The 5 Best Changing Tables Of 2021

The 5 Best Changing Tables Of 2021

Changing Tables: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

The use of a changing table is essential when you have just had a baby. Before embarking on the search for the model that best meets your expectations, it makes more sense to compare all the products on the market, which is not often obvious due to the diversity of the offers. It is why we invite you to consult our buying guide. Before going into details, we would like to introduce the first two products to you briefly. The Delta Children plate has a large space to change and dress your child. The Ecr4Kids horizontal changing station is a foldable model that is very easy to store.

Purchase-Guide How To Choose A Good Table At Langer? 

The 5 Best Changing Tables Of 2021

Changing tables and changing mats are essential accessories for changing, dressing and caring for your baby. Therefore, it is important to choose the right model. Here is our buying guide for the best changing tables. 

The criteria to take into account before buying a changing table

You need to consider a few criteria before considering where to buy a new changing table.

 – The brand

The brand is one of the most important points to consider before choosing your changing table. The best is to base it on a comparison. Thus, you can also consult the opinions of customers on a particular brand. Also, opt for brands that offer a good guarantee. 

 – The height of the barrier

Also, make sure that there is a barrier on each side of the changing table. The height of the barrier must be high enough to ensure the safety of the child. A minimum height of 5 cm is required. 

 – The mattress

The choice of the mattress should not be made lightly since it is the accessory on which you will install your baby. Please make sure the material it is made with is hypoallergenic. Do not hesitate to check the comfort level to prevent your baby from having back pain afterwards. Also, I prefer changing mats with removable covers to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. 

 – The storage system

The number of storage units may vary depending on your needs. The main thing is that each compartment is easily accessible so that you can always keep an eye on your baby. If your financial capacity allows it, it is always preferable to take models with several storage spaces. You are free to choose between the drawers or the shelves. 

 – The load capacity

As each child can have their developmental rhythm, it is important to check the load that the changing table of your choice can support. According to the advice of professionals, the choice of a changing table should also be based on its use.

The different types of changing tables according to their use

The ordinary changing table stands out for its ease of transport. In general, it is equipped with casters to better move it from one room to another. Prefer models with storage systems to make your job easier. 

Changing tables that attach to the walls save space. It is better to opt for a wall-mounted changing table if you only have small spaces to set it up. This type of changing table is very discreet and incorporates a wall that acts as a changing table when lowered.  

The changing table has a larger size. It can be much bulkier, but it includes several storage spaces, making it a suitable model for large spaces. Although installing the changing table does not require professional intervention, it takes at least two people to complete it so that it does not take too long. This version displays a slightly higher price compared to other models. It is why it is more judicious to refer to the online price comparison to obtain a good quality-price ratio. 

The changing table with the bathtub is very practical. It is equipped with support allowing it to be fixed to the bathtub. The advantage of this model is that you can directly change your baby after the bath on the same table. Not only do you save more time, but there is less risk of the baby catching a cold. On the other hand, the changing tables adaptable in the bathtub are designed with plastic. The changing area is often smaller, which might bother some people who are used to having a lot of room to change their babies. 

The changing table is appreciated for its adjustable fixing system. It is then easier for you to install it in the family bathtub or on the little one’s bed as long as it has bars. A changing mat can replace the changing table as long as it is placed on a flat surface. 

The foldable changing table is also practical for small spaces. You need to fold it up to store it. If you plan to buy this version, you should check the strength of the locking system. If you follow the advice given above, you will know how to buy a changing table that is better value for money. 

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The 5 Best Changing Tables (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

When planning to buy a changing table for our child, it is imperative not to make the wrong choice. To help you better, here are the most coveted models currently. 

1. Delta Children Flatbed Changing Table on Casters

If you are wondering which is the best changing table or which changing table to choose, this Delta Children model might be the answer to your questions. It is a flat changing table that offers enough space to change or dress your baby. It is made of sturdy wood, which ensures long life.

It is guaranteed to contain neither lead nor toxic elements, thus meeting government and ASTM standards. It is equipped with a backrest that takes the shape of a bell. Its sleek design goes with any item. This version also has the advantage of having two shelves to store essential items for your child.

To ensure quality manufacturing, all of the brand’s changing tables have JPMA certification. In addition, their security systems are carefully checked before they are released on the market in Canada. 

  • Easy to move: With its four casters on the bottom, it’s easier for you to move this changing table from room to room knowing that it measures 38.25 ” x 18.5 ” x 40 ”.
  • Safe use: The manufacturer has included a mattress with a strap to prevent your baby from falling even if they move around a lot.
  • Slippery wheels: It seems that its wheels have a tendency to slip. You must therefore be careful because it could be dangerous.
  • Slow customer service: According to one user, you have to wait about 20 minutes before being put in touch with customer service.

