The 5 Best Freezers Of 2021

The 5 Best Freezers Of 2021


Best Freezers Of 2021: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

The freezer is essential if you need to cool food instantly or store it for a very long time. It differs from a simple refrigerator in that it doesn’t just keep food fresh. It freezes it. Given the different models of best freezers currently on the market, it is not easy to choose. The Danby DUFM085A4BSLDD Danby Upright Freezer in stainless steel is, for example, a lovely piece of equipment that combines both design and performance. The Frigidaire FFFC07M2UW 7.2 Cu Chest Freezer is also a quality product from one of the best manufacturers.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Freezer?

Buying a new freezer is not something to be taken lightly. Referring to a buying guide for the best freezers can only be a great idea. With the different tips that will be given to you in this article, from now on, you will know how to choose the best freezers for 2021.

The 5 Best Freezers (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

The type of cold

As with the refrigerator, there are several types of cold for the freezer. Static cold is a very traditional system that naturally distributes the cold. The cool air being heavier, it descends to make room for the warm, lighter air. This difference in weight thus creates zones of different temperatures.

Depending on the shelf life of the food, it will be stored more or less in height. As the lower part of the freezer will be colder, food that will need to be kept for a long time will be stored there. Foods that do not control for a long time will be placed higher.

The ventilated cold (No Frost) is based on a turbine circulating the cold air through ducts. These lead directly to the evaporator, where the air will be rid of excessive moisture. The circuit is entirely closed, and no outside air comes to help cool the inside of the freezer. The advantage of this device is that there is no formation of frost. However, this cooling system is only available on an upright freezer.

SmartFrost (for the upright freezer) and StopFrost (for the chest freezer) are the best compromises between ventilated cold and static cold. The evaporation ducts are located in the walls, and the latter is smoothed to slow down the formation of frost. SmartFrost and StopFrost reduce the appearance of ice by up to 80%. It makes the freezer easier to maintain, uses less energy and has more storage capacity.

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Several characteristics must be taken into account to assess whether the freezer is efficient or not: dimensions, capacity, freezing capacity and autonomy.

Size is the first thing you should consider before purchasing a freezer. Indeed, the larger it will be, the more capacity it will have, but the more cumbersome and the more energy it will consume. First and foremost, make sure you have enough space to store your freezer. The cabinet model takes up less space than a chest type device but takes up more height. If there is no space, you can always take a small freezer or even a mini freezer.

The capacity of the freezer is also to be considered. If you live alone, a device with a total of fewer than 150 litres will do. If your household accommodates two to three people, a volume of 150 to 250 litres will be more than enough. If you are more than four living together, it is better to take a freezer of more than 250 litres. If you need to freeze a lot of food, you will have to buy a chest model. It can have a capacity of more than 600 litres.

Freezing power is the time it takes for the freezer to cool a certain amount of food. It is expressed in kg / 24hand indicates the weight of food that the appliance can freeze in 24h, at a temperature of -18 ° C. For example, a 100-litre 4 * freezer has a freezing capacity of 6.5 kg / 24h. It means that the machine can freeze 6.5 kilograms of food in one day. Appliances with a high freezing capacity tend to consume a lot of energy. However, with technological advances in refrigeration, devices become more efficient while consuming less and less energy.

Energy consumption and sustainability

Cooling devices (air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers) usually use a lot of energy. Since the adoption of new energy standards for household appliances, this type of equipment has become less energy-intensive. Newer devices only consume a few watts, and while they cost more to buy, they are cheaper in the long run. In addition, since your freezer will be permanently plugged in, you have every interest in it not consuming too much electricity.    

Sustainability is also a fundamental purchasing criterion. In the face of planned obsolescence, household appliances wear out much more quickly than in the past. Since acquiring a freezer is a relatively significant investment, it is always best to inquire about the durability and warranty on the product before purchasing. It is because you wouldn’t want your freezer to break down after just a while.

