The 5 Best Gifts For Men Of 2021

The 5 Best Gifts For Men Of 2021

 Gifts for Men: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

Finding a gift for a child or a woman is much easier than looking for an original one for men. To prevent you from spending your money on an item that is not suitable for its needs, we suggest that you refer to our ranking. The first model we offer is the Kemstood whiskey decanter, characterized by a particular design marked by a vintage car holder, thus offering a decorative appearance. The second present you can give is Tavato Premium, a set of silky ties handcrafted and packaged in an elegant gift box. 

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Gift Voucher For Men?

To help you choose a good Christmas gift for men or any other occasion, we have found it necessary to give you some advice through this buying guide for the best gifts for men. 

Do men like surprises?

It is mainly women who like to be surprised by gifts. They are sensitive to the intention and effort made to buy their present. In contrast, the majority of men focus more on the practical aspect of the gift. It is better than the latter can be used in their professional and personal life. If you want to give a surprise gift to a man, you should focus on his real needs instead of wasting your time preparing a surprise for him. Still, if you can manage to organize a surprise, it is even better, but you have to spend a lot of your effort thinking about the nature of the gift itself. 

How to know your man’s needs

Although men are not as spendthrift as women, they must have interests such as playing sports, playing video games, drinking whiskey or other alcoholic beverages, etc. 

Take the time to observe what he usually does before looking for a place to buy a new gift for men. For example, if he likes video games, the idea is to find objects related to them, such as derivative products, accessories, etc. If your man prefers sports, you may want to orient yourself towards equipment like athletic shoes, sportswear, knee pads, ankle pads, etc.

It brings us to talking about the choice of gift for men according to a few criteria. 

Sports-related gifts

Rare are the men who do not like the gifts which are related to their sporting activities. As it was said before, you choose between running jackets, shoes, wetsuits, etc. If you can spare a significant enough budget, you can opt for sports equipment like an abdominal belt, weight training equipment, an exercise bike, a treadmill, a rowing machine, and many more. Some people prefer to exercise in a group. In this case, choose the games of pétanque balls, footballs or basketballs, etc. 

Gifts related to care and well-being

Of all the care and wellness products, shaving products and perfumes are still the most coveted. Very trendy, they are very popular with the majority of men regardless of their age. Plus, these are perfect gift ideas suitable for any occasion like birthdays, job promotions, etc. 

To note that currently, men love more care of their appearance by putting on such perfume as soon as they leave the house. Whether it is to go to work, to a business dinner, reception, romantic outing, or outing with friends or family,beauty accessories have become essential. 

As for beards, they are more attracted to shaving or beard grooming kits. A shaving kit usually includes a razor, a beard comb, a beard brush, etc. In addition, it is more economical to buy the whole set at one time. 

Also, the market is currently inundated with a multitude of perfumes. Between entry-level models, through mid-grade models to premium versions, you are spoiled for choice. You are free to choose the one that best suits your financial capacity. The choice of scent, however, depends on the age and tastes of the person, ranging from fresh bouquets to woody fragrances. 

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Gifts related to DIY and gardening activities

Gardening and DIY tools are suitable for fathers of families, especially those who are fond of these activities. It is a gift idea for men aged 30 and over. You don’t have to pay a fortune for these kinds of gifts. Indeed, many specialized stores and online sales sites offer gardening, carpentry, or plumbing machines suitable for amateurs at affordable prices.

Gifts for Men: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

Fashion-related gifts 

Fashionable items and accessories have always been and still are famous men’s party gift ideas. You are free to choose between a wallet, a bag, a suitcase, a lighter for smokers, or why not a laptop if you have the means. 

The 5 Best Gifts for Men in Canada (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Indeed, buying a gift for a man is not an easy task without being impossible. It is why we have selected for you the five best gifts for men of 2021 in Canada. 

1. Kemstood Whiskey decanter set with crystal glass

If you want to know where to buy the best gift for men, turn to this article. The Kemstood whiskey decanter set is the ideal device to bring out the aroma of the whiskey and give it a better taste.

It comes with crystal glasses for the happiness of whiskey lovers. In addition to the drinks, the set includes a whiskey decanter with a stopper, an antique wooden base with a glass holder, etc. The vintage car holder is made of wood. The carafe can be used for alcohol, scotch, wine, brandy, bourbon, rum, gin, liqueur, or even juice. 

It is a gift idea for men for a birthday, whether for your husband, father, brother, friend, or boss. Buying this whiskey decanter set is cheaper than purchasing all the accessories separately. 

  • Decorative: This beautiful party gift idea for men features a very elegant and vintage design with an old model car holder. This gift helps to embellish the decoration of the living room or cellar. Why not the bedroom?
  • Quality materials: The materials used for its design are of very good quality. The glasses and the carafe which have been made by professional craftsmen are guaranteed lead-free.
  • Decanter and fragile glasses: Although they are of good quality, they should be avoided because they are made of glass.

