The 5 best cat cage in Canada

The 5 best cat cage in Canada

The 5 best cat cage in Canada of 2022 – Comparison, guide and opinion

Your hairball is, in your eyes, a real-life companion, and you often have to carry it with you when travelling or on the move? If so, you’re probably already using a cat crate. Recently, these products have been developed and improved.

Despite their name, these “cages” have nothing to do with prison, quite the contrary. Often flexible and secure, they allow your kitten or puppy to discover the world without stress in excellent comfort conditions. And most are accepted by airlines.

However, the choice can be difficult. Indeed, it is necessary to select a model corresponding well to your animal and adapted to your requirements and preferences. We analyzed and compared 55 cat crates sold in Canada for nearly 42 hours and took into account the opinions of 863 cat lovers.

Following our last update, our favourite model is the Petmate 2 Door Kennel, for its ventilation and size will suit all cats, even the largest ones.

Comparative table of the best cat cages

Petmate 2 Door Kennel cat cage
Petmate 2 Door Kennel

The most ventilated rigid cat cage.
5 colours: pearl honey pink, metallic pearl white, pearl ash blue, metallic pearl ash blue, metallic pearl tan
Also available in “small” size
Suitable for cats and dogs between 4.5 and 9 kg.
Dimensions: 61.1 x 42.6 x 36.8 centimeters / 14.5 x 16.8 x 24.05 in
Weight: 2.56 kilograms / 4.4 lbs

Ibiyaya Multifunction Carrying Bag
Ibiyaya Multifunction Carrying Bag

The super versatile high-end alternative.
5 in 1: carry bag, backpack, car bag, bag on wheels, stroller
Pink colour
Dimensions (main structure): 30.48 x 33 x 50.8 cm / 12 x 13.5 x 20 in
Maximum pet weight: 7.2 kg / 16 lbs

ZaneSun Cat cage
ZaneSun Cat

The ultra-cheap alternative.
Ultra-lightweight design with top handle and comfortable strap.
Manufactured in 600D Oxford fabric, mesh structure: the air circulates.
Side pockets to take treats and toys with you.
It goes under aeroplane seats and can be used as a travel basket.
Maximum recommended load : 3.6 kg / 7.94 lb.
Dimensions  : 40*20*30 cm / 15.7*7.9*11.8 in.
Weight  : 600g / 1.32 lbs.

Our 1st choice of cat cage

Petmate’s Best Ventilated Rigid Cat Cage

Video and photos demonstration of the Petmate 2 Door Kennel

What we think of the Petmate 2 Door Kennel

The Petmate 2 Door Kennel comes in two parts and is easily assembled. On the other hand, it does not come apart once in place unless you unscrew everything, and it can make cleaning more cumbersome.

It is a rigid cage; it is sturdy and will accommodate slightly more prominent animals. Moreover, with its length of 24 inches, it is one of the longest cat cages on the market.

Note, however, that this model also exists in a “small” size, which may be suitable for some pet parents, but be sure to check the size at the time of purchase to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

The great originality of the Petmate 2 Door Kennel is its upper door! To open this one, you have to loosen the latch by pinching with your thumb and index finger. This latch helps keep the opening securely closed when engaged.

If your animal is wise and you know it is not tempted to leave the top of the cage, this opening will allow it to take a breath of fresh air and give it a little more freedom.

In addition, it will undoubtedly be easier for you to get your pet into or out of the cage through this opening.

I sometimes travel with my cat, and he always does his bit to fit into a cat crate; however, thanks to the top door on the crate lid, it’s straightforward to get him in without too much stress. I can say that this cage is robust because my cat is quite imposing!


The front door, in a grid, is relatively standard and is also secured with a latch.

The Petmate 2 Door Kennel ventilation is of high quality for a rigid cage. Indeed, this cage has a pleasant design on the sides, contributing to ventilation so that your pet can breathe adequately. But ventilation is also provided by the upper door: usually completely closed on most models, here it looks like a grid. Your pet will get even more air and a wider field of vision.

Petmate 2 Door Kennel Features Summary

  • 5 colours: pearl honey pink, metallic pearl white, pearl ash blue, metallic pearl ash blue, metallic pearl tan
  • Also available in “small” size
  • Suitable for cats and dogs between 4.5 and 9 kg.
  • Dimensions: 61.1 x 42.6 x 36.8 centimeters / 14.5 x 16.8 x 24.05 in
  • Weight: 2.56 kilograms / 4.4 lbs

Our verdict on the Petmate 2 Door Kennel

If you opt for a large rigid cage, we recommend the Petmate 2 Door Kennel. Your pet will feel less confined with its superior access and airy design.