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The 5 Best Freezers Reviews & Tests of 2021

Currently, there are many models of freezers for sale in the Canadian market. Faced with so many offers, we often wonder how to buy a freezer with better value for money. Here we are going to present to you 5 models that have convinced us and which are most often among the favourites of users

1. Danby DUFM085A4BSLDD Danby Stainless Steel Upright Freezer

The Danby DUFM085A4BSLDD is a standing freezer with a capacity of 8.5 cu. ft. (approximately 240 liters). Despite its large capacity, it takes up very little space, and you can easily find a place for it in your kitchen.

The interior of the freezer is divided into three levels so that you can store all kinds of food. The interior side of the door also has four storage compartments that can accommodate smaller items.

The Danby freezer has a mechanical thermostat, so you can more easily adjust the temperature. The stainless steel door gives a very modern touch, and the fact that it is slightly rounded makes the freezer very stylish. 

If you are wondering where to buy a new freezer, why not look at this seller? Indeed, this device has a warranty that spans five years. It is rare to find a guarantee of such a long duration on this kind of item.

  • Big capacity: The Danby DUFM085A4BSLDD can easily accommodate all kinds of food. With its large capacity, you can easily store a large amount of items.
  • Sustainable: The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on this product, which is quite rare on kitchen appliances. It is for this reason that this article is often qualified as the best freezer of the moment.
  • The weight: The Dandy freezer nearly 55 kg, and it will take several people to install and move it.

2. Frigidaire FFFC07M2UW 7.2 Cu Chest Freezer

Frigidaire can be considered the benchmark in the field of refrigeration appliances. This manufacturer has been in this business for several years now, and many people think it is the best brand of freezers ever.

The Frigidaire FFFC07M2UW freezer is a very nice appliance. The temperature can be adjusted with a simple button located on the front, bottom right. You can adjust the freezing strength without having to open the freezer.

A light indicator located in the same location tells you when the machine is plugged in and running. Removable storage baskets make it easier to store food to be frozen.

The FFFC07M2UW has a capacity of 7.2 Cu, which is large enough for you to store a large amount of food. The freezer weighs only 35.8 kg, and two people are enough to carry it. If you are wondering where to buy the best freezer, you should look at this manufacturer.

  • Easy to use: The adjustment knob on the exterior panel makes it much easier to adjust the temperature of the freezer.
  • Light: Despite its large capacity, the FFFC07M2UW weighs only 35.8 kg.
  • The colour: White is a color that gets dirty very easily. White freezers and refrigerators often end up turning yellow after a few years.
  • Bulky: The FFFC07M2UW is a chest freezer, and thus takes up more space than a vertical model.

3. Marathon mcf71 W chest Freezer 7.0 foot oxide

If you are currently wondering which is the best freezer on the market, this offer may be of interest to you. The product shown to you here is a chest freezer with a capacity of 198 liters. Even though this is smaller compared to that of many freezers on the market, it can still store a large number of foodstuffs.

The mcf71 W is an ecological freezer. It is equipped with an R600 refrigerant, which makes it both efficient and economical. This freezer is even Energy Star certified. It can be defrosted manually or by draining, and this operation will only require you some time.

This item comes with two storage baskets, so you don’t have to put all the food in the bottom of the freezer. The mcf71 W has several handles (on the front and the sides) to make it open.

  • Economic: The mcf71 W consumes little power, but still performs very well.
  • Good value for money: This freezer is given at a very good price considering the possibilities it can offer. It really is cheap.
  • Not very aesthetic: The Marathon mcf71 W is a far too classic freezer. It does not show any originality.

4. Koolatron Ktcf99 3.5 Cu.Ft.

The freezer is a very practical device that allows you to store food for a very long time. However, it is generally bulky and takes up a lot of space.

Fortunately, small freezers are just as convenient but don’t take up as much space. If you are running out of space but are wondering which freezer to choose, this product will surely interest you.

The Ktcf99 is a small freezer with a capacity of 99 liters. It is very light, and two people can carry it without difficulty. The freezer is 55.9 x 61 x 83.6 cm, and it takes up very little space. If you have a small kitchen or full of all kinds of things, this small freezer will be well suited.

The advantage of the Ktcf99 is that it does not consume as much electricity as a normal freezer. But with its 125 W of power, it is still very powerful. You can make a comparison with other models; this one is very advantageous.

