The 5 Best Backup Cameras Of 2021

The 5 Best Backup Cameras Of 2021

Best Backup Cameras Of 2021 : review and comparison of the best models in Canada

The reversing camera is an accessory that can be very useful if you do not have a perfect view of the rear of your vehicle. Nowadays, this device is very affordable, and everyone should try to get one. However, with the many models and brands of reversing cameras out there, it’s not always clear which one to buy.

According to many users, Furrion FOS-TAED offers excellent visibility and is still very practical even when dark or raining. Hillview MC7108 Digital Rear View Camera is also a perfect choice. It is a wireless model that can be easily installed on any vehicle. Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Backup Camera?

If you are thinking of buying a helpful gadget for your car, this buying guide for the best backup cameras will be of great help to you. The advice given to you here will allow you to choose the model that best suits your needs and your budget in comparison.

The visibility

Visibility is a buying criterion that you should never neglect when purchasing a reversing camera. Indeed, the device will be of no use to you if it does not allow you to see what is happening behind your vehicle.

The quality of the image displayed on the screen will largely depend on the camera installed in the back of your car. The device must have certain specific characteristics to be able to offer good image quality. Usually, the camera‘s resolution is listed on the product packaging, but sometimes these indications are misleading.

The safest way to find out if the device can deliver good picture quality is to try it out. But since this is not always possible, you can also check user reviews on forums and social networks. When buying a reversing camera, try to take a model that is not too little known, especially do not hesitate to compare prices.

In addition, some models offer excellent quality when it is the day, but at night, they are not used much. If you are used to parking in poorly lit areas, avoid purchasing this type of camera. The more sophisticated models usually have infrared night vision, but they cost a bit more than versions without this feature. However, it is better to invest in this kind of equipment rather than stamping the door or the walls of your garage.

The complexity

A kit of this kind of equipment usually includes a camera, display screen, and cables. If you are not a very good handyman, entrust the installation of this equipment to qualified personnel. In theory, the connections are not very complicated, but if you do not know electronics, you will have a lot of trouble doing it independently.

In addition, the operation may require some modifications to your vehicle. Indeed, you will have to dig holes to pass the wires and fix the device with some models. With others, you will need to create a location to accommodate the display screen on your dashboard. Also, take into account the work that might await you during the installation. The wireless reversing camera is, for example, an excellent compromise if you do not want to make too many modifications to your car.

But even when the device is perfectly installed, and you finally want to try it out, it is not always as evident as it seems. Indeed, some reversing cameras do not automatically turn on with the engine, and you will have to do it manually each time you want to use it. In addition, the menu displayed on the screen is not always the most ergonomic, and you will need some adaptation time before fully mastering the device.

Value for money

In the past, the reversing camera was a device only installed on prestige cars. Nowadays, it is a gadget accessible to the general public. In the market, you can find different ranges of this product. Some are less affordable compared to others, but not necessarily of better quality. If you’re not careful enough, you could buy a low-end product and pay more than you should.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we recommend that you consult a price comparison engine. It is usually a site or a web application that will tell you the best deals at the moment. You will even be able to set your budget, and the software will only present you with products within this price range.

When buying a rearview camera, never overlook the value for money. Even if you come across a tempting offer, you should never be in a hurry. Reversing cameras are straightforward to find on the market on the cheap, but they are rarely worth it. It is always better to choose reliable equipment, even if you have to pay more for it. 

The 5 Best Backup Cameras (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

When you buy a reversing camera, you want to get what you pay for. However, faced with the multitude of products on the market, we do not always know which one is the most efficient or the cheapest. We will list the five best models of the moment and give you our impression of each of them.

1. Furrion FOS-TAED

Furrion FOS-TAED is an unusual wireless rearview camera. No cables connect the video sensor and the monitor, yet the signal transmission is almost instantaneous. It is made possible by “digital wireless” technology, which operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. 

This technology is five times faster than the IP / Wi-Fi connection on ordinary cameras. If you are wondering how to choose the best rearview cameras for 2021, Furrion FOS-TAED should give you the answer.