Our Score


  • Upper door
  • Vents
  • One of the giant cat cages
  • Robustness


  • Cleaning is not very practical.

Our choice of high-end cat cage

The super versatile high-end

A cat cage is not enough for you, and you are looking for a versatile solution for transporting your pet? The Ibiyaya multifunction carrying bag will certainly meet your expectation and more!

Video demonstration of the Ibiyaya multifunctional carrying bag

What we think of the Ibiyaya multifunction carrying bag

Much more than a cat cage, the Ibiyaya Multi-Function Carry Bag is an all-encompassing carrying solution. Indeed, by acquiring this model, you do not get just one means of transport but 5!

Each variation is obtained thanks to a different assembly of the supplied components. Either way, this assembly is designed to be simple.

Everything is centred around the structure intended to receive the animal. It comes as a hybrid between the rigid cage and the soft carrying bag and has a very clever design. Thus, it can be entirely and easily folded up for storage! Simply unfold the wide central band and attach it to the two rigid sides to shape it.

The central part is flexible except for a rigid bottom and the front, which includes generous ventilation for the animal’s well-being. On the soft top, we find the opening to place the animal and a large pocket for storing accessories.

The rigid sides each include a large central mesh to ensure that the cat will not feel too confined.

The materials of this structure are of high quality and robust.

The shoulder bag’s primary function: tie the strap around the structure. Pass the seat belt through the bag’s handle for the car seat function, and it will remain secure. The third function is the backpack, for which it is sufficient to adapt the straps. The bottom is different but remains comfortable for the animal in this position.

It’s simply magical! My six-year-old daughter adopted a kitten and wanted to be able to take her to the park, but I wanted something more functional that wouldn’t require changing carriers if needed. It is precisely what this system offers me!


For the fourth function, the animal is in the same position (with the structure vertical) since placing the structure on wheels is then a question. You can then walk your pet effortlessly by pulling the structure by the telescopic handle, like a suitcase.

Finally, the fifth function is the most spectacular, since everything you need is provided to transport your cat in a stroller! It’s hard to find a more luxurious means of transportation for your beloved animal.

This complete and versatile solution places the Ibiyaya multifunction carrying bag in a price category without comparison with the usual models. It is a luxury product, and the price is 5 to 10 times higher than other cages or cat bags. However, consider that getting the separate equivalents would probably cost you more.

Summary of the features of the Ibiyaya multifunctional carrying bag

  • 5 in 1: carry bag, backpack, car bag, bag on wheels, stroller
  • Pink color
  • Dimensions (main structure): 30.48 x 33 x 50.8 cm / 12 x 13.5 x 20 in
  • Maximum pet weight: 7.2 kg / 16 lbs

Our verdict on the Ibiyaya multifunction carry bag

Both intelligent and sturdy in design, this multifunctional Ibiyaya pet carrier offers you all the transportation you’ll ever need to walk your pet in one product. It’s a luxury product, so it’s up to you whether its remarkable versatility justifies the investment.

Our Score


  • 5 in 1
  • Robustness
  • Easy to change function


  • Price

Our choice of low budget cat cage

The ultra-cheap ZaneSun alternative

You want to spend the holidays with your cat, but for you, the price of the cages is a real obstacle? If you have a small animal, you can go for inexpensive options with the honest build quality and comfort like the ZaneSun Cat Carrier.

What we think of the ZaneSun Cat Carrier

The ZaneSun Cat Carrier is a flexible cage that is far from offering poor manufacturing quality, although very inexpensive. It is made of 600D Oxford fabric, which makes it exceptionally strong and well ventilated. The mesh structure also allows your kitten or puppy to access the air from the outside.

The durability, without equaling that of high-end products, is correct.

Especially since the object is designed for small animals, which will not be able to damage it, its dimensions are 40*20*30 cm, which corresponds to 15.7*7.9*11.8 in. Although the maximum weight supported is much more significant, the manufacturer recommends placing companions not exceeding 3.6 kg or 7.94 lbs.

Convenient cage for travelling with my cat, very well designed. There is a small pocket where I store treats.


Also, note that it can be placed under your aeroplane seat.

It is a perfect product to use as a basket or a different niche when camping. The ZaneSun Cat Carrier is indeed an excellent ally for short outdoor trips.

You have side pockets that will allow you to take some utilities or treats and toys to entertain your pet.

In addition, you benefit from all possible comfort of movement. You benefit in particular from a strap with shoulder protection and a flexible upper handle that will save you fatigue. And for minor incidents, nothing to fear: inside the cat cage, there is a removable and washable mat.

