The 5 Best Leaf Blowers Of 2021

The 5 Best Leaf Blowers Of 2021

Leaf Blowers: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

The leaves fall like snow in the autumn.They fill gardens and vegetable gardens. They paint them in a warm, golden hue. It’s beautiful, but it’s bulky. When they accumulate and flood your green space, you will have material to dislodge them. All you need to do is use a best leaf blowers. This dedicated device will help you solve this problem quickly. In Canadian stores, different brands offer them.

To find out which one to choose, use our guide, including type, weight, ergonomics, and functions as the purchasing criteria. It will also be interesting to consult our selection of the best models, including Dewalt 20V Brushless Blower and Poulan Pro PR48BT 48cc Backpack Blower. The first stands out for its brushed economic motor and easy starting. The second is distinguished by its powerful 48 cc engine and backpack blower configuration.

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Good Blower At Leaves?

Buying Guide

How to buy a better value leaf blower? How do we know that we’re making the correct choice? There’s no guarantee that one model will win out over another. That said, you can pick the one that’s right for your needs taking into account type, weight, and ergonomics, as well as features—criteria presented in the guide below.

The type of blower

To rid your garden of all forms of dirt, the best leaf blower deploys all of its power through a flow of air. The use of your blower vacuum cleaner will depend on the operating mode of the latter. There are three types of models that are being compared:

 – the classic blower: generates an airflow that pushes the leaves to collect them in one or more piles. For the best result, you should direct the maneuver yourself. This model is easy to find.

 – the blower vacuum cleaner: dispenses with the step of collecting the leaves since the machine sucks them to send them directly into a bag (provided for this purpose). It is more efficient than the traditional blower. Just aim the nozzle at the leaves to make them disappear. In addition, it is still possible to switch from blower mode to vacuum mode at the touch of a button.

 Model reserved for large plants.- the shredder vacuum cleaner: sucks up and crushes the leaves. It reduces the volume of leaves up to 16 times to avoid rapid filling of the bag.

The most maneuverable leaf blower models offer a carrying system. The latter can be attached to the back of the device using a harness (this prevents you from getting tired quickly). It can also be of the portable type (equipped with a strap to be carried on the shoulder), thus avoiding that the arm does not entirely support all the device’s weight. It could also be put on the tube that blows air which will give you more ease in cleaning.

Weight and ergonomics 

In this buying guide for the best leaf blowers, we measure the device’s practicality by its ergonomics. For a blower vacuum, you must consider the presence of handles, the length of the tube, and the bag’s capacity. One handle may be sufficient for a strap or harness model. A portable model, on the other hand, requires two.

The handles on your leaf blower should help provide a firm grip on the device. And for you to maintain a comfortable position when cleaning, they need to be soft to the touch.

The vacuum tube should also be long enough. You can buy a box, the size of which can be adjusted. The capacity of the bag should also be considered (go for a large bag). At the same time, check whether or not the device has a quick and straightforward emptying system for the bag. To facilitate emptying, the bags are generally equipped with a zipper.

The various functionalities 

How to Choose

Leaf blowers come with various features for even more convenience. Thermal models, for example, to facilitate their start-up, can have a priming pump, a force reducer on the launcher, or an automatic/electronic starter.

Other models of leaf blowers are combined with accessories for specific cleaning. To concentrate the vacuum cleaner’s power on certain parts that are difficult to access, for example, there are nozzles (can be round or flat).

The variable speed drive is also available on newer models. It offers you the possibility to adjust the power of your leaf blower according to the type of debris for more suitable cleaning. For example, you can reduce the suction power to prevent chippings or pebbles from infiltrating the grinder and thus damaging the device.

The anti-vibration system remains just as practical since it prevents sudden numbness of the arms. Note that the cheapest of the models is often poorly provided in functionality. The more sophisticated are generally more expensive.

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The 5 Best Leaf Blowers (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Which leaf blower to choose for a small or large garden? What are the bases for your choice? How do you recognize which one is right for you? You have to compare the models according to a few characteristics. You can also rely on our ranking of the best models of 2021.

1. Dewalt 20V Brushless Blower

You are wondering where to buy the best leaf blower? Instead of asking yourself this question, you should rather ask yourself how to recognize a good model. To help you find out, we offer you the top one of our selection: Dewalt 20 V brushless blower.

