such cases, it is then highly recommended to choose a high-capacity memory card to ensure that you can record as many sequences as possible.

Much of the action cameras use micro SD cards. For these models, it is suggested to purchase a class 10 card to ensure exceptional video quality. The higher the class of your card, the faster it can record your video. You guessed it, going for a slower card class than recommended means a video that will be choppy.

Water resistance

It is also necessary to select very waterproof action cameras if you plan to use your machine underwater. Some devices are only water-resistant, which means that they can only be submerged in water to a very limited depth. 

Other models require special waterproof housing to capture footage underwater. Always take the time to check the camera specifications for details on acceptable water depths.

Image stabilization

If you want to get stable videos that are therefore easy to watch, go for an action camera with built-in image stabilization. If your budget allows, you can also buy a stabilizer.

Field of vision

A wide field of view is essential for action cameras. Indeed, it allows you to record videos or still images in a more immersive perspective than a normal camera. As a reminder, the field of view is a measure of the total visible area at any given time and it is measured as an angle. The larger the value, the wider the viewing angle.

The mounting system

The majority of these devices are made to be attached to different surfaces. The editing system is indeed important for filming videos of your adventures from a first-person perspective. 

Most cameras come with one or two brackets in the box. That being said, additional brackets cost extra. So, if you are looking to attach your camera to a specific area, such as the bike handlebars, you will need to get a specific bike mount. 

A good action camera will offer a universal mounting system. Because of this, you can attach your camera to anything without the need to purchase additional accessories.

The 5 Best Action Cameras Of 2021

Your budget

How much money you’re willing to invest could have a big impact on device selection and even where to buy new action camera. If you are on a tight budget, you might be interested in knowing how to buy a better value action camera. To do this, it is interesting to consult a price comparison. 

The 5 Best Action Cameras (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

So what’s the best action camera on the market? Usually, a great model has a mix of ruggedness, connectivity, and video capability. In order to save you time, we have prepared a comparison of the most viable models at the moment.

We’ve taken all kinds of different factors into account, including the price, so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal.

1. GoPro Hero9 Black Waterproof Action Camera with Screen

It would be difficult to talk about camera action without mentioning GoPro. This is undoubtedly what launched and popularized the modern movement of these devices. But the best action cameras brand continues to increase the quality and quantity of features of its devices, all in a small package with the HERO9 Black.

The latter makes 5K video recording possible, capturing even the smallest details of texture, light and color. The HERO9 is also up to the challenges of live streaming, with the ability to go live in 1080p. HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization is pretty amazing and does a great job of stabilizing even shaky images.

For still shots, the 20MP SuperPhoto takes professional-level photos and can select the best ones to use. Meanwhile, the TimeWarp 3.0 feature makes it easy to record time-lapse scenes, ideal for things like documentaries or a trip summary. 

  • Front screen: The device has a front screen allowing you to take an appropriate shot.
  • Water resistance: The excellent waterproofness of the HERO9 makes long captures underwater possible. This is therefore ideal for diving enthusiasts.
  • Performance: The HERO9 has 20MP for photos and 14.7MP for videos.HyperSmooth 3.0:The HyperSmooth 3.0 option is most relevant for the most hectic sequences.
  • Device size: The HERO9 has a larger physical size than other GoPro’s, which could be a problem for transporting or storing the device.

2. Dji Osmo Action

DJI has spent most of a decade dominating the drone world and developing class-leading image stabilization technology. And now, the brand has concentrated its know-how in the manufacture of its first action camera. The DJI OSMO Action is slightly bigger and heavier when compared to the HERO7 Black.

However, this is acceptable considering how it packs a front color display in addition to a 2.25-inch touchscreen on the back. Much like the GoPro, the OSMO Action offers a range of control options, including voice activation.

There are two built-in microphones, but it is recommended to add an external microphone to enjoy the best audio quality. DJI OSMO Action is generally cheaper. However, it is also the most efficient. In addition, it offers this front screen which is a must-have for vloggers.

Of course, it’s a must-have alternative for any other activity where you want the camera pointed at you and need to see how you’re framed. 

  • Allows you to vlog: The front LCD monitor is most recommended for vlogging.
  • Image quality: OSMO Action offers flawless image stabilization. However, it is not expensive at all.
  • Incomplete: The OSMO Action does not have all the accessory options of the GoPro range.

3. Yi 4K Sports and Action Camera

The YI 4K action camera draws heavily on the latest versions of the technology found in the HERO4 Black. These specs translate into an action camera that has the same shooting options as the latter. These include recording videos in 4K resolution at a high bit rate at 30 FPS, 1080p at 120 FPS, and 720p at 240 FPS.

The YI 4K has better battery life compared to the HERO4 Black. Moreover, the performance is so much better than YI even putting a touchscreen on the back. This is an option that is only available for the HERO4 Black as an additional accessory. That said, however, we note the absence of support for the waterproofing of the device at the time of purchase.

In addition, you may experience some trouble reaching the Micro SD card of the YI 4K. Also, make sure you are in the shade when you plan to use the device’s LCD screen.