ZaneSun Cat Carrier Features Summary

  • The simple and effective cat cage.
  • Ultra-lightweight design with top handle and comfortable strap.
  • Manufactured in 600D Oxford fabric, mesh structure: the air circulates.
  • Side pockets to take treats and toys with you.
  • It goes under aeroplane seats and can be used as a travel basket.
  • Maximum recommended load : 3.6 kg / 7.94 lb.
  • Dimensions  : 40*20*30 cm / 15.7*7.9*11.8 in.
  • Weight  : 600g / 1.32 lbs.

Our verdict on the ZaneSun Cat Carrier

The ZaneSun Cat Carrier is the cheapest cat cage on our list. It is only suitable for small animals and is intended for occasional use, but it offers an attractive price-performance ratio. Especially since it is easy to transport and wash: neither you nor your pet will be stressed.

Our Score


  • Average price defying all competition
  • Ideal extra basket or niche
  • Easy to wash


  • Slightly lower quality

Other alternatives to buying a cat cage

The best value for a money cat cage

Are you looking for a cat cage that is flexible, solid and adapted to airline requirements? To transport a Persian, a Siamese or even a Yorkshire terrier, the Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier is an ideal option, at the proper price-quality ratio, comfortable for your pet and you.

Video demonstration of the Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

What we think of the Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

More than a cage, this product is a soft carrying bag. It adopts the following dimensions: 45.72*27.94*25.4 cm, equivalent to 18*11*10 in. You can fold it when your companion is not inside to avoid clutter. The maximum weight supported is approximately 4.53 kg, i.e. 10 lbs.

This product has been specially designed to comply with the standards adopted by the leading airlines. So you shouldn’t have a problem if you regularly travel by plane.

This bag is convenient for travel; it folds up and is easy to store. It is big enough; it has a window on both sides. Excellent value.


The object is robust and waterproof. In other words, your little companion can have fun without risking damaging his cage. In addition, if a minor incident were to occur, cleaning would be quick and easy. Because the crate holds its shape well, your pet’s stress is reduced, and he won’t feel cramped.

You have a handle and a strap to move around quickly. Thanks to mesh windows, if you are worried that your companion is running out of air, you can immediately be reassured that he is breathing well. He can also observe his surroundings, which makes him more tranquil.

Finally, note that four colours are available: black-yellow, orange, blue and pink. You can choose the one you like the most since they are all the same price.

This product is mainly dedicated to small animals, but it will be difficult for you to find better value for money as soon as yours falls into this category.

Summary of Pet Store Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Features

  • The best for short and long trips.
  • Complies with the standards in force with major airlines.
  • The soft, strong, and waterproof design keeps its shape well.
  • Well ventilated makes it easier for your companion to breathe.
  • Easy to wash, available in 4 colours at the same price.
  • Weight supported  : less than 4.53 kg / 10 lb.
  • Dimensions  : 45.72*27.94*25.4 cm / 18*11*10 in, foldable .
  • Weight  : 2.2 lbs / 1 kg.

Our verdict on the Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

The Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier cannot accommodate overly heavy or oversized pets, and that’s its only flaw. For the rest, it is a particularly well-thought-out cat cage, which saves you frustration and is particularly easy to clean. We recommend her without hesitation.

Our Score


  • Meets flight standards
  • Super comfortable for your pet
  • Easy to clean


  • It is reserved for small animals.

Our review of the AmazonBasics 6009-M

AmazonBasics Strongest Cat Cage

Do you want to offer your pet excellent comfort conditions and enjoy an extra robust and durable product? The AmazonBasics 6009-M is a high-end, rigid cage that will stand up to enthusiastic hairballs with ease, and it is particularly ideal if you often travel by car.

What we think of the AmazonBasics 6009-M

While soft cages are more popular today, rigid models have many advantages. The first and most important is solidity. Made of sturdy plastic and a steel front grille, the AmazonBasics 6009-M will easily withstand repeated assaults from your puppy or kitten.

Cleaning this product is also very simple: a damp cloth will often be enough to repair minor incidents.

My cat has plenty of space in her crate when we travel. The door above helps a lot to get my cat inside. Excellent cage, I recommend it!


There are two accesses to the cage—the door equipped with a spring-loaded opening system. Then, the hatch can be opened from the left side or the right side on the top. It is ideal, especially for slightly more prominent animals. In addition, it allows you to pet and reassures your companion while positioning him correctly.

The object is quite significant since it measures 58.42*38.1*33.02 cm, equivalent to 23*15*13 in. It is also capable of supporting slightly above average weight. But if your animal is heavy, you may have a little trouble holding the cage only with the handle provided for this purpose.

From a security point of view, the AmazonBasics 6009-M cage is one of the most valuable models on our list. It is divided into two parts, a lower and an upper, which can be joined together using latches and screws.

