The 5 Best Air Compressors Of 2021

The 5 Best Air Compressors Of 2021

Best Air Compressors Of 2021: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

An best air compressor is a multi-purpose tool. In short, it is used to inflate or control tire pressure, power air tools or maintain a well-defined surface through the use of a blower. Apart from the number of cylinders in the engine, the tank capacity and the airflow it delivers, the variety of accessories supplied by the manufacturer can also make all the difference. Discreet, California Air Tools Ultra quiet air compressor has been designed for all user profiles. For small jobs, DeWalt DWFP55130 heavy-duty 200 PSI quiet compressor is efficient.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Air Compressor?

Amazon is one of the best places to buy a new air compressor in Canada. It has everything from models for low budget buyers to professional machines. In either case, consider educating yourself on how an air compressor works.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Air Compressor

Air pressure

Each tool requires pressure and air volume, which will usually be mentioned in the product description. These values ​​also vary depending on the model and brand of equipment. The amount of air the machine can deliver is measured in Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute or SCFM. Typically, small tools will require a flow rate of 0 to 5 SCFM. Extensive tools will only work with a quantity of air evaluated at 10 SCFM or more.

The frequency of use is also a point that you should not ignore. For regular and intensive use, we advise you to take a robust model. Engine performance will prevent overheating and overconsumption. The simultaneous and permanent power supply of two tools is possible if the needs of each piece of equipment are met.

Regarding the air pressure circulating in the tank, the latter is expressed in pounds per square inch or PSI. On low capacity models, it is equal to 90 PSI. High-end machines develop pressure from 150 to 200 PSI. Expressed in HP, the power rating of a compressor is an excellent way to assess its performance. As with motor vehicles, engine power is measured in horsepower. By way of comparison, it is between 1.5 and 6.5 CV.    

Tank capacity

The operating time of a pneumatic tool will be calculated according to the capacity of the tank. Tank sizes vary from 1 to 80 gallons. Feeding a mechanism requiring a high volume of air will need a large capacity bowl. On the other hand, if the tooling is used discontinuously, a low capacity tank will do the trick.    

Your needs

To inflate a balloon or a bicycle wheel, opt for the so-called portable models. Its purchase will also allow you to check the pressure of your tires or even to use a low-pressure gun. Typically, these machines work with a 1.5 horsepower motor that can deliver a maximum pressure of 8 bar. Not cumbersome, the capacity of their tank turns around 6 to 8 litres.  

Intended for small do-it-yourselfers, domestic compressors are mainly used in nailing, stapling, cleaning and tire inflation. Easy to move, these devices incorporate two transport wheels. Opt for a compressor providing a flow rate of 15 m3 / h and integrating a 1.5 horsepower motor to carry out household tasks.  

With an average capacity of 200 litres, these machines have been designed for intensive use. For regular use, I prefer models with a 100 to 150-litre tank. The power of the compressor unit which equips these machines will be between 2 to 3 horses. Powering pneumatic tools will require the use of a professional compressor. Of all the existing variants, this type of compressor is by far the most efficient.  

The 5 Best Air Compressors Reviews & Tests of 2021

The simple fact of comparing several models simultaneously helps a lot, especially for the purchase of a first compressor. Thus, your choice will not be dictated by a price comparison or a computer program developed by an X or Y site.


1. California Air Tools Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

The sound level of an air compressor will determine whether the device is quiet or noisy. Measured at 70 Decibels, engine operation is not too loud. Based on this value, you will easily find which is the best air compressor on the market. 

For its part, the double piston pump system is both reliable and very efficient. Operating without oil, the pump withstands cold starts while allowing the machine to drive over rough terrain. For information, this mechanism has a lifespan of 3000 hours.

Thanks to the Easy Start Valve function, the engine starts with a quarter of a turn. The amount of air released by the valve promotes combustion.

Despite the power of its motor, which is rated at 2.0 hp, it has a low amperage of 7 amps. Considering its versatility and performance, this model remains the best air compressor around.

