The 5 Best Mailboxes Of 2021

The 5 Best Mailboxes Of 2021

Best Mailboxes: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

Currently, the use of letterboxes is still essential despite the development of modern means of communication. It is a piece of equipment that has several functions, including keeping your packages and mail safe. Discover in our ranking the best models on the market for 2021. To give you a taste, there is, for example, the Step2 545200, which is both spacious and robust. It is for this reason that it is at the first place of our ranking. As for the Umbra Postino, it is a wall model that is very easy to install. It stands out for its original design. 

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Mailbox? 

One of the best ways to find a good mailbox is to use a price comparison engine. But before buying one, it is important to consider a few criteria. That’s what we’ll show you in this buying guide for the best mailboxes. 

The usefulness of a letterbox

Previously, mailboxes were only used to receive letters, as the name suggests. Over time, they also served as a means to send packages regardless of their size. Moreover, there are currently different kinds of mailboxes, each of which has its format. The larger the mailbox, the more it can collect packages of a large size.

The recently released models are specially designed to keep your packages, mail, and letters safe. They incorporate more modern locking mechanisms. Having a mailbox at home saves time and money since you no longer have to travel to collect your mail or parcels. 

The different possibilities of installing a mailbox

Previously, letterboxes were sealed or fixed to the floor. Over time, other installation systems have been developed. There are letterboxes hung on wire mesh, fences, etc. Some models are to be fixed on a post or a wall using dowels. Others can be embedded in a wall or a post. 

The criteria to be taken into account

Before looking for where to buy a new mailbox, you should first study some criteria. 

 – The capacity

If any of you use the same mailbox, you need a model with a large capacity. For a standing model, the average capacity suitable for two people is 5 to 10 litres. There are larger versions with a volume of 20 to 30 litres for families with more members. As for letterboxes suitable for businesses, the capacity must be over 100 litres on average. 

 – The materials

The materials should be sturdy enough to withstand wind and weather. Stainless steel models are the most common since they do not scratch easily. In addition, they are not subject to corrosion. People who prefer old mailboxes will choose those that are made of cast iron. Steel materials are cheaper, but they can rust quickly unless they are galvanized. Plastic is a good material, but it can be expensive. 

 – The security system

A letterbox should be equipped with good locks, especially when located a little further from the front door. 

 – The plaque

The materials with which the letterbox plates are made can be aluminium, brass, PVC, plexiglass and stainless steel. Aluminium is appreciated for its elegance. It is a material that is both light and refined. Brass gives a more vintage look to your mailbox. PVC is more expensive, but it is very resistant. Plexiglas has a similar appearance to the glass.

On the other hand, it is more flexible and more aesthetic. It explains its slightly high price. Finally, stainless steel is more suitable for outdoor use since it is more refined and more resistant. 

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 – Fixation

The plate fixing system should also be studied before buying a letterbox. To do this, you choose between the adhesive plate, the slide plate and the screw plate. The adhesive plate sticks directly to the letterbox like a sticker. The sliding plate fits into the slot provided on the letterbox. The screw plate has holes for fixing the mailbox with screws. 

– Design

The choice of design depends mainly on your preferences. However, care must be taken to ensure that the style is suited to your home, especially if it is a model for indoor use. Letterbox manufacturers offer various designs, the most popular of which are the rustic style embodying elegance and finesse. Some prefer to go for the classic style, turning to a rural letterbox. Recently, there have been models imitating American styles on the market. Very trendy, they bring a touch of modernity. 

The 5 Best Postboxes (Reviews and Tests) of 2021

Having a mailbox is still the rule even after the arrival of emails and messaging services. Find the one that best suits your needs based on our buying guide. 

1. Step2 545200 MailMaster Plus Mailbox

Instead of wondering where to buy the best mailbox or comparing all the models in the stores, we offer you the Step 2 brand. The 545200 doubles as a newspaper rack.

Our letterbox is easily installed on a 10 x 10 cm post. You can use it to keep papers clean and dry. Note that it comes with mounting hardware and a pole cover. Besides, for the assembly, you do not need to be a professional to do it. In addition, she weighs around 16 pounds.

However, you have to buy the post separately. As for its construction material, it is made of sturdy polyester (moulded plastic). Allowing it to withstand time and vandalism while knowing that it was produced with the É United States.

As one of the products designed by the best letterbox brand, this model is undoubtedly the most efficient in our comparison. 

