The 5 Best Snow Shovels Of 2021

Best Snow Shovels: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

When winter arrives, it is essential to be well equipped to overcome the minor inconveniences caused by this season, such as snow accumulation. The snow shovel is a vital tool to clear away the snow that accumulates on your driveway, your garden paths, or in front of your garage door, preventing you from entering your home. This accessory is now available in a multitude of models.

Our buying guide will help you see more clearly and choose the model that best meets your needs, such as the Snow caster 70SNC snow pusher, which is appreciated for its efficiency doubled thanks to its bidirectional blade. For those who like a job well done and done quickly, the SnowJoe Plus 323E electric snow shovel can also meet their expectations.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Snow Shovel?

The 5 Best Snow Plows (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Manufacturers compete in ingenuity to bring the best snow shovel to consumers. Whether in-store or online, you may therefore have to compare several models to find the one that suits you. A task which is far from easy! If you’re wondering how to pick the best snow shovels of 2021, here are some criteria you should consider to make it happen.

The type

It is an essential criterion to take into account in a buying guide for the best snow shovels. There are many types of models. Each class can have its use:

 – The traditional snow shovel: this is the most recognizable model of all. It has a square-shaped cup. It can be made of reinforced plastic or steel. Its handle is made of wood or steel. To facilitate handling, this first is surmounted by a D or T handle.

 – The snow pusher: this tool differs from the traditional shovel by its rectangular shape. Its bucket is longer than it is wide.

 – The sled shovel: it is the largest of all existing snow shovels. Its blade is extensive to be able to lift a greater quantity of snow. It is topped with a tubular steel handle and an ergonomic handle. It can also be fitted with a footrest. All this facilitates its use.

 – The electric snow shovel: next to the manual snow shovels, there is also the electric snow shovel. As the name suggests, it is a device that runs on electricity. It is therefore equipped with an engine that works with a battery. More efficient, this equipment makes it possible to clear snow more quickly and easily.

The material

To answer the question “which snow shovel to choose?” », It is also necessary to take into account the material (s) of manufacture. Manufacturers may use different materials for different parts of the excavator. It is advisable to opt for a model made with materials that are both light and robust. Follow our advice. 

Fiberglass is, for example, robust and resistant. But, it is heavy. It is, therefore, less practical.

Plastic, for its part, is light, but it can break in the cold. Reinforced plastic is therefore perfect. A reinforced plastic blade is easy to handle and allows for quick shoveling.

The steel blade is strong, but it can be heavy. Many manufacturers thus use aluminum alloy to overcome this problem. This material is appreciated for its lightness, its resistance to cold, and its ease of handling. Like steel, it does not warp under the weight of snow.


Operating a snow shovel can be difficult and takes a lot of effort. Therefore, it is advisable to check its ergonomic side to reduce fatigue during handling and muscle and lumbar pain after a few hours of work. An ergonomic snow shovel should have a slightly curved handle, an easy-to-grip handle (the D-handle is by far the most ergonomic), and a bucket large enough to remove more snow with each shovel.

An ergonomic snow shovel should also have the handle at the correct height. It should not be too high or too low. The size should not exceed that of the shoulders. It saves you from having to bend your back during the operation. A model with a telescopic handle is also perfect, as you can adjust the height to suit your needs.

Use and frequency of use

If you only use the snow shovel occasionally, a plastic model will do. Even if it is not strong enough, it is easy to handle thanks to its lightness. In addition, it is cheaper than other models of a snow shovels. For occasional use, there is no need to invest in an expensive model.

If you are on the move a lot, a collapsible snow shovel is also recommended. It can be folded and easily stored in your car to clear the roads or your car tires when needed quickly.

For shoveling for hours at a time, the model with a telescopic handle is ideal. As its length is adjustable, it can adapt to your needs and save you back pain.

If you live in an area of ​​Canada with heavy snowfall, the wheeled snow shovel is suitable. Made of all-metal, this model is more resistant and can clear snow in large quantities. In addition, there are models of snow shovels that are intended for specific use, such as the roof snow shovel.

Value for money

Of course, the price is a determining criterion when choosing a product for all purchases that we make, whether online or in-store. The snow shovel is no exception to the rule. We are generally drawn to what is not expensive. But beware, the cheapest item is not always the most interesting. The most expensive is not necessarily the most efficient either. If you are wondering “how to buy a better value snow shovel,” using a price comparison can help.

The 5 Best Snow Plows (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Practical and essential, the snow shovel is a must-have tool when winter arrives. It allows you to quickly clear your driveways, trails, or driveway from an accumulation of snow. To answer the question, “what is the best snow shovel on the market?” “And” where to buy the best snow shovel, “here is our comparison.

1. The Snowcaster 70SNC bi-directional snow thrower

The Snowcaster 70SNC bi-directional snow thrower

Snowcaster is the best brand of snow shovels specializing in snow and ice removal equipment. It offers a wide range of products designed to repel or clear snow, such as this 70SNC two-way snow pusher.

Made of contractor-grade plastic, the blade of this snow shovel has very high wear resistance. It is 91.4 cm wide and is bi-directional. It is what makes its asset above all because its effectiveness is doubled.

It can quickly repel snow that accumulates in front of your driveway, in your driveways, or around your car tires. Ergonomic, this snow pusher is also equipped with wheels that facilitate its handling and transport. Thanks to its durable handle, it is also straightforward to handle.