2. Tavato Premium Men’s Gift Set

How to choose the best gifts for men of 2021? Let yourself be tempted by this set from the Tavato brand. The pack includes three necklaces that are 152.4cm long and 8cm wide. In addition, seven pocket squares measure 22.4 x 21.8 cm, four tie clips, and four cufflinks.

There is something to enhance your look. As this is an inexpensive yet perfectly designed set, you no longer risk wondering how to buy a better value men’s gift with this one.

It is also one of the reasons why it is located in second place in our comparison. Please be aware that this item was handcrafted. Plus, it comes in a luxurious gift box. 

  • Suitable for different occasions: This gift set for men aged 20 and over is suitable for birthday, wedding, graduation, job promotion, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Robust construction: The set of 3 ties are made of high quality polyester ensuring a correct fit. It is a material that also brings out the originality of the bright colors of each tie.
  • Durable finish: The seams are strong enough to withstand washing. It is the same for the colors. They remain intact even after several uses.
  • Inexpensive Product: A user complained that the cufflinks are of average quality. On the other hand, the ties and the square pocket are pretty.

3. Guanke Men’s wooden watches with engraving

If you want to know the best gift for men on the market, know that watches are very trendy, especially those designed in wood like this model from Guanke. This best brand of gifts for men is renowned for the quality of its products. At first glance, one cannot help but notice its design marked by wood.

This watch fits very well, whether it is an anniversary, wedding, Father’s Day, or many more. Not only is it 100% natural wood that is hypoallergenic, but it is also environmentally friendly. Moreover, Guankee’s accessories are very popular as a Valentine’s Day gift for men. Our model works using a Japanese quartz system.

To ensure customer satisfaction, each product undergoes a careful inspection before being offered on the market in Canada. This round-shaped version has a bandwidth of 0.9 inches. For your convenience, the manufacturer has included a specific battery in the delivery. 

  • Customizable: Each model is customizable since you can engrave a few words on the back such as “to my boyfriend”, “To my husband”, etc.
  • Suitable for any situation: This watch can be worn on any occasion namely in the office, at a party, in the evening, etc.
  • Resistance: For now, no negative comments have been mentioned in relation to this watch. Whether it can last over time remains to be proven.

4. Uncle Viner Electric corkscrew with charger

Despite all your research, you no longer know which gift for men to choose? The best way to find the best-performing present is to use an online price comparison. Otherwise, we recommend this electric corkscrew from Uncle Viner.

The manufacturer has integrated the essential accessories into the kit, namely 4 AA (NiMh) batteries, a rechargeable corkscrew, a wine stopper, a foil cutter, a pouring spout, etc. You no longer have to buy the charger separately by opting for this model, which is very convenient. Do not hesitate to offer it as a gift to your man, whether it is for his birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.

The authenticity of all Uncle Viner brand products is guaranteed, mainly since Kan Trade Company exclusively sells them. Even though it works with a powerful motor, it is not likely to make an unpleasant noise. 

  • Compatibility: Note that this corkscrew can open up to 80 bottles knowing that a user manual is delivered with it.
  • Reliable product: The materials with which it was made are food grade.
  • Battery not powerful enough: According to one user, the device could only open two caps when fully charged.
  • Box quality: A person received the item in a defective box when he was going to give it as a birthday present to someone. On the other hand, the corkscrew remained intact with all the other accessories.

5. Ceenwes Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Don’t hesitate to invest in this Ceenwes beard grooming kit if you want to give someone the best gift for men. Stop wasting your time comparing all the beard grooming kits on the market. It is a complete set including all the products and accessories needed for beard maintenance.

We can cite, among others, the balm or the wax (30 g), the scissors, the oil (30 ml), the comb, the wash (30 ml), the brush, etc. The active agents of the serum act in-depth in the hair follicles, supplying them with the vitamins (in particular vitamin E) and the nutrients essential for the growth of the beard. They also keep the beard healthy and shiny. The brush is made from 100% natural wild boar bristles. It allows a uniform distribution of products.

As for the comb, it is made of wood, allowing the hair to remain smooth at all times. Finally, the stainless steel scissors are extra sharp, which will enable you to shape the beard more precisely. 

  • Contains beard serum: This kit which is the ideal birthday gift for men is distinguished by the presence of the serum (30 ml) promoting the growth of the beard thanks to its natural herbal ingredients.
  • Pleasant scent: All the products give off a sweet and pleasant scent thanks to the natural oils of jojoba and aloe.
  • Side effects: One user felt a little itchy rash and saw no change in the appearance of his beard.