The 5 Best Sleeping Bags Of 2022 In Canada

The 5 Best Sleeping Bags Of 2022 In Canada

Reviews and Comparison of the Best Sleeping Bags of 2022 In Canada

The sleeping bag is one of the accessories you should not part with when you have a child from 0 to 36 months, especially during the cold seasons. It is ideal for helping him have a good night’s sleep; it also helps secure him. Hence the interest in opting for a quality and reliable model.

The Woolino BabyRoseFBA, for example, offers optimal comfort with wool and a 100% natural wool lining. The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest model takes the form of a sleeping bag and is formed by a breathable fabric. 

The 5 Best Sleeping Bags (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Buying a sleeping bag couldn’t be more complicated given the long list of criteria to consider. Precisely, we intend to give you an idea of ​​how to buy a sleeping bag with better value for money by presenting the flagship products of our price comparison. These are the 5 best sleeping bags of 2022 tested and verified. 

1. Woolino 4 season wool sleeping bag

Merino wool has been one of Canada’s most well-known and appreciated materials for more than 10 years. It appeals for its softness and its ability to keep warm without weighing you down. Woolino offers it with this baby sleeping bag available in pink, rust and gray to help parents put their newborns at ease, keep them warm and promote their sleep.

The fabric that constitutes it is of very good quality in addition to the soft, hypoallergenic and 100% natural merino wool lining.

Therefore, it does not risk irritating the skin and will help the baby stay warm regardless of the outside temperature or that of the room where he will sleep. Thermoregulating, it adapts body temperature to promote optimal comfort during the 4 seasons of

2. Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Baby Sleeping Bag

Inexpensive, the Baby Deedee baby sleeping bag ensures quality sleep and optimal comfort for the newborn. The article is formed by a breathable fabric so as not to isolate your child too much, but which takes the form of a cocoon to warm him and comfort him as much as possible to put him at ease.

This model has shoulder straps that allow the newborn sleeping bag to hold when the child is asleep or standing. In addition, an inverted zipper facilitates dressing and undressing the child.

Comfort is guaranteed with the 100% cotton fabric that forms the exterior and the quilted interior. The TOG of 2.5, the interior in the form of a duvet and the availability of an additional layer for the winter provide heating of 64 to 74°C in total. About maintenance, This sleeping bag is machine washed. Only, it must be cold, without bleach and with clothes of the same color.  

3. Mama Cheetah Wearable Baby Blanket 0.5 TOG

You are still wondering which sleeping bag to choose? This time, we offer you the cheapest possible model with more interesting features than ever. Made from 100% cotton, the fabric of this Mama Cheetah sleeping bag is both soft and light for your baby’s well-being. A TOG of 0.5 corresponds more to hot seasons like summer.

However, you still have the possibility of using them in winter by inserting warm clothes inside, given the generous size of the article. The superior quality of this material provides optimal comfort for the hot seasons and prevents, at the same time, overheating. And what’s more, this model is available in 3 different sizes: small size for 0-6 months, a medium size for 6-12 months and a large size for 12-18 months. 

4. Simple Joys By Carter’s 3-Pack Sleeping Bags

Where to buy a new sleeping bag? How to find the best article? What would be the ideal sleeping bag for my baby? To help you answer these questions, we offer you the set of cotton sleeping bags for summer from the Simple Joys By Carter’s brand.

Note, first of all, that these are cotton sleeping bags that are also machine washable. This material offers optimal comfort for the baby and reduces or even eliminates the risk of allergy and skin irritation.

The printed patterns of the fabric brighten up your day and are suitable for nice summer weather. Practical, the carter’s sleeping bag has a two-way closure to avoid complications during dressing and changing. Especially since putting it on couldn’t be easier than a central closure. More,

5. Perlimpinpin Plush Sleep Sack Canada’s Favorite 

Want to know how to choose the best sleeping bags for 2021? Well, here you have the article that has been the favorite of many parents in the country and elsewhere. Offered with a comparative price, the Perlimpinpin sleeping bag has a TOG index of 1.5 to warm the baby, especially during the intermediate seasons, which do not require too much heat or too much cold. So you can use it in winter and even in autumn.

They can perfectly replace a baby blanket in the cradle and are, moreover, more secure than this one, given that a sleeping bag is not likely to cover the head of the newborn. Practical, this ideal model for diaper changes opens with the help of an inverted zipper, which goes from the center to the side. 

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Sleeping Bag? 

The ideal sleeping bag should match the baby’s size, age, and gender. Apart from that, you should also check certain characteristics, such as the quality of the product, before making the purchase. Discover, in this case, more details about these selection criteria in this buying guide for the best sleeping bags. 


It would be necessary above all to find a sleeping bag, the size of which corresponds to that of the baby. To ensure its comfort, it must not be narrow, and so that it fits on the infant, it is preferable to opt for a model that is not too big either. The goal is to wrap the baby to keep him warm and wrap him, and something should be avoided that could frustrate him or affect his mobility. 

