The 5 Best Shower Columns Of 2021

The 5 Best Shower Columns Of 2021

Shower Columns: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

A good hot shower is always welcome after a long day at work. Taking a shower is more economical than taking a bath in a tub. However, you need the right set of equipment to be able to enjoy it fully. Hence the need to choose the best shower columns. Many models have just recently been put on the market.

Most use modern technology for easy and comfortable use. Among the latest versions, we have selected the five best in our ranking to mention only the Sr Sun Rise in brass, constituted by ten coats of matte black finish, not to mention its very classy design. Meanwhile, Ello & Allo shower column with shelf has multiple accessories to make you enjoy a relaxing shower.


Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Shower Column? 

We have brought you this buying guide since it is not always easy to know how to buy a shower column that is better value for money. First, we will show you the advantages of using a shower column. Then, we will present to you the different types that exist on the market according to the expectations of the users and some advice not to make a mistake in the choice. 

Why use a shower column?

The first advantage of a shower column is the presence of the massage function, thanks to the massage jets. These make it possible to relieve muscle tension by acting directly on the muscles. It is noted that the number of air nozzles and jet power may vary from one model to another. 

The other advantage of a shower column is that it has several showerheads, the first of which is used to create the rain effect. The second is held in hand to facilitate rinsing. The rest have various functions depending on the model. 

The different types of shower columns according to the needs

In a buying guide for the best shower columns, these materials can be categorized by price, function, system of use, etc.

 – The classic shower column

If you have a limited budget, know that the classic shower column offers a double advantage. Not only is its price affordable (around 50 euros), but you can install it easily even if you are not a professional plumber. As it has an intuitive assembly system, assembly takes a maximum of 30 minutes. 

The classic shower column is for people who only need basic functions. On the other hand, if you want to benefit from more advanced options, it is better to opt for luxury shower columns. 

 – The hydromassage shower column

The hydromassage shower column is the most widely given that it integrates different massage systems, namely relaxing massage, massage for fitness or tonic massage, etc. What sets the hydromassage shower column apart is that it is equipped with different nozzles distributed over its entire surface. It allows it to take charge of the whole body. Depending on the model, you can adjust the nozzles at the same time or adjust them separately. 

 – The thermostatic shower column

It is a hybrid model combining both the classic version and the hydromassage version. Generally speaking, the thermostatic shower column comprises a hand shower, the main bar and hydro massage nozzles. Its thermostatic mixer distinguishes it for more comfortable and safer use. In most cases, the thermostatic shower mixer is characterized by two knobs, one adjusting the flow rate and the other the desired water temperature. By opting for a thermostatic shower column, there is no risk of being confronted with a temperature variation. 

 – Shower column with chromotherapy

Although my shower column with chromotherapy is rare on the market, it has the advantage of combining the benefits of water and light. It is the most expensive model. It has a very precise adjustment system, whether it is about the light, the intensity, the water flow or the different massage nozzles. Considered a very high-end version, the shower column with chromotherapy contains countless benefits for your body. 

 – The built-in shower column

Prefer the built-in shower column if you want to add a decorative touch to your bathroom. However, its installation generally requires the intervention of a professional. Once installed, you will only want to spend hours in your bathroom. Indeed, the recessed shower column is available in many shapes: oval, rectangular, etc. Contrary to popular belief, the shower column is reasonably priced despite its appearance. On the other hand, it is necessary to foresee an additional budget for the installation. 

best showers

The other selection criteria for a shower column

Before buying a new shower column, it is important to consider a few criteria. 

 – The hand shower

The showers vary according to the level of the water diffusion and the number of pins. The higher this is, the greater the diffusion of water. Compared to the jet, the showers equipped with multi-jet nozzles offer several possibilities of diffusion (massage, foaming, rain, etc.).

 – The material

You are free to choose between the shower columns in ABS plastic, stainless steel, synthetic resin, wood, glass, etc. It is the same for the finish. You can opt for the chrome or brushed effect finish. 

 – The taps

We can characterize three types of taps: the mechanical mixer, the thermostatic mixer, and the mixer. For the first, all you have to do is operate the lever to access the various settings. Opt for the mechanical mixer for more precise adjustment, thanks to a graduated handle. Finally, the mixer uses one handle for cold water and another handle for hot water. You need to mix to get a good temperature. 

The 5 Best Shower Columns Reviews & Tests of 2021

There is nothing like a shower equipped with a good column to feel good in your bathroom. É as the diversity of offers, we suggest these top 5 current models. 

1. Sun Rise Luxury Shower System 

Buying a shower column is a smart idea if you want to enhance your bathroom. SR DSun Rise, the best brand of shower columns, offers us precisely this luxury model in matt black brass.

It brings a touch of elegance. It includes several accessories to ensure your comfort. We can mention, among others, and L style shower head, a 304 stainless steel shower head, a mixer tap built in solid brass, a shower holder, etc. It is a solid model equipped with a 40 cm metal shower arm and a 1.8 cm shower hose.

As the manufacturer is so confident in the quality and sturdiness of their products, they all come with a ten-year warranty. Indeed, whatever the problem encountered, the user will be able to benefit from a free guarantee.

  • Quality of the finish: This shower column is coated with 10 coats of matte black finish. Not only is it very classy, ​​but it allows it to easily resist corrosion.
  • Modern technology: Thanks to Air Energy technology, our model is able to produce constant rain even if the water pressure is low, i.e. a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Valve design: Although this black shower column works perfectly, it looks like the valve is poorly made. It emits a very loud noise.

2. Ello & Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel 

If you wonder where to buy the best shower column, this model from Ello & Allo might answer your question. Among all the products in our comparison, this one has a lower price for a multifunctional shower system with a rain effect. It is a model designed in zinc with a brushed nickel finish. Very practical, it comes with three handles.