Easy to use, this professional cordless Dewalt blower is equipped with a variable control trigger coupled to a speed lock. It is a very efficient model with an axial fan.

Its airflow is of the order of 400 cfm. Its speed can peak up to 90 mph (144 km / h). It features a 20 V Max 5 Ah XR Lithium-ion battery offering 15 minutes of autonomy at maximum power. 

This accumulator is protected with a base molded by blow molding. Its brushless motor is quiet (61 dB). At the level of the grip, its handle with overmolding offers a comfortable grip. It has an ergonomic size and position.

  • Easy to start:You won’t have to pull a rope over and over again to start this device. Just squeeze a trigger to launch it.
  • XR brushless motor:This engine allows this model from the best brand of leaf blowers to operate without heat build-up. It offers a longer operating time.
  • Convenient controls:With its cruise control paired with a lock, you can use this blower without having to constantly press the trigger.
  • Short battery life:With its 15 minutes of autonomy at maximum power, this model does not give enough leeway to clean large spaces.

2. Poulan Pro PR48BT 48cc Backpack Blower

Price comparison, buying guide, our store: There are many ways you can get advice on purchasing a leaf blower. For our part, we offer you our ranking of the best models on the market in Canada to inspire you. In our selection, find Poulan Pro PR48BT.

This backpack blower operates under a 48 cc 2-stroke engine. This design allows it to deliver a speed of 200 mph and an air volume flow rate of 475 CFM.

To allow precision work, this device incorporates a speed regulator with variable speed control. It will enable you to vary the flow power and better move even the most stubborn leaves and debris. 

This model is used with a fuel tank equipped with an anti-loss valve. Its design has a sturdy and durable frame, a flexible grip handle, a padded harness, and sizeable modular shoulder straps.

  • Powerful motor:The 48 cc displacement of its engine allows this blower to offer a powerful air flow of 475 CFM. Also, this allows it to spin at speeds of up to 200 mph. It is able to lift leaves, snow and various vegetation debris.
  • Low-fatigue back blower:This design is less tiring than the hand models. This is all the better considering that the device is quite heavy. However, the weight is well distributed.
  • Inconvenient configuration:The primer ball behind the fuel pipes is improperly placed. The fuel storage is too large and can get in the way.

3. Husqvarna 125B leaf blower

What is the best leaf blower on the market? How to recognize a good deal? If you want to get a cheap and capable model, go for Husqvarna 125B.

This Husqvarna blower has a high cleaning performance. Its air volume is around 425 cfm, and its speed can reach 170 mph. Also, it incorporates an accelerator offering various speed steps coupled with a speed regulator.

For more ergonomic use, its tube can be shortened or lengthened as desired for more personalized service. And this tube aligns with the handle for the minimum of rotation around the wrist. 

Pleasant to use, this gas appliance is equipped with a stop button that automatically returns to the ON position. It makes it easier to restart. In addition, its controls are easy to reach and use.

  • Light:This hand blower can be handled with ease, as it is lightweight and flexible.
  • Powerful:This blower machine is powerful enough to lift leaves, even when wet.
  • Binding start:The ball should be pumped incessantly until the gas reaches it completely. The gas must then fill the float bowl of the carburetor and then reach the cylinder. It is after that we pull on the starter cord to bring the fuel to the compression chamber.
  • Not very convenient for a left-handed person:The design of this blower is originally made for a right-handed person. When you hold it with your left hand, it can suck your clothes.

4. Black + Decker LSW221 Cordless Lithium Sweeper

How to choose the best leaf blowers for 2021? Has the market evolved to offer more efficient models? To find out, you have to compare and prospect. If you need a few leads, know that BLACK + DECKER LSW221 20V MAX is a reference to take.

This 20V MAX sweeper rids your hard surfaces of dead leaves and large deposits of debris. She does with ease. It can quickly clean your paths, your entrances, your terraces, your lawn, etc. This ventilation device operates at a speed of 130 mph for this purpose. Pleasant to use, it is very compact. 

It operates on the energy supplied by a robust 20 V Max 1.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery. In use, it purrs weakly. It can last up to 18 months.

Also, it is easy to handle and manage due to its lightness and its wireless dimension. Upon purchase, this sweeper comes with a charger and a blower.