  • Quiet: When starting, the engine is as quiet as when it is stopped. This will allow you to work in peace and without disturbing those around you.
  • Powerful: The maximum pressure the pump can deliver is 125 PSI. Powered by a 2 Hp motor and fitted with a 10 gallon air tank, this compressor is very well designed.
  • Easy to move: The wheels are strong enough to support its weight of 37.4 kg. Their presence also simplifies travel.
  • Regular maintenance: On this compressor, the oil must be drained every day, which is quite restrictive.

2. DeWalt DWFP55130 Heavy Duty Quiet 200 PSI



With the new models coming out, you better know how to choose the best air compressors of 2021 before you check out. Each device is intended for a well-defined use which you will need to be aware of.

With a noise level of 71.5 dB, the DWFP55130 complies with the ISO3744 standard. To start, the motor will require an amperage of 2 amps. Therefore, its operation will not trip your circuit breaker.

Compact, this compressor measures 54.8 x 44.3 x 35.1 cm with a total weight of 18.1 kg. To facilitate movement, Dewalt has implemented an ergonomic carrying handle. Made of steel, this device also protects the machine from impact. 

Well-designed, the Dewalt air compressor is equipped with a 90 psi pump. With a maximum pressure of 200 psi, the volume of air it can deliver is rated at 3.0 SCFM. Also, note that the DWFP55130 incorporates a 2.5-gallon tank.

  • Easy to use: The presence of the two connectors allows the installation and the use of two tools at the same time. Thus, the user will be able to focus on his work.
  • Economic: Despite its performance, the DWFP55130 is still an economical model.
  • Stable pressure: The air pressure it supplies will always remain stable no matter what adjustments you make.
  • Limited to 190 PSI: Against all expectations, the maximum pressure of this machine is limited to 190, not 200 PSI.
  • A non-immediate stop: After stopping the engine, the pump continues to run for a short time and produces a rather deafening noise.

3. Bostitch Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Compressor Kit

Which air compressor to choose for doing housework. Aside from the fact that Bostitch is the best brand of air compressors on the market, this manufacturer also sells its products at very competitive prices.

Delivering a maximum pressure of 150 PSI, this model operates with a high flow regulator. At 90 PSI, the volume of air it supplies is measured at 2.6 SCFM. With a sound level of 78.5 dBA, its use will allow you to work in good conditions.   

As for the pump, it will not require any maintenance and has a long service life. Easy to start, its engine withstands temperature variations as well as cold.

Equipped with a 6.0-gallon tank, this compressor measures 43.2 x 43.2 x 48.9 cm and weighs 13.15 kg. The diameter of the tank will simplify the movement and especially storage. As for the warranty, Bostitch offers a one-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Good design: The design of this machine has nothing to do with a first-price air compressor. The color of the tank and that of the engine cover go very well together.
  • An ergonomic handle: Large, the handle falls easily to hand. In addition, the weight of the tank is not felt, even if the latter is full.
  • Functional: The power of the motor makes it possible to power pneumatic tools in record time.
  • The purge valve: The bottom purge valve should have a T. Also note that its thread is quite special.

4. Craftsman CMEC6150K 6 Gallon Oil-Free Air Compressor

Whether on discussion boards or in the Google search bar, many people ask how to buy a better value air compressor. It comes with over 13 accessories; purchasing this compressor will save you money. In addition, the CMEC6150K is cheaper compared to some competitive models. 

In terms of capacity, its tank size is rated at 6 gallons. Reliable, the pump works without oil. Its configuration allows this device to last over time.

When set to 90 PSI, the volume of air the machine produces is 2.6 SCFM. For information, the maximum pressure that the CMEC6150K can deliver is equal to 150 PSI.

In winter, as in summer, the engine will start on the first try. As a portable compressor, this model weighs 13.6 kg. The duration of its warranty is limited to 1 year. 