The comfort of your cat, dog or rabbit is ensured, among other things, by the numerous ventilation present. The available space will allow owners of modest-sized pets to occupy them with toys.

AmazonBasics 6009-M Specification Summary

  • The best for road trips.
  • Rigid plastic and steel construction, ultra-strong and roomy enough.
  • The upper hatch can be opened from the right or left side.
  • Numerous ventilation on the top and the sides of the cage.
  • Screws and latches to secure the product as much as possible.
  • Handle to move the object more easily.
  • Dimensions  : 58.42*38.1*33.02 cm / 23*15*13 in.

Our verdict on the AmazonBasics 6009-M

The AmazonBasics 6009-M is a solution to eliminate unpleasant surprises from your daily life: there is, in fact, no risk of your companion’s claws coming to the end of it. It is also well ventilated, comfortable and easily washable. It is a model that we recommend as long as the price charged suits you.

Our Score


  • Extra solid construction
  • Easy animal entry
  • Excellent ventilation
  • The lessers


  • A little more expensive than average

Our opinion on the Eveltek CWB-M-CA

The top comfort option at a low price

You have a limited budget, but you would still like to offer your companion a top comfort transport home? No problem: the Eveltek CWB-M-CA cage, while being very accessible, has been designed to be reassuring and pleasant for your companion. It is ideal for going to the vet, for example.

What we think of the Eveltek CWB-M-CA

Before purchasing an entry-level product, one often wonders what a lower price means. On the Eveltek CWB-MCA, there is a slight concession to accept, reported by some users: the cage, flexible, can tend to fold back slightly on itself when you carry it by hand.

If you have a small, light animal, he shouldn’t notice it.

Transportation is relatively easy. Indeed, you have a padded strap and a handle. You, therefore, avoid pain in the hands, as well as in the back. In addition, side pockets are provided: you have the possibility of placing toys and treats for your tomcat or your puppy, but also a bottle of water for you.

The bag is less traumatic than a cage; my cat is less stressed during visits to the vet. This bag is very well designed, excellent and much lighter than a cage.


The space offered is very suitable; you can count on 47*25.5*30 cm, equivalent to 18.5*10.04*11.8 in. Your pet shouldn’t feel cramped in any way.

In the case of small dirt, nothing to worry about. On the one hand, this product is robust and, on the other hand, waterproof. Therefore, you can hope to keep it for a long time, especially since the washing process is straightforward.

But what is remarkable about this model is that it is extra comfortable.

First, the object is supplied with a plush mattress that will allow kittens and dogs to feel more comfortable and exercise their claws without any risk.

Then, the mesh structure allows excellent ventilation. And if your companion seems a bit panicked, you can open a window with a zipper to help him get some fresh air.

Eveltek CWB-M-CA Features Summary

  • Best for occasional travel.
  • Soft size with comfortable plush mattress.
  • Window with zipper to let the animal take the air.
  • Mesh structure to let your companion observe the surroundings.
  • Easy transport: side pockets, strap and handle.
  • Waterproof construction, super easy to wash.
  • Dimensions  : 47*25.5*30 cm / 18.5*10.04*11.8 in.

Our verdict on the Eveltek CWB-M-CA

The Eveltek CWB-MCA is surprisingly comfortable given its price range: plush mattress, ventilation, openable window… it’s all there! For short journeys, it is an attractive, economical option. However, keep in mind that it may tend to fold up depending on your pet’s profile.

Our Score


  • Very affordable average price
  • Top comfort plush mattress
  • Window to let your pet air out


  • It may tend to curl up a bit.

Our opinion on the Lemonade Pet Carrier

The Lemonade space alternative

Would you like to equip yourself with a cat cage that will also entertain your children? With its design inspired by the lunar spacesuit, the Lemonade Pet Carrier has everything to please the little ones. It is a well-designed and accessible product to take kittens and puppies to discover the world during family hikes.

What we think of the Lemonade Pet Carrier

It’s tough to miss what makes this model special. Indeed, it adopts a backpack format with a window reminiscent of a porthole. You can observe your companion, and he can look outside while being well protected from the cold. Many colours are available, at generally comparable prices.

If it is warmer, you can use another provided mesh lid.

This rigid cage is ideal for promoting contact and responsibility between children and their little companions. Indeed, it is straightforward to transport and relatively light. Needless to say that the youngest generally find it very funny to observe the facial expressions of puppies and kittens.

Great product, my chihuahua loves it. We have made many trips with this cage. It is excellent; it is great to carry it as a backpack. I find her very pretty.


You have a top grab handle. For ventilation, three large holes are found at the base of the Lemonade Pet Carrier. To enhance the comfort of your companion, you can use the included velvet cushion.