  • Easy access: This letterbox is very practical since it offers access to the interior compartments both at the front and at the back.
  • Guaranteed security: To keep your mail safe, it has been fitted with a magnetic closure to keep the doors properly closed.
  • Spacious: We have arranged for the newspaper compartment to be separate to save a little more space.
  • Internal capacity too small: It seems that the interior space is not large enough to hold a 9 x 12 cm envelope. So, you can’t put papers there unless you fold them. Which is not practical sometimes.

2. Umbra Postino Stainless steel wall mount mailbox

What is the best mailbox on the market? Look no further; this version from the Umbra Postino brand will not disappoint. According to the advice of the majority of manufacturers, wall mounted mailboxes are easier to install, as is the case with this model. To make things easier for you, mounting materials are all included in the delivery.

Thanks to its particular design, this letterbox helps to embellish your front door while bringing a touch of modernity. It has a hinged cover. As it is made of stainless steel, it is not easily damaged even in the face of bad weather. The fact that it is a wall version allows it to be installed anywhere.

Its dimensions measure 34.6 x 10.2 x 19.1 cm with a weight of 3.1 pounds. Note that this mailbox is also available in a brushed stainless steel finish.

  • Original design: The design of this mailbox is very original taking the form of an extended envelope. A quality which is not surprising considering that its design was conceived by Matt Carr.
  • Quality of the finish: It is very elegant with its black finish which is powder coated.
  • Difficult installation: Someone complained that there was no assembly instructions in the package. In addition, the holes at the back of the box are difficult to access, which makes assembly more complicated.


3. Mail Boss 7412 Wall Mailbox 

Are you struggling to figure out how to choose the best mailboxes for 2021? We suggest you buy this one. Not only is it one of the cheapest models on the market in Canada, but it is made of 16 gauge galvanized steel. Added to this is its finish characterized by a powder coating.

The innovative bin-shaped design is a smart idea for protection against vandalism. To enhance its durability, its hinges are made of stainless steel. It allows for easier use. As for accessories, our model includes a 12-disc lock of commercial quality.

We have included three laser-cut keys always to have a spare key if needed or if several of you use it. To note that this wall mailbox applies whether for interoffice mail, drops of payment, etc. 

  • Easy to install: So that you can install it yourself, the materials and installation instructions are included in the delivery. As materials, there are among others 4 mounting screws, 4 stainless washers, a pilot drill, etc.
  • Efficient security system: This mailbox features a patented anti-lever locking mechanism with a hardened hook cam made of chrome alloy.
  • Poorly done finish: Apparently the painting was not done well. A user has noticed the presence of small riveting bumps around the opening.

4. SereneLife Modern Wall Mounted Mailbox

Even though there are inexpensive products on the market in Canada, many do not know which mailbox to choose? It is the reason why we advise you to opt for it. It is the best letterbox of the SereneLife brand. It features a modern design that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

As for its installation, you are free to fix it on a wall or a flat surface, knowing that it measures 38.1 x 39.9 x 12.2 and weighs 2.75 kg. The manufacturer used galvanized steel as the construction material. It is what explains its solidity and its great resistance. Therefore, we made sure that its holes were pre-drilled to make it easier for you during assembly. Mounting screws are also provided. In addition, there are two security keys.

That said, its security system is reinforced by integrating a locking mechanism and a magnetic steel cover. Either way, if your goal is to buy a better value mailbox, take a look at this model.

  • Easy to use: This letterbox has a metal flap for easy access to insert letters.
  • Decorative model: Know that this mailbox helps to improve the decoration of your home or office thanks to its nice design.
  • Opening only from the left:The fact that the mailbox only opens from the left side is not often practical.


5. Architectural Mailboxes MB1 Mounted mailbox.

There have been many changes compared to the design of current mailboxes. Although they have the same functions, they are not all the same. For example, this Architectural Mailboxes MB1 letterbox is characterized by its vintage finish. It measures 51.4 x 17.6 x 22 cm.

On the design side, it will delight people who have a classic taste. It opens with a door on the front, which allows easy removal of mail. Regarding its durability, you don’t have to worry about it. Since it weighs just 3.68 pounds, you won’t have difficulty getting it up and moving.

With its attractive design, the MB1 brings a touch of style to your garden. The support of its door has been reinforced to make it more rigid. Otherwise, you can also place it on the sidewalk. 

  • Easy to install: To facilitate its fixing to the ground, we put pre-drilled fixing holes of 12.7 x 12.7 cm. In addition, it includes 4 raised holes of 9.7 cm each to reinforce the ground support.
  • Sustainable design: As it is a letterbox for outdoor use, it is constructed of galvanized steel. Then, it is powder coated inside and out. This precisely allows it to be protected against corrosion.
  • Fragile packaging: A person received the package with a dent, a loose seam and some of the paint that got damaged in transit.