The 5 Best Snowblowers Of 2021

The 5 Best Snowblowers Of 2021

Snowblowers: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models in Canada

Snow and snowstorms will soon be here, now that winter is coming to the fore. To free your paths, your grounds, and your belongings from the snow and layers of ice blocking your passage, you need a robust and powerful machine, which you can choose from among the different models we offer. You can afford the PowerSmart PSSAM24 machine to clear snow over a width of 61 cm. It is also possible to buy the EGO SNT2102 to take advantage of the advantages of a powerful and autonomous device. 

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Snow Blower? 

How do you choose the best snowblowers of 2021? Our goal is to answer this question to help you select a practical model that suits you. Finding the ideal snowplow requires considering a long series of criteria that we present to you in the following section. 

The connection

You have a wide range of snowplows at your disposal from which you can choose between the corded model or the cordless version. Corded models, for use on the mains, are famous for their lightness and compact size. The tireless and are extremely easy to handle. Cordless models, despite this, are powered by batteries or other power sources. They are heavier and more imposing compared to the first variety. 

However, we suggest that you opt for cordless models to avoid, first of all, burden you with power cables as well as to be able, secondly, to clear as far as possible. In addition to this, you will not encounter a power problem, as it is not always practical to find or use an external outlet. 


To know which is the best snow blower on the market, you must first consider the variability of its speed. It optimizes the practicality of the machine while making it more resistant to a significant layer of snow. 

If you want our opinion or want to know how to buy a better value snow blower, the ideal device would be the one that offers several speed levels in the front and two speeds in the rear. Take a look at multi-phase models to take advantage of these additional features. 


After the variable speed at the rear as at the front, know that the self-propulsion of the snowblower is the second criterion to take into account to find an unrivaled item. It is a detail that is indeed favorable to you for the simple reason that it increases the comfort of use provided by the machine, gives it more power, and makes it easier to steer while walking. It is because the auto propulsion allows it to move forward automatically, without you having to exert any effort to push it. 

Our advice? It is a characteristic of 2- or 3-stage snow throwers. To benefit from this advantage, you, therefore, have to favor them at the time of purchase. 

Power steering

It allows you to save less energy while driving the snowplow. Power steering reduces your effort when moving forward and turning to the sides (left and right). 

So, through this buying guide for the best snow blowers, we advise you to select 2-stage and 3-stage devices, as these are the only models that offer you this feature.  


Lighting or headlight is necessary in case you decide to clear away before daybreak. It is an accessory that can be found on a limited edition snowplow but that you must consider as a decisive criterion during your purchase. Above all, the light helps you better see the driveway and the layer of snow you have to clear.

It also guarantees your safety and comfort throughout the clearing operation. The option for a device illuminated by one or more headlights should, among other things, be a logical choice since these tools are used during winter and the days during these cold seasons are shorter than those in summer. In this case, you risk finding yourself several times in the dark. 

Chute control 

This character facilitates the handling of your snowplow. It helps you steer and place the newly cleared snow to the distance that’s right for you. It is essential to consider this point because it is not enough to clear the snow; you must also ensure that these piles will not block your way after a few meters.

You have the choice between different types of commands. It can be done with the help of a rocker remote control, using a switch, or with a crank. Each control method is more efficient than the other. But we advise you, all the same, to opt for a precise and efficient solution capable of throwing the snow as far as possible.

The accessories 

They make the use of your snowblower more enjoyable. It can be a safety device, an accessory that increases the device’s efficiency, a part favorable to your well-being and your health as it can only be a decoration to beautify your machine. So, if possible, we advise you to choose a snowplow equipped with a snow chain, for example, for more stability and traction. It is also recommended to opt for models equipped with non-slip pads for your safety.

For more comfort, we suggest you, as a last resort, choose a device equipped with heated grips. It isn’t easy to find this kind of snowblower. But if you ever stumble upon this model and are spoiled for choice, this is the accessory you need most to beat the cold. 