The video sensor of this device is not afraid of humidity, as it is entirely waterproof. In addition, it offers an excellent resolution (740 × 480).

But the best part about this product is that it offers excellent visibility. The video sensor can cover an angle of 120 ° all over the vehicle’s rear and 65 ° on each side.

  • Modern: This camera is equipped with several features that make it very convenient. This is one of the best reversing cameras around.
  • Motion sensor: This gadget not only gives you a great view of the rear of your vehicle, but it also alerts you when something is moving.
  • The price: This model is still very expensive.
  • Sealing: The video sensor is not afraid of humidity, but when fog eventually forms, the camera becomes unusable.

2. Haloview MC7108 Digital Rear View Camera

Installing a rearview camera on a vehicle is not as easy as it seems. In addition to the complicated wiring, you will need to make several modifications to accommodate the different elements. If you don’t feel like going through all the trouble, Haloview MC7108 is sure to please you.

The product shown to you here is a very affordable wireless camera with IP69K waterproof level. The pack, which only includes a monitor and a video sensor, is straightforward to install as they plug into your cigarette lighter socket. 

For the 7-inch monitor, in particular, you’ll have to hook it up to the wires that feed the backup lights. If you don’t know how to buy a better value rearview camera, you can take a cue from this cheap product. Once the images are born, they are displayed in 720p HD resolution.

  • Affordable: This model is cheaper compared to a lot of wireless backup cameras on the market.
  • Very good visibility: The camera is able to offer very good image quality, because even objects that are 100 meters away are well represented. In addition, the video sensor offers a very wide viewing angle of 120 °.
  • The bindings: Screws and nuts can be loose at times. Remember to check the fasteners regularly to prevent the camera from coming loose.
  • Not very ergonomic: Haloview MC7108 is not easy to learn. It will take some time to get used to it before you master it.

3. Garmin 010–12242–10 BC 30

Garmin is considered by many users to be the best brand of reversing cameras on the market. This manufacturer is renowned for his great meticulousness, and it is with his unique knowledge that he now offers us the Garmin BC 30.

This model is not only space-saving but also very easy to install. The video sensor transmits the images to the monitor using potent wireless technology.

The signal can instantly travel up to 45 feet, which is very useful on very long vehicles (bus, truck, van, motorhome).

If you’re still wondering what the best rearview camera is on the market, you might just have found it. Garmin BC 30 does not have a monitor, but it can be used with Garmin Nuvi and Essential GPS. You will have to connect the camera to the GPS and use it as a video monitor.

  • Support 4 cameras at the same time: You can use up to 4 cameras with this device. What allows you an optimal use.
  • Easy to install: Many users have installed their equipment themselves. This device includes very few elements, and it will suffice to connect them to the right sockets.
  • Delivered without monitor: The BC 30 is reserved for people with a Garmin GPS. Indeed, it is the latter which will act as a video monitor.
  • Image quality: Unlike many backup cameras on the market, Garmin BC 30 does not offer great images.

4. Auto-vox M1 Waterproof reversing camera kit

The AUTO-VOX M1 could be the perfect companion if your car does not offer good visibility of what is going on behind. With this kit, you will no longer have difficulty completing even the most complex maneuvers. If you don’t know where to buy a new backup camera, why not go for this one?

The AUTO-VOX M1 monitor and sensor are linked by a powerful antenna that guarantees very stable transmission. Since this is a wireless camera kit, the various parts are pretty easy to install.

But the real peculiarity of this product is that it allows GPS navigation. So you can park your car even in the tightest parking spaces. 

If you still do not know which reversing camera to choose, know that it has 6 LEDs with high brightness, which will allow you to enjoy optimal viewing of videos at all times.