Made of canvas and acrylic material, the cage proves to be quite durable. A locking system prevents your pet from running away when the bag is open.

The weight supported is substantial: up to 6.3 kg, or 14 lb for cats. Nevertheless, the object is intended more for the transport of young animals because its dimensions are slightly reduced compared to other references: 32*29*41.9 cm, that is to say, 12.6*11.42*16.5 in.

Summary of Lemonade Pet Carrier Features

  • The cage with a clever and original design.
  • Space capsule format, as well ventilated as it is safe and fun.
  • Many colours available: black, green, yellow, cyan pink, etc.
  • Carrying in “backpack” mode is not tiring and is extremely practical.
  • Durable acrylic material and canvas design.
  • Additional locking to prevent your companion from running away.
  • Weight supported  : 6.3 kg / 14 lb (cats), 4.98 kg / 11 lb (dogs).
  • Dimensions  : 32*29*41.9 cm / 12.6*11.42*16.5 in.
  • Weight  : 1.1 kg / 2.43 lbs.

Our verdict on the Lemonade Pet Carrier

The Lemonade Pet Carrier is a product full of good ideas, well-executed. It is easy to carry, quite sturdy, and can be used by children without straining their backs. In addition, its aesthetic is original and fun. However, since the cage is relatively small, it will only be suitable for most miniature animals.

Our Score


  • Quirky, fun and well-thought-out aesthetic
  • Backpack size
  • Different options for the window


  • Especially suitable for puppies and kittens

Our opinion on the Texsens PVC Mesh+Oxford

The alternative for Texsens walkers

Does ​​placing your companion in a cat cage, even a flexible one, worry you? Do you want to be able to keep an eye on your companion and offer him the most pleasant environment possible? That’s good; that’s precisely what the Texsens PVC Mesh+Oxford offers, an intermediate model.

What we think of the Texsens PVC Mesh+Oxford

Thanks to mesh fabrics, ventilation is a classic of soft cages, but the Texsens PVC Mesh+Oxford has taken the concept to the limit. Indeed, it adopts an almost entirely mesh structure. If you were worried that your companion was having trouble breathing, you should be relieved.

This model is a little more expensive, but the excellent build quality justifies this. It will hold up well to your pet.

Provided, however, that your eyes are not bigger than your stomach: it is a product intended for cats and dogs not exceeding respectively 4.5 and 3.7 kg, which is equivalent to 9.92 and 8.16 lb. The format adopted is that of a backpack with the following dimensions: 34.9*26.9*41.9 cm, that is to say, 13.74*10.59*16.5 in.

I am pleased with my purchase; excellent value for money! I like to walk, and when my little dog is tired, I put him in the backpack; it is easy to carry. And the pocket is ideal for storing kibble.


You have two side pockets that are particularly useful for storing your personal belongings, and they are particularly suitable for carrying a standard-sized smartphone or toys and treats.

The design is half-sphere. Because of this, a window could be placed at the back of the bag: this can allow your furry ball to interact with other people or to feel more relaxed. To avoid disasters, you can attach it with a small integrated leash.

Wearing it is pleasant and easy, and you have a buckle at the front for better support.

The carpet, meanwhile, is comfortable and washable. On the other hand, some users note that it sometimes tends to lean a little, which can be unpleasant for some people.

Summary of the characteristics of Texsens PVC Mesh+Oxford

  • The best ventilated.
  • Mesh structure on almost the entire cage: your pet breathes.
  • 2 side pockets for toys, treats or your cell phone.
  • Easy to wear, tightening buckle, and an integrated leash for your companion.
  • Semi-spherical with game window.
  • Comfortable and washable mattress.
  • Weight supported  : 4.5 kg / 9.92 lb (cat), 3.7 kg / 8.16 lb (dog).
  • Dimensions  : 34.9*26.9*41.9 cm / 13.74*10.59*16.5 in.

Our verdict on the Texsens PVC Mesh+Oxford

If you like to go on random walks with your cat, kitten or puppy, the Texsens PVC Mesh+Oxford is a choice to consider. It is easy to carry, is particularly well ventilated for your pet, and is robust. Slight downside, however: the tray may tend to lean.

Our Score


  • Mesh structure for ventilation at the top
  • Compact and practical solid design
  • Phone pockets


  • The rug sometimes leans a little

Our opinion on the Fruiteam Extensible Carrier

The expandable Fruita alternative

Your companion is somewhat mischievous and restless, and you are afraid he does not feel comfortable in a cat cage? You may be able to steer yourself towards the Fruit Eam Extensible Carrier cage. It is a mid-priced model and expands on the sides to give it more space.