  • Perfect for hard surfaces:This cordless sweeper has the power to move any debris from hard surfaces (driveways, sidewalks, decks, etc.). It is even capable of clearing thin layers of snow.
  • Lightweight and compact:This blowing device is easy to operate by hand. He is light. Also, its uncomplicated design makes it easy to disassemble and store in its box
  • Incompatible with a grassy surface:This sweeper is exclusively made for hard surfaces. It is not very effective in cleaning grassy areas.
  • Short autonomy:The Lithium battery of this garden machine is certainly durable. However, a charge can only last for about twenty minutes.

5. Worx WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

Where to buy a new leaf blower when you want to trade in your suitable old thermal appliance for an electric model? If you need advice, WORX WG520 Turbine 600 should be of interest to you.

This dead leaf blower incorporates TURBINE ventilation technology. It delivers a powerful and generous airflow of 600 CFM. Compared to gas blowers, this is the most efficient since it is twice as fast with its peak speed of 115 mph. This gardening machine is blessed with a dynamic air circuit and a powerful hyper-Stream nozzle. 

For more adaptability, it has been fitted with variable speed control. At 6.4 pounds, you can efficiently operate it with one hand as it is lightweight. It is an ergonomic and inexpensive device.

It has a system for maintaining the power supply wire for blowing operations with complete peace of mind. A guarantee of its quality, this blower model comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • Light:Its minimal weight makes this Worx leaf blower easy to use. You can run it with one hand.
  • Fast:Thanks to the dynamism of its air flow, its light blades and the technology of its nozzle, this electric blower is able to deliver a high blowing speed. So you can get rid of your leaf beds in record time and with a clean result.
  • Difficult to control on high power:This device has the advantage of being fast and powerful except that when you set it to high performance, it becomes difficult to control.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: Why collect the leaves in the fall?

When the time comes for the leaves in your garden to turn yellow, you will need to collect the ones that fall to the ground. There are multiple reasons. When the layer of leaves littering the soil becomes too thick, it suffocates the underlying vegetation (lawn, grass, etc.) and deprives it of air and light. 

Also, it makes the floor slippery. On the side of the aisles, a collection of leaves can form humus and promote the growth of plants, fungi, and moss between the gravel. Finally, a pile of organic waste is just unsightly. Another reason, and not the least, is that collecting the leaves allows them to be reused for ecological purposes.

Q2: How to use a leaf blower?

Proper use of a Stihl or other brand blower requires some precautions. You have to :

 – check the intensity and orientation of the breath

 – avoid directing the nozzle and blowing debris towards pets, houses, cars, and above all, people

 – operate gently: go slowly and constantly monitor the blowing direction

 – avoid using the device indoors or in poorly ventilated areas

 – work on the ground and never at height or on unstable surfaces

 – learn to direct the airflow to pile up the leaves

 – put on glasses

 – fill up with fuel (mixture of gasoline and engine oil 2%) if you are using a thermal model

 – use the fuel mix of a leaf blower within a maximum of 3 months

 – wear hearing protection if using a thermal blower.

Regarding the operation itself, a leaf blower is used as follows:

 – Place it on a flat and stable surface, with the engine off, and grasp it at arm’s length.

 – Lock the starter lever on cold or hot start depending on the engine temperature.

 – Start the fuel pump at least 5 times to reduce the number of pulls of the rope when starting.

 – Gently pull the starter rope to the first point of compression.

 – Quickly pull the cord up to start the engine.

 – Press the gas control for a few seconds to return the lever to position “I.”

 – Consequently, the engine slows down. If it stops, you must press the throttle and pull the starter.

 – Press the throttle trigger to vary the airflow and lock this trigger with the adjustment lever to maintain a speed.

 – Set the adjustment lever to STOP to turn off the blower. 

Q3: Where to put the leaves collected in autumn?

Here are some options for getting rid of fall leaves:

 – Use it as mulch for your roses, flower beds, and perennials. To do this, mulch the leaves finely at the foot of the plants to a specific thickness (10 cm maximum) and flat. Avoid covering the crown of plants. Use pest-free and disease-free dead leaves as a mulch for your vegetable patch. It will keep your plants warm for the winter.

 – Put them in plastic bags with holes to have a natural mulch to use in the spring.

 – Put them in your composter or pile them up and roast them in your garden. It will allow you to have natural compost. Stiff leaves must first pass through the shredder before being composted.

 – Place your leaves in communal composting bins, in bins marked “V” or in brown bags.

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