It makes it possible to leave no imprint. Also, this shower panel incorporates an ABS hand shower spray. Note that this version has several commands that allow you to enjoy a relaxing shower.

As for the product dimensions, it measures 59 ” x 18.3 x 8.46 ” with a weight of 26.4 IB, knowing that the dimensions are measured manually. Because of this, there may be deviations of 1 to 3 cm or 0.39 “to 1.18”. This item has a 1.2-year warranty. 

  • Solid design: Its frame is made of SUS304 stainless steel which is renowned for its sturdiness.
  • Modern design:Thanks to its style, it brings a touch of modernity to your bathroom.
  • Multifunction: Depending on your convenience, you can choose between 6 modes, namely waterfall rain mode, horizontal massage jet mode with 2 settings, shower mode and server spout mode.
  • Finishing: A user received the item with a leaking hot water hose. He complained that the screws and clamps are not assembled correctly. They must therefore be checked before use.

3. Ello & Allo Led Shower Panel Column System

What is the best shower column on the market? This model of the brand Ello & Allo will not disappoint you. It is also the most efficient with a hydroelectric display. It allows you to select the water temperature that suits you best easily. This new system also gives you shower time.

This panel uses a waterfall rain shower head and hot water spout. There is also a multifunction hand shower with three settings. The design was carried out with meticulousness. All fixings are well concealed. The materials with which it was made are of high quality, including 304 stainless steel and its brushed black finish.

Like most Ello & Allo models, this shower panel has six modes: rain, waterfall, massage jet with two settings, hand shower, and water spout. This product has a two-year warranty. However, technical support is guaranteed for life. 

  • Easy installation: So that you do not have to call a professional for assembly, the manufacturer has included the plumbing components in the delivery.
  • Guide available online:You can also refer to the installation guide available on YouTube to fix the panel to the wall.
  • Product not in conformity: A user is unsure whether the product meets Canadian standards. But this has yet to be proven.

4. Happybuy 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Shower Panel

Before you dwell on a shower column price comparison comparing the thousands of versions, it is important to learn about the features if the chosen models meet your expectations.

We present to you precisely this shower panel that deserves the brand it bears: Happybuy. By opting for this version, you can fully enjoy your purchase. Not only is it a cheap model, but it is also the best shower column in its class. It can withstand very high temperatures. It shows great elegance with its shiny silver outer surface, which will surely help you know which shower column to choose.

As for its installation, you can fix it yourself with the mounting accessories included in the delivery. To note, this shower column is adapted either for homes or hotels. 

  • Massage function: This shower system has a massage function associated with 5 modes: rain, waterfall, massage jet, server spout, hand shower. Everything you need to relax in the shower after a long day at work.
  • Easy adjustment: This model incorporates a rotary button to select the desired shower mode. It also has a button to adjust the volume of the water in the spout.
  • No assembly instructions: The fact that this shower panel doesn’t have instructions makes installation a bit tricky especially if you’ve never done it before.

5. Blue Ocean Shower column SPA33D in aluminium

If you do not yet know how to choose the best shower columns of 2021, we suggest this version of the Blue Ocean brand, which was recently released, especially in North America. It complies with the ISO-9001 standard; it had to pass under strict quality control before being offered on the market, whether in Canada or other countries.

Using state-of-the-art technology, this shower column includes several functions. Indeed, it has eight body massage mist nozzles, two water temperature and function controllers, a bathtub spout, etc. It operates with a minimum pressure of 28 psi and a maximum pressure of 72 psi.

It is very easy to install and available with all the accessories needed for assembly, especially since the panel pipe connects directly to the water pipe connector. From the day of purchase, the product is subject to a one year warranty. 

  • LED technology: By opting for this version, you can enjoy an LED shower head and an LED shower head.
  • Practice: The temperature display system makes it easy to select the ideal temperature. In addition, you can adjust the height of the handshower.
  • Plastic accessories: Although this shower column is designed with an aluminum alloy, the plumbing system and some parts are plastic. They can break easily and leave traces of water.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to install a shower column?

Installing a shower column involves fixing the shower bar above the shower or tub. It will help if you start by taking the measurements by locating the height of the shower bar and the vertical axis. Make sure that it is at least 15 cm higher than the user’s waist. 

Then, prepare all the elements necessary for installation (hand shower, shower hose with gaskets, fixing kit, assembly instructions, etc.). Drill holes in the walls with a drill or puncher. The diameter of the holes should match that of the dowels. Before inserting the dowels into the holes, put silicone in them. 

Always start by fixing the upper support before the lower one. Once the two brackets are attached, it is time to fit the hose and the hand shower. Remember to shut off the water supply before connecting the shower hose and the hand shower.

After assembly, all you have to do is test the operation of your device: the different options, the different jets, the different functions, etc. 

Q2: How to fix a shower column without drilling?

If you are looking for ways to fix your shower column without making holes in the wall, you can use super strong glue. The latter can withstand frost, humidity and vibrations. Note that there are also kits without drilling available on the market. Just glue the brackets to the wall and let them dry for a few hours. Then you have to screw the shower column to the brackets. 

Q3: At what height install a shower column be?

The height of the shower column depends mainly on the height of the tallest user in the household. In any case, there should be at least 15 cm of headroom above the head to ensure optimal comfort. Note that there are shower columns whose height can be adapted to each shower depending on the size of the user. 

Q4: How do I fix a leaking shower column?

Before repairing a leak on a shower column, it is important to determine the reasons for the leak. To do this, check if the hose is strong enough to withstand the water pressure. You can also add an elbow so that the water in the plumbing will circulate well. The fragility of the joints is also one of the causes of leaks on a shower column. In this case, it is better to replace them.