What we think of the Fruiteam Extensible Carrier

The Fruita Extensible Carrier is an exceptional model that stands out for its discretion. Indeed, when this flexible cage is not unfolded, it looks like a very ordinary sports bag and can be placed under an aeroplane seat.

But its full potential is revealed once it is unfolded and extended: it becomes more spacious than average and offers an ample and comfortable space for your pet to play and rest. It can accommodate a small to medium-sized cat or dog and supports a maximum weight of 6.8 kg, or 15 lbs.

Very resistant and can be transported well, it is very light. It does not take up space because it is foldable, a real plus. My cat is not afraid to come inside.


Therefore, its dimensions are variable, and the product is both extensible and foldable. In other words, when you’re not using it, you can easily store it wherever you want. During transport, you can carry small objects in the side pocket.

Carrying is easy, and of course, you have a handle and a strap.

The design is also satisfactory: made of 210D polyester, the cage is strong and can withstand a small dynamic animal. Metal hooks also reinforce the structure. Be careful, however: some users report that the mesh, allowing better ventilation, did not hold against the teeth of sure rabbits.

The included stretch mat is an either rag or machine washable, so you won’t have to put in a lot of upkeep by choosing this cat cage.

Summary of features of the Fruiteam Extensible Carrier

  • The most spacious.
  • Stretchable on both sides, ideal for a dynamic kitten or puppy.
  • Solid, made of 210D polyester, very well ventilated, metal hooks.
  • Cloth or machine washable stretch rug.
  • Side pocket, openings with zippers.
  • Foldable and easily transportable, including under an aeroplane seat.
  • Weight supported  : 6.8 kg / 15 lbs.
  • Dimensions  (suitcase mode): 44*28*28 cm / 17.3*11*11 in.
  • Dimensions (folded): 44*28*8 cm / 17.3*11*3.15 in.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

Our verdict on the Fruiteam Extensible Carrier

The Fruita Extensible Carrier is surprisingly discreet and has the double advantage of being foldable and expandable. If you have a very playful furball that likes to move and exercise, don’t hesitate. It may be just as effective for calmer animals to opt for a more classic design pattern.

Our Score


  • Spacious for playful pets
  • Easy cleaning
  • Discreet and easy to store


  • Not suitable for rabbits and rodents

Our opinion on the Catit Cabrio

A small mobile suite for cats!

You don’t want just a transport cage, but an object that will reduce the animal’s stress and improve its comfort? The Catit Cabrio is a superior product that will meet your requirements.

What we think of the Catit Cabrio

At first glance, the Catit Cabrio looks like many plastic cat cages. Still, its design has many great features that make this cage stand out.

First, it is possible to open the roof completely: each of the two upper sides of the cage opens to 180°. Thus, putting the animal in a cage without a ceiling is possible, which will be much easier than convincing it to enter an enclosed space. Then close the panels and the front door.

This one, moreover, is not a simple grid. It is a transparent plastic door with vents. Thus, the animal benefits from a clearer view. But that’s not all! 2 bowls are integrated into the bottom of the door. It will allow you to feed and water your pet if necessary, without opening the door! He will then be able to eat in a natural bowl and not via the grid, which is never practical.

Another valuable feature: the bottom of the cage is equipped with a recovery system for droppings or fallen food.

Also, note that the dimensions of this cage are relatively wide, which will leave room for the animal, which will not feel too tight.

We call it our “Cadillac”. It’s more than just a cat cage, and in my opinion, it’s worth the extra money if that’s what you’re looking for! The removable food and water bowls are a great feature if you’re travelling long distances, and the interior is roomy enough for your average-sized cat to stretch out on the trip.


These features will allow your pet to travel in better conditions, but they come at a cost, which puts the Catit Cabrio in a price category above the average of other models.

Finally, the Catit Cabrio is available in 3 colours. Note that the price may vary depending on the colour chosen.

Summary of Catit Convertible Features

  • Open roof cage
  • transparent door
  • 2 bowls included in the door
  • 3 colors: gray blue, turquoise, cherry red
  • Maximum pet weight: 11.3 kg / 25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 51 L x 33 W x 35 H cm / 20 x 13 x 13.75 in
  • Weight: 3.04 kg / 6.6 lbs

Our verdict on the Catit Cabrio

We can only applaud the care taken by Catit in this Cabrio cage. Many features make your cat comfortable, and it is an excellent choice if you are willing to invest a little more in your cat cage.

Our Score


  • transparent door
  • Bowls included in the door
  • Waste recovery system


  • Price

Our opinion on the Henkelion carrying bag

When carrying bag rhymes with comfort

Are you looking for a reliable and practical pet carrier to carry your pet on your travels? The Henkelion carry bag is an excellent choice with comfortable and attractive features.