  • Image quality: This is thanks to the technology found in the YI 4K action camera. For a better user experience, its touch screen is also of a very rich quality.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Connectivity: The stability of wi-fi offered by the YI 4K action camera is very practical for those who often connect to social networks.
  • No supports for waterproofing: An additional protective case is essential for underwater use, resulting in additional costs.
  • Memory expansion: It is a bit difficult to access the Micro SD slot.
  • Display:It’s complicated to use the LCD screen when you are under the sun.


4. Apexcam Apexel 4K Action Camera

The Apexel 4K is an extremely versatile and affordable entry-level action camera. It has most of the features you would expect from a high-caliber camera. This action camera can be used in all kinds of situations and delivers exceptional quality in 4K at 30 FPS.

The video is shot at an incredible 20 MP image resolution, offers EIS anti-shake, image stabilization, and features a 170 ° super wide-angle lens. This allows you to enjoy smooth and stable HD video without distortion and with sharpness. This camera promises to be a safe option for any sports fan.

Mount your camera with the included mounting accessories, then control functions with the 2.4G wireless remote control on your wrist. Preview footage on the two-inch LCD screen. The camera is IP68 rated and is durable enough to operate in 40 meters of deep water. 

  • Flexibility: The Apexel 4K has many features that ensure smooth footage is captured.
  • Price-quality ratio: Outstanding video quality at a decent price.
  • Water resistance: The Apexel 4K is waterproof enough to shoot several hours underwater.
  • Shutter speed: The Apexel 4K suffers from poor shooting sync.
  • Liaison via Wi-Fi: Connectivity via a Wi-Fi network is unreliable for performing remote operations with this action camera.

5. La Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera Vision 3

The Dragon Touch 4K is a versatile action camera that can be used as a dashcam, webcam, and surveillance camera. Hence, it can prove to be a great investment for anyone looking for a way to capture for different purposes. This is a simple camera for scuba diving that allows you to take images up to 30m underwater.

You can also take photos/videos using the wireless remote control on your wrist, which you can easily export to your computer later. The wireless range extends up to a distance of 10m, leaving a lot of flexibility for capturing moments in hard-to-reach places.

Capable of producing 4K video at 30 FPS, 1080p at 60 FPS, this is one of the best dual sensor beginner cameras you will come across on the market today. Indeed, the Dragon Touch 4K is very easy to use.


  • Dimensions: The Dragon Touch 4K boasts a compact size, which is convenient for storage and travel.
  • Quality of photos and videos: The capture of still images and 4K videos from the Dragon Touch 4K is qualitatively most satisfying.
  • Features: This action camera is versatile with its many available modes and settings to choose from.
  • Sealing: It is possible to use this device underwater up to a depth of 30m.
  • Autonomy: The Dragon Touch 4K benefits from a long runtime, which is ideal for long adventure sessions.
  • Devices and accessories: The Dragon Touch does not have sensors for image stabilization. In addition to the fact that the micro card is not provided when purchasing the device, its remote control is not waterproof.
frequently asked Questions

Q1: What is an action camera?

It is a device that takes photos and videos. However, unlike regular cameras, action cameras come with a range of accessories that allow you to attach them to just about anything. 

What is the point of this? You will be able to make epic mini-movies and take unreal photos. Action cameras allow you to let loved ones experience what you see as you zip-line down a mountain or traverse surreal landscapes.

Q2: How to use an action camera?

To make your video more engaging, try shooting it multiple times with the camera mounted from different positions. This helps you get a more complete view of the actions. You may find that some positions work better than others. The handlebars of your ATV may produce images that are coarser than the view from your chest, for example.

Here are some tips that may make using your action camera even easier:

 – Always capture extra footage so you have plenty to work on while editing.

 – Look for cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can instantly share videos or photos. 

 – Many cameras come with on-the-go editing capability, so you can chain footage as you go. Many even have built-in proprietary editing software.

Q3: Where should we place the camera in relation to the axis of action?

You can’t always walk around holding your device, and there are times when you’ll need both hands (for climbing, for example). Attaching the action camera to a part of your body is the easiest way for you to digitally record your entire trip while keeping all of your limbs free.

To do this, you can use various supports such as:

 – A helmet holder for action camera

 – A chest support for the action camera

 – A shoulder support for action camera

Q4: What is a Wi-Fi action camera?

These are devices that can be controlled through devices like smartphones using a Wi-Fi network. Most of the Wi-Fi action cameras are capable of recording 4k videos with impeccable quality without any problem. Thanks to their large sensors, they are also able to capture excellent photos which can be immediately transferred to your smartphone using Wi-Fi. 

Q5: How to mount an action camera on a motorcycle helmet?

The most common area to mount your action camera is the top of the helmet, but it’s not the most effective. If you orient the camera incorrectly, you may not see everything in your field of view. However, this is excellent for a front or rearview. 

Place the mount at the top center of the helmet and look for the vents that the mount straps will pass through. Open the clips on the sides, thread the straps through the clips and vents on each side. Pull the straps to tighten them and close the clips. Once the mount is secure and not moving, install the camera and tighten the screws to hold it in place.