2. Ecr4Kids Foldable horizontal baby changing station

To know how to choose the best changing tables for 2021, you need to check whether the model’s features in question meet your expectations. This ECR4Kids changing station is very interesting with its horizontal shape while being foldable.

As it is a wall-mounted changing station, it can easily be used in commercial restrooms, nurseries, etc. Very practical; it integrates two paper dispensers. On each side of this charging station, you can see a hook on which you can put accessories weighing up to 11.3 kg.

The advantage of this version is that the surface you have to put your baby on is very smooth and comfortable. In addition, you can use the integrated safety strap to protect your child. It is advisable to call in a qualified professional to install it.

  • Design: It stands out with its very modern design and its white granite color that fits easily into any style of baby’s room.
  • Compact: It is a cheap rectangular model suitable for small spaces or small apartments. You just need to fix it on a wall.
  • Resistant product: The high density polyethylene design makes it more resistant to bacteria and easier to maintain.
  • Screw not included: According to some people, the screws to assemble the station are not included in the delivery. Suddenly, once installed, you can no longer move it without the help of a professional.

3. Delta Children Baby Changing Table with Cushion

Stop trying to compare all the products in speciality stores. Delta Children, the best brand of changing tables, offers you this version that happens to be the most efficient.

Indeed, its changing mat has been specially designed to resist water. Unlike old changing tables, this one offers you the possibility of securing your baby thanks to an integrated strap. These two fixed shelves allow open storage. All you have to do is place all the items you need to take care of your bambino.

Being ranked in third place in our comparison, our model is characterized by its very elegant appearance. It can be used to optimize your interior decoration. In addition, its espresso cherry colour goes easily with most decor styles. 

  • Reinforced security: In addition to the safety strap, the changing area is surrounded by rails to better protect the child. There is less risk of it falling even if it tends to move too much. Moreover, this changing table meets established government safety standards.
  • Solid construction: It is made from a combination of solid wood and wood composite. Which promises years of use.
  • Big size: With its large size and robustness, this version can accompany you from the birth of your baby until at least 5 years old.
  • High weight: Although it is sturdy, its large size and weight do not make it easy to move if needed.

4. Agree Portable and foldable changing table with casters

At some point, parents are left with the question: where to buy the best changing table? According to most of them, this version proposed by Agree would be the best alternative to guarantee the child’s comfort.

The presence of 4 levels distinguishes it. It offers you a pleasant use to change diapers and clothes or do small massage sessions. Even better, you have the option to adjust them as you see fit.

Note that our model includes a folding MDF support, a seat belt and integrated fabric protection plates on the 4 sides of the table. Thanks to its quiet and lockable wheels, you can move it as you like. You won’t have a hard time pushing it, whether on rough ground or a plush carpet.

  • Quality materials: The manufacturer chose the Oxford fabric which is known to be soft to the touch. The frame has been made of stainless steel so you can use it in damp places like bathrooms. The anti-static coating provides better safety for your child.
  • Foldable model: The fact that it is foldable allows you to transport it easily and save space when storing it.
  • Difficult to fold: A user had to use a cord to keep it folded.

5. Helson Changing Table with Drawers South Shore Pin

By choosing this Helson changing table, you will be able to buy the cheapest model. Although it is offered at an affordable price, it has a lot of advantages. If you love the nautical style, you don’t have to search for the best changing table on the market with this one anymore. 

It acts as a storage unit with 3 large drawers that can contain the necessary accessories and all of your baby’s clothes at the same time. You can even add his toys to it.

With its unique design, it brings a touch of originality to your baby’s room. This changing table measures 49.53 x 81.92 x 103.51 cm with a weight of 41.3 kg.

The metal handles are very sturdy. They can last for years, even when in high demand. All Helson changing tables’ packaging goes through quality control and safety testing to ensure transportation upon delivery.

Also, all of the brand’s products follow American safety standards. Moreover, the product has a 5-year warranty. 

  • Easy installation: It is not necessary to get professional help to install it. Nevertheless, you must follow all the installation steps which are clearly indicated in the assembly guide. Given its weight, it is better to do the installation in pairs.
  • Secure changing surface: For added security, the edges on the surface are fixed thus allowing to keep the changing table mattress stationary.
  • Substantial weight: A user had to spend 2 hours for the installation due to the heavy table weight. Therefore, at least two people are needed for assembly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.