What we think of the Henkelion carry bag

The model that we present to you here is of medium size, but note that this product also exists in large size.

In the lower part of the bag is a very comfortable foam mat. It comprises three layers: a top layer, a middle foam layer and a wooden board. Your cat will feel much better there than on a hard bottom! In addition, this mat is washable.

For better access to your pet, the Henkelion carrier bag has not one but four openings, no less! One front, one back, one side, and one top. It is convenient for getting your pet out, especially if it is curled up in a corner.

This cage fits my 14lb cat quite comfortably with plenty of room to move around. I like it, and it can sit in that bag even when we’re home. It’s super easy to put my cat in because you can unzip the top and both sides.


In addition, these openings are made of mesh, which allows almost complete ventilation of the bag. Note that these meshes are (thankfully!) scratch resistant.

This peculiarity has a counterpart: if your animal is timid and likes, on the contrary, to feel well protected in its cage, so much openness to the outside may not please it.

Another disadvantage is: opening one of the doors can cause the bag to partially close.

On the other hand, an advantage of this bag is that it is easy to store, unlike a rigid cage.

This bag also includes a leash inside to secure your pet.

Small practical detail: there is a pocket on the side to put treats, medicines, toys, and everything you need to make the kitty’s trip more pleasant.

Finally, the Henkelion carry bag thinks of kitty, but also you! It is possible to take this bag by hand and over the shoulder, the latter system being padded. The ABS hooks ensure the strength of the straps and ensure that the bag will not come off.

Summary of Henkelion Carry Bag Features

  • Soft carry bag
  • 4 openings
  • Comfortable floor mat in 3 layers
  • 5 colours: grey, black, green, pink, purple
  • Also available in large size
  • Dimensions: 43.18 x 27.94 x 27.94 cm / 17 x 11 x 11 in
  • Maximum pet weight: 6.8 kg / 15 lbs

Our verdict on the Henkelion carries a bag.

Comfortable, ventilated and equipped with many practical details, the Henkelion transport bag will provide your pet with a better transport experience.

Our Score


  • 4 openings
  • Very bright bag
  • Very airy interior


  • Not suitable for timid animals
  • Structure

Our opinion on the Petsfit expandable transport bag

The top comfort option at a low price

Are you looking for a transport bag that combines several advantages of other models? The Petsfit Expandable Carrier Bag offers some great features to enhance the kitty’s travel experience!

Petsfit Expandable Carrier Bag Video Demonstration

What we think of the Petsfit expandable carrier bag

At first glance, this carry bag looks like a bag like any other. And yet it is modular!

Indeed, its main particularity is that it opens on one side, and it provides an extension of the cage for your pet and gives it more freedom. In addition, this extension is made of mesh, which allows the animal to see the outside better and improves ventilation.

In addition, an opening is available in the front and another on the top.

Note that it is possible to take the bag by hand or over the shoulder; the fasteners are solid. Moreover, the whole, from the bag’s material to the closures, is of good quality.

I bought this because I don’t drive and ordinary cat crates can be quite heavy and inconvenient. This bag is fantastic. It is light and comfortable, and I can carry it over my shoulder. The bonus is the part that opens up so the cat can stretch out. It is a good buy.


Inside, a mat is included for your pet’s comfort and a leash to secure it. Bonus: this extension also includes a carpet! Everything is washable.

Space-saving, this bag can easily be flattened entirely for easy storage.

On the fixed side, a strong fabric strip has been integrated, which adapts perfectly to the telescopic extension of the handle of your suitcase when this is unfolded. It allows you to keep the carry bag securely on your suitcase. This very practical little detail will quickly win you over!

The back of the bag has a large pocket to store everything your pet needs.

The icing on the cake: the price of the Petsfit expandable transport bag is rather attractive compared to other equivalent models!

Finally, note that there is also a “small” version and a version with two extensions, but the latter is more than twice as expensive.

Petsfit Expandable Carrier Features Summary

  • Expandable carry bag
  • 3 colours: black, grey/brown, grey/blue
  • Also available in a “small” version, and in a version with two extensions
  • Dimensions: 43 x 28 x 28 cm / 17 x 11 x 11 in
  • For pets up to 6 kg / 13 lbs
  • Weight: 1.1 kg / 2.42 lbs

Our Verdict on the Petsfit Expandable Carrier Bag

The Petsfit Expandable Carrier offers several exciting features that allow you to modulate it according to your preferences and those of your cat. All this for a fair price!