  • Compact: At 55.9 x 61 x 83.6 cm in dimensions, it takes up very little space and will easily find a place to stay in your kitchen.
  • Affordable: The Ktcf99 is given at a very good price. You can compare with other freezers on the market, this one is much more affordable.
  • Low capacity: You will quickly have to fill the 99 liters if you shop often.
  • Low freezing power: It takes a while for the Ktcf99 to successfully freeze something.

5. Magic Chef Upright Freezer 3 CU FT

The 3 CU FT upright freezer is a very nice device. Many users qualify this model as the best in its class. It is a mini freezer with a capacity of about 40 liters, with dimensions of 55.9 x 51.6 x 81.5 cm.

This tiny freezer takes up very little space, and you’ll have no trouble figuring out where to place it. Despite its small size, this device is very efficient. It only takes a short time to freeze the food fully. Even in a power failure, it can keep the cold for long enough so as not to spoil the food.

The 3 CU FT Upright Freezer is a very good deal. If you look at a price comparison tool, you will soon find that this article is very good value for money. In addition, because it is small,

  • Keeps the cold well: The interior of the 3 CU FT upright freezer is very well insulated. Even in the event of a power cut, the cold is always well preserved.
  • Takes very little space: This mini freezer will easily find its place because it is so compact.
  • Too small: The 3 CU FT upright freezer has too low a capacity. The 40 liters fill up in no time.
  • Too simple: The biggest flaw of the 3 CU FT upright freezer is undoubtedly its too classic and too minimalist design. The manufacturer could have made the effort to add more originality.

this freezer consumes very little energy.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to thaw a freezer? What methods to get there quickly?

If you want to defrost your freezer quickly, the following tips will be very useful to you.

Start by removing all the food in it and putting it in a fridge or cooler. Then unplug the freezer. Normally, it would help if you waited until all the frost inside the freezer had melted before you started cleaning. But if you are in a hurry, you can help yourself with a hairdryer. Pass the hot breath on the walls inside the freezer to loosen the ice quickly. Then throw away the pieces of ice that have fallen into the sink.

The whole operation will only take you 5 minutes, thanks to the hairdryer. And once the freezer is fully cleaned, you can put food back in.

Q2: How do I clean my freezer?

Cleaning your freezer is a task that you will need to undertake on a fairly regular basis. It is an operation that could extend the life of your device.

Before starting to clean, you must first have defrosted your freezer, and the cleaning is done from the inside. Moisten a sponge with clean water and pour a little white vinegar on it. This product will eliminate any bad odors that may have formed. Then scrub all the walls of the freezer as well as the compartments or drawers. Finally, rinse with clean water, always with a sponge. If bad odors persist, add a little lemon juice to the water before rinsing.

Q3: How long does a freezer take to freeze?

It will mainly depend on the freezer model because it will take into account the freezing power of the latter. In general, we refer to the number of stars it has. Knowing that one star is equivalent to -6 ° C, a freezer with four stars can go down to 24 ° C and freeze food more quickly. An appliance with a star cannot be used to freeze food, and therefore will not be suitable for storing frozen products.

The speed of freezing also depends on the amount of food to be frozen. The more stars the appliance has, the less time it will take to freeze a certain amount of food. The freezing capacity is expressed in kg / 24hand corresponds to the number of foodstuffs that the freezer can freeze in 24 hours.

Q4: When storing in the freezer, for how long should the food be kept?

Fruits and vegetables can be stored for about a year.

Uncooked poultry meat, pork, lamb, or beef: 6 to 8 months.

Minced meat can only be kept for 2 to 3 months.

Fish fillet and shellfish can last four months.

Cooked and stewed dishes (such as soup): 3 to 4 months.

Bread and baguettes should not be stored in the freezer for more than a month.

Cake dough, pancake dough, and pastries: 2 months

Grated cheese and butter can last three months in the freezer.

Q5: How do I store herbs and strawberries in the freezer?

The best way to keep herbs and strawberries in the freezer is to make ice cubes.

Finely chop the herbs and strawberries. Fill the cubes with the finely chopped food. Cover with water and place in the freezer. When the ice is set, unmold the ice cubes and place them in freezer bags.

If you don’t feel like going through all the trouble, place the food in freezer bags before putting it in the freezer.

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