  • Well created: Once the unpacking is done, we realize that the finish of the CMEC6150K is well done. The accessories supplied by CRAFTSMAN are also of good quality.
  • Ready to use: Being a pre-assembled machine, you will be able to use it straight away. In other words, this compressor will not require assembly. Plus, setting up this model is a snap.
  • Robust: Given the quality of the materials with which it was designed, this device withstands shocks.
  • Slow: To fill the tank, this compressor takes 45 seconds or more.
  • Limited pressure: In reality, the maximum air pressure it can deliver does not exceed 90 PSI.


5. DeWalt D55140 135 PSI Maximum topping Compressor

It is based on the services included in the purchase of the machine that you will know where to buy the best air compressor. Each reseller is free to practice the prices you want. Equipped with a protective cage, this model has been intelligently designed. Despite this, its structure remains very robust. 

Lightweight, the D55140 weighs only 11 kg. 22.9 cm wide, this compressor can accompany you in your professional activity, no matter the size of the site. To contain ambient air, DeWalt has opted for a 1-gallon tank.

This powerful device offers a maximum pressure of 135 psi. Its operation is based on an oil-free pump system and a 2.6A low-amperage motor.

Whether set to low or high pressure, the sound level that the compressor will produce will not exceed 71 dB. It is also why the DeWalt D55140 is often featured in a buying guide for the best air compressors.

  • Reduced weight: Considering its dimensions, this unit is expected to be lightweight, which it definitely is.
  • Easy to store: Space-saving, this compressor will find its place in the trunk of your car or in the back of your van.
  • Very discretly: This model is so quiet that you sometimes wonder whether the engine started well or not.
  • Powerful: The pressure it provides is great enough to power a nailer.
  • Unreliable: The service life of DeWalt D55140 is estimated at 2 or even 3 years maximum. Limited use:It is not recommended to inflate a tire with this compressor. However, you will be able to fully control the tire pressure.

frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does an air compressor work?

To function, an air compressor has an inlet and a relief valve that ensures the suction and discharge of air. The pump is used to compress the air while the tank acts as storage. First, the compressor sucks in the ambient air and then creates a vacuum to reduce its volume. 

As soon as the tank reaches its maximum pressure, the machine will automatically stop. The engine will turn on when the pressure measured at the reservoir level reaches a certain threshold. Those who are wondering know that an industrial air compressor works precisely the same way.

Q2: Compressor with oil or without oil?

If you use pneumatic tools, give preference to oil compressors. A lubricated machine will last longer than a compressor without oil. However, the air it blows will show traces of oil. To eliminate them, it will be necessary to invest in an air treatment product. Also, note that oil compressors are stored vertically. An unlubricated model is primarily used for tire inflation. In addition, the air it gives off is cleaner. 

Q3: How to use a compressor?

Before turning on your machine:

  1. Remember to screw on the lower valve located at the tank level.
  2. Check that the air filters are in place.
  3. Wait for the tank to fill before adjusting the air pressure.

Once done, plug the device into a power outlet and startup. 

Meanwhile, take a look at the dipstick and upgrade if necessary. To install an air tool, plug it into the connector on your device. Then adjust the air pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the type of tool you are using. These tips are valid for all models, regardless of their category.    

Q4: How to make a compressor quieter?

The soundproofing of a compressor depends on the choice of a good location. Indeed, the vibrations that the engine produces will propagate in the ground, hence the manufacturers’ usefulness of the shims. If your machine is still noisy, you can install an anti-vibration mat—Line the walls and ceilings with soundproofing foam which also reduces noise pollution. 

To prevent the room from being airtight, it will be necessary to develop a ventilation duct. Choose models with three layers. This technology will provide an excellent level of insulation. Thus, the air will be able to circulate freely.

Q5: Which oil for a compressed air compressor?

The oil you should use on your compressor will depend on its configuration. As a rule, its reference is marked on the leaflet. The use of inexpensive oil, of poor quality or not in conformity with the device, can cause seizure of the pump. 

Each lubricant has its specificities, whether in terms of composition, viscosity or manufacturing standards. An oil change done in the rules of the art protects you from mechanical breakage while reducing the cost of maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations will prevent you from buying a new compressor. 

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