Our Score


  • Robustness
  • An extension for more space
  • Price quality


  • Pretty small

Why trust us‘s recommendations culminate weeks or months of research, analysis of consumer feedback and interviews with leading scientists and experts. Here, you’ll find that our recommended items, which are not the most expensive or most fashionable, perform their duties best every day, passing all safety, reliability, and efficiency tests to your satisfaction with a reasonable price-to-quality ratio.

Ultimately, the products we recommend to you are the ones we would want to buy and the ones we would also choose for our friends and family.

Things to know before buying a cat cage

Your cat’s temperament, species, and size are all considered when choosing a cat cage. Logically, not everyone will be conquered by the same products. To find the reference that suits you, it is essential to ask yourself a few simple questions. Here are the ones that seem essential to us.

What are the physical characteristics of your hairball?

Do you have a kitten, puppy or rabbit? Remember to check its weight and take measurements to ensure it is not too cramped.

What is your pet’s temperament?

Some animals are very calm and adapt well to a small space as long as they can observe the surroundings. Others, on the contrary, are dynamic, and it may be appropriate to choose a larger cage for them.

Why do you get a cat crate?

Do you want to transit your companion with you on air travel, or do you want to go for a walk with him and get him used to outings and nature? You will not necessarily buy the same type of cage in these two situations.

Our selection criteria for buying a cat cage

5 best cat cage in Canada

Have you set your expectations and take the time to think about what would make your pet most comfortable? It is now time to tackle the final choice of a cat cage. Our guide explains the key elements to identify on product datasheets if you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet.

The price

If you have a pet, you’re probably used to spending a lot of money on food and toys. Good news: cat cages are, for their part, relatively accessible.

There are very decent products for around $25.

Count all the same instead, 30 to 35$, to obtain a more solid model.

By investing between $45 and $50, you will be able to obtain, without incredible difficulty, references that are both robust and well thought out.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions are undoubtedly the most critical criterion. And this is for a straightforward reason: your pet needs to be able to fit into its carrying bag—no secret here: your only solution is to take action and go a little wide to prevent your pet from feeling too tight.

The weight is also fundamental. It is better to favour a light product; otherwise, you risk being tired quickly. It is even more true if a child carries his animal.

If you often travel by plane, do not forget to check that the dimensions correspond to what is allowed under the seats.

Maximum recommended and supported weights.

The maximum recommended weight is the one that the manufacturer advises you not to exceed.

The maximum weight supported is beyond which your cage may give way. You will understand: the higher the values, the better.

Be aware that very often, the maximum recommended or supported weight is not the same depending on whether you are transporting a cat or a dog.

These can be more muscular or have more strength, and cat crates are generally only suitable for puppies or small to medium-sized dogs.

Transporting other animals is often possible, but be careful. Rabbits, for example, may tend to nibble on certain items.

The cage style

There are two main styles of cages.

The rigid ones are less fashionable today; nevertheless, they retain the significant advantage of being solid and supporting greater weights. On the other hand, they are more cumbersome.

The flexible ones: are more and more widespread. They are more comfortable for some animals and easier to wear. Nevertheless, they bear less weight.

For car trips, rigid models are ideal.

If you want to walk around and walk with your furball in its cage, it is best to select a soft model.

The ease of wearing

To be easier to transport, the cages are typically equipped with:

  • With a handful.

Soft models also feature:

  • A strap, sometimes with protection for the shoulders.

And very frequently, side pockets are present. These allow you to place personal effects or toys and treats.

Backpack-sized cages are a good option if you are on the go very regularly.

Comfort items for your pet

For an animal to be comfortable, it must feel free, safe, and breathe correctly.

All cages have ventilation, and fabric ones usually have at least one mesh window. Holes are present in rigid models.

It also allows your kitten or puppy to look around.

Your companion usually benefits from a soft rug.

There are extendable models to offer more space.

Ease of maintenance

As you can imagine: when travelling with an animal, minor incidents can occur. Cleaning is then essential to prevent odours from becoming impregnated.

Typically, rugs can be washed with a cloth, and some are even machine washable.

Additional elements

Cat cages can be equipped with additional security elements.

For example, a front buckle for better support.

Some are also equipped with an integrated leash: your little companion is attached inside to avoid disasters if you ever forget to close the cage properly.


It may seem trivial, but choosing a fun cat cage is an excellent way to strengthen the interaction between a child and his animal. Manufacturers know how to be entirely original, and we see original models flourish, for example, in space capsule format.

It is not the main criterion, but it should not be ignored entirely. In addition, keep in mind that the same model is often available in multiple colours, so do not hesitate to select the one you prefer.

Feel free to chat with other pet owners on the web. They will be able to give you more specific advice and will be able to share their personal experiences with you. It’s an excellent way to find a product that suits your needs and the temperament of your puppy or kitten.