  • Efficiency: This snow pusher has a two-way, wide blade. Thanks to this, it can therefore push back a larger volume of snow.
  • Easy to learn: Thanks to its handle and two wheels, this snow shovel is easy to handle and use. It is not necessary to lift it during the operation. It helps you avoid back pain.
  • Durable: This snow pusher is made with quality and durable materials. The blade is made of plastic with very high wear resistance.
  • More effort: The push frame is relatively narrow. So you have to put more effort into pushing the snow.
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2. Snow Joe 323E Electric Snow Shovel Plus

Where to buy a new snow shovel? The Snow Joe Electric Plus 323E model is ideal for quickly picking up snow piling up on your steps, along your walkways, or on your patio. Cordless, this model works with a rechargeable battery that powers a powerful 10A motor. With such power, it can move up to 181.4kg of snow per minute.

With its patented ergonomic curve design and adjustable handle, the Snow Joe Plus 323E electric snow shovel reduces fatigue and prevents back pain after use. It has a paddle auger that includes an auger with two cutting blades. It can clear a path 33 cm long and 15.2 cm wide and can throw snow up to 6 meters.

Weighing only 6.3 kg, this electric snow shovel from Snow Joe can be easily transported to wherever you want to use it. When it comes to starting the device, just a push of a button is enough to launch it. It also has a safety switch to prevent accidental starting.

  • Power: This electric snow shovel has a 10A motor that can move up to 181.4kg of snow per minute.
  • Ergonomics: With its curved design and adjustable patented handle, this shovel does its job without the fatigue and low back pain associated with shovels that require too much effort.
  • Efficiency: This electric snow shovel is equipped with a 2-blade auger that can throw snow up to a distance of 6 meters.
  • Easy start: A simple press on the start button, and the device turns on. However, there is a safety switch that prevents accidents in the event of an unwanted start.
  • Weight: Despite its electric operation, this snow shovel does not weigh heavy (6kg). It can therefore be transported easily.
  • Not practical: Snow can accumulate around the auger after use. The handle is also less robust.

3. Snow Joe RJ204M Telescopic snow shovel with blade

The Snow Joe RJ204M is a snow shovel for roofing, with a telescopic handle from the Snow Joe brand, a must-buy. Versatile, it removes snow that accumulates on your roof, but it can also be used to remove wet leaves and debris that collect there.

This roof rake features a Twist-n-Lock telescopic pole that quickly adjusts to your needs. It is adjustable from 1.9 m to 6.4 m for greater reach in height.

Another advantage of this telescopic snow shovel is its lightweight. The oversized polyester head measures 15.2cm x 63.5cm for optimal cleaning. It weighs only 2.2 kg, which facilitates its handling.

  • Versatility: This roof snow shovel can remove snow from your roof, as well as debris and wet leaves.
  • Telescopic handle: It is equipped with a Twist-n-Lock telescopic pole whose adjustment is easy, quick and secure. Thanks to this, this excavator can reach a height of 6.4 m.
  • Large head width: The Roofer Joe features an oversized 6 ” x 63.5cm head to clear more area with each pass.
  • Durable: This snow shovel has a strong and durable polyester blade.
  • Weight: It is rather heavy when it is fully extended.Handle tilt:The handle can also tilt when the handle is fully extended.

4. Garant Pro Series Extra large polypro snow pusher

Garant is a Canadian brand specializing in non-motorized tools and accessories for landscaping, gardening, and snow removal.

This extra-large snow pusher, with a 66 cm wide blade, is particularly effective for pushing snow. Not only does it clear snow faster, but it is also suitable for large areas.

With a polypropylene blade 30% stronger than a regular polyethylene blade, this snow shovel is both a durable and powerful tool. It has a long, high-quality varnished hardwood handle. It is surmounted by a D-handle, which facilitates the grip of the device.

  • Extra-large: This snow pusher has an extra-wide blade (66 cm), which allows it to push back more snow.
  • Resistance: The materials used for the manufacture of this tool are of superior quality and are very resistant. The polypropylene used for the blade is 30% stronger than regular polyethylene. The wooden handle is also tough and durable.
  • Avoids fatigue and back pain: Thanks to its long handle, this snow pusher is easy to handle and avoids lower back pain and fatigue during handling.
  • Weight: This snow pusher weighs only 1.38 kg.
  • Deformation: The extra-wide blade deforms if the snow load is too high.

5. Snow Joe Sj-Shlvo1 snow shovel with handle


The Snow Joe brand is a benchmark for getting through the winter season in Canada without a hitch. It specializes in tools and equipment for winter. This SJ-SHLV01 snow shovel is one of its flagship products. Snow Joe offers you the ability to efficiently clear your paths, trails, and terraces with this shovel equipped with a spring mechanism handle.

It reduces the pressure in the hands for snow removal without too much effort. This feature is built into Snow Joe’s back pain relief solution.

We also find other features in it, such as ergonomic D-handles and a lifting lever to transfer the lever force to the lower hand. All this is to reduce fatigue and back pain. Made from aluminum, this snow shovel is light yet strong. She weighs 1.68 kg.

  • Reduces fatigue and back pain: This snow shovel incorporates the anti-backache solution from the Joe brand. This incorporates interesting features, such as a spring-loaded handle, ergonomic D-handles and a lifting lever.
  • Weight: It is light. She weighs only 1.68 kg.
  • Not very effective: Does not lift hard snow or too much snow. The blade wobbles when overloaded.