Our advice

There are generally 4 categories of sizes for sleeping bags, classified according to the toddler’s age. Just place yourself in the category that corresponds to your child’s age, and you will find the items that suit him. Size 0 is dedicated to premature babies—sleeping bags in this category measure approximately 50 cm.

Size 1 includes sleeping bags that a baby can wear from birth to 6 months—these measure between 60 to 70 cm. Size 2 for babies from 6 to 18 months includes all sleeping bags with a maximum length of 90 cm. Go for size 3 if you have a child between 18 and 36 months because he will need 100 to 110 cm in a sleeping bag. 

Manufacturing material

This criterion comes right after the size because it is the surefire to find the best sleeping bag. The material of manufacture allows us to know the comfort provided by the product and its quality. It is still necessary to avoid allergenic materials that can irritate the skin for the toddler’s well-being since it is so sensitive to the point of causing complications in the event of carelessness. 

For this, you can turn to the best brand of sleeping bags or favor specific materials. Cotton, fleece, velvets and polyester are the most recommended. However, you will still have to rely on the season to decide between them. Now, know that cotton is ideal because it is light and fine and promotes the baby’s skin breathing. The quilted velvet material is known for its softness.

Thanks to its breathable character, it keeps the child warm and puts him at ease. Polyester is known for its lightness but is the subject of some reluctance, given that it is a synthetic fabric. We saved the fleece for the end since not all baby skins can withstand this material. Nevertheless, 

It is important to choose a material according to the season (hot or cool) and consider your child’s allergies. 


On the one hand, we classify the summer sleeping bag and, on the other hand, the winter sleeping bag according to the article’s material and thickness. To put it simply, winter sleeping bags have a lining and are made of thicker materials that keep you warm, such as fleece and velvet material. The finest and lightest fabrics are suitable for use in summer, mainly cotton. 


The TOG is in the fourth position of the criteria to take into account to know which is the best sleeping bag on the market. It is an index to define the level of heat provided by the sleeping bag. A high TOG means that the sleeping bag keeps perfectly warm; therefore, it is suitable for use during winter or in an extremely cool ventilated room. It is to be considered before the purchase because it is thanks to it that you will know which article to choose for which temperature (exterior or interior).

There are 4 levels of TOG, the lowest of which is TOG 0.5. It corresponds to a temperature between 22°C and 25°C. The TOG 1 has been designed to keep warm at a temperature of 18°C ​​to 21°C, the TOG 2 for a fixed temperature between 15°C to 17°C and the TOG 3 for a temperature below 15°C. 


Opt for a model with a central closure rather than a side closure to make it easier for you to dress your little one. It is easier to put on and take off. For a baby, it is better to choose buttons as closure. The zipper presents some dangers because the baby’s skin could get stuck between it. It can also be opened with a simple movement. Something that would be inconceivable given that babies tend to get restless. Finally, the models, whose shoulders are opened by buttons, prove more practical when dressing and undressing.

frequently asked Questions 

Q1: How to dress baby at night? 

Dressing a newborn for the night is always a challenge for parents, especially their first child. Care should be taken that he is not too hot and does not catch a cold in the early morning. 

What you need to know first and foremost is to avoid blankets and sheets for a newborn. Indeed, these accessories could keep you warm but can also endanger you if they ever block your breathing during the night. 

The ideal temperature for infants and adults to spend a peaceful night is 19°C. If her room has this temperature, you will need 3 layers of clothes for the night: a long-sleeved cotton bodysuit, terrycloth pajamas, a favorite piece and a sleeping bag as a blanket.

During the winter, this temperature drops between 16 and 17°C. To stabilize your child’s temperature, please do not add a layer of clothing; you risk cluttering it and making it uncomfortable. All you have to do is dress him in a warmer material such as wool and put on a winter sleeping bag, fitted with a quilted or another lining that can keep him warm. Check out our top 5 for where to buy the best sleeping bag. 

Beyond this temperature, remember to add a hat and socks.

Q2: How to dress baby outside? 

A baby is more sensitive to outside temperature than an adult, whether cold or heat. Trust your feelings to know how to dress a newborn for an outing. Know that a baby should wear one more diaper than you. So if you think the climate allows you to wear only a t-shirt, opt for a short-sleeved bodysuit and another layer of the lightweight top for the infant. If you must wear a jumper over your T-shirt, make sure the little one has a light bodysuit, a cotton top and a jumper, a bra or even a sleeping bag over his clothes. 

Q3: How to dress a baby in a stroller? 

To take your baby out in a stroller, apply the basic rules that we have previously covered by adding a summer sleeping bag during the hot seasons if you are afraid of the wind and a winter sleeping bag during the cold seasons. 

Despite this, you will need to add a few accessories to your baby during a walk to prevent him from losing heat or getting a cold. The hat covers his head since most of the heat is lost there, and make sure that the hat in question also covers the ears. In this case, models that fasten on the chin are recommended. To prevent him from catching a cold, the hands and the feet of the newborn must also be covered with the most efficient sleeping bag you will find or with mittens and socks.