  • Design: This is a very ergonomic reversing camera, but that does not minimize the aesthetic side. Moreover, it would be the best backup camera in Canada according to some users.
  • The powerful LEDs: The video sensor is set with 3 high brightness LEDs on each side. This will guarantee you good visibility in dark places.
  • Signal transmission: Videos shown on the monitor may be choppy at times. This is largely due to the relay antenna which does not provide optimal signal transmission.
  • The quality: Admittedly, this model is not the best reversing camera in its class, especially in terms of image quality.

5.eRapta Simple Camera

The video sensor is the critical element of an excellent reversing camera because it is on it that the quality of the image displayed on the monitor depends. The eRapta camera is capable of providing very high visibility into what is happening behind your vehicle. The adjustable lens gives you a viewing angle of 149 °. 

If you are wondering where to buy the best rearview camera on the market, why not take a closer look at this offer? This device is specially adapted for large vehicles (truck, SUV, MPV, trailer, sedan). In addition, it gives you the possibility to see in the dark thanks to its powerful LED lighting. 

It is ideal if you have a habit of parking in tight parking spaces. It is very versatile, as it can be plugged into a voltage range of 12-24 V DC.

In addition, it is easier to install than the vast majority of rearview cameras sold on the market. Its safety sensor is waterproof and has been designed with high-quality resin complying with the international standard IP69.

  • Efficient: The eRapta camera is very efficient thanks to all these technical characteristics. This is the most affordable item in this ranking, yet it offers very good image quality.
  • Reliable: This reversing camera has been specially designed for large vehicles. With this article, you will always have a clear view of what is going on behind your car, no matter what vehicle you are driving.
  • Delivered without the installation manual: Even if it is not essential, the manufacturer could still have given advice on the installation method.
  • Brittle: If you do not install it correctly, this model may not last very long.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to use the rearview camera? 

The reversing camera is not easy to take in hand for people who have never touched this device. Before you start to use it, make sure that the device has been correctly installed.

Usually, the camera turns on automatically as soon as you switch on the ignition. However, there may be no image displayed on the screen. It is because the reversing camera should only be used when you are backing up. To see what is going on behind your car, you will therefore need to engage this gear.

Q2: How to connect a rearview camera to a car stereo? 

If you have a recent vehicle, it is best to entrust this task to an experienced mechanic. Indeed, the electrical equipment of cars crammed with electronics is often very complex. On the other hand, if you don’t have such a machine, you should be fine.

Before making the connections, make sure you have dug all the conduits for the cables. Subsequently, you will have to connect the red wire to the positive power supply and the black wire to the earth socket.

The easiest way would be to draw the power from the positive terminal of the backup light. Thus, when reverse gear is engaged, the monitor automatically turns on. Finally, connect the monitor to the A4 harness (male harness) located at the back of your car radio.

Q3: How to install a rearview camera?

A reversing camera set usually includes a monitor, video sensor, and cables. If you’ve purchased a wireless model, you shouldn’t have any trouble setting it up. On the other hand, you will have a little more work if you buy a regular rearview camera.

Start by positioning the video sensor on the back of your car. You will have to wait until you have finished installing the other components before fixing it permanently, as you will need to make sure that it offers good visibility.

For the cables, dig the conduits that will connect the elements. Position the video monitor where it will not obstruct the driver’s visibility.

Q4: How to install a wireless rearview camera?

Wireless backup cameras are much easier to mount than regular models. With this device, you will have to attach the video sensor and the monitor to their respective locations. Then you have to connect them to a power wire. Usually, the wireless transmitter and receiver are built into the device, and you don’t have to make any other connections.

Q5: How to install a reversing camera on a motorhome? 

The motorhome is a massive vehicle, and it is pretty challenging to manoeuvre. Unlike small cars, it offers virtually no visibility to the rear of the car. A reversing camera can thus be essential on this type of machine.

To install a reversing camera on a motorhome, you will have to proceed as on any other car. But on this type of vehicle, it is preferable to permanently activate the monitor even when reverse gear is not engaged.

Q6: How to test a rearview camera?  

Before using a rearview camera, it is essential to try it out first. To do this, make the connections and power the device. If the camera is working correctly, you should see an image appear on the monitor.