The price

Remember, you also need to know how to buy a better value snowblower. To do this, take into account the cost of the product and shipping costs and go to a price comparison to find the product that fits your budget. 

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The 5 Best Snowblowers Reviews & Tests of 2021

The search for a good and efficient snowblower is proving more and more difficult. On top of that, the many sales sites complicate matters. As a solution, we offer you a selection of the best products to give you an idea of ​​the ideal device. 

1.PowerSmart PSSAM24 2 Stage Gas Snow Blower

Snow removal can never be so easy and quick as with this device. With a potent 212 cc engine, it can clear the thick layers of snow as well as the blocks of ice that clutter your garden, your driveway, your yard.

Unlike the different types of machines in its class, the design of this snow thrower ensures that it is convenient and straightforward to use. The manufacturer, therefore, provided the correct installation of a launcher, favorable to the startup of the PowerSmart. Not to mention the wired electric starter, which makes your job even more accessible.

You won’t have to question where to get the best snowblower anymore because this two-stage model comes with a self-propulsion system in addition to its 6 forward and 2 backward speeds and can remove snow with a width of 61 cm and a depth of 50.8 cm.

  • u003cstrongu003eStart-up:u003c/strongu003e No more ordeals when starting up with the best brand of snowblowers and enjoy quick and easy ignition with the starter and the corded electric starter. nu003cstrongu003eComfort:u003c/strongu003e As it is formed by a self-propelled system, the driving of this machine is very comfortable given the 8 speed levels, including 2 rear and 6 front, with which it is equipped.nu003cstrongu003eEfficiency:u003c/strongu003e A snow removal capacity over a width of 61 cm and a power vis-à-vis stubborn and thick snow. Not to mention the projection capacity over 12.2 m.
  • u003cstrongu003eFunctioning:u003c/strongu003e Several customers have returned this product for malfunction.

2. Ego Battery Operated Cordless Snow Blower SNT2102

Which snowblower to choose? Powered by the most powerful battery in its class, this device could become your favorite item in minutes. To operate, it requires, first of all, two 56 V batteries.

It is trendy for the high performance it offers. Unlike other models of its kind, this heavy-duty battery-powered steel snowblower demonstrates excellent versatility and unmistakable efficiency. Aside from clearing a significant layer of snow, it is also effective against piles of wet snow.

In addition to that, its throwing capacity is much higher since it offers a clearance over a distance of 35 feet. Note that the direction in which you will send the blown snow at this time is also adjustable over a radius of 180 ° with the lever at the handle. Its wireless technology is, among other things, favorable to you, given the mobility and practicality, it guarantees.

  • u003cstrongu003ePower:u003c/strongu003e It is a device without equal and difficult to compare in terms of power and efficiency. Powered by two 56 V lithium batteries, this is arguably the best snowblower in Canada. nu003cstrongu003eConvenience:u003c/strongu003e The ability to clear wet snow piles makes this product even more interesting than it already is. nu003cstrongu003eDurability and resistance:u003c/strongu003e Built in steel, this snow plow can only withstand all kinds of weather. It therefore guarantees you a long lifespan.
  • u003cstrongu003ePrice:u003c/strongu003e Customers believe it is possible to find a cheaper product given the high cost at which this item is offered.


3. Briggs & Stratton 950 Single Stage Snow Plow

My first feature to consider with this snowblower is its OHV Briggs & Stratton engine. It is an engine that is one of the most powerful and always retains all its performance regardless of the decrease in temperature (down to less than 28.9 ° C).

It is equipped with an electric starter, favorable and straightforward to the user since it is only necessary to push on a push button. The effectiveness of this product is guaranteed by an edge auger made with rubber that effectively cleans and propels snow. With dimensions of 121.4 x 58.7 x 103.4 cm (L x W x H), this machine features a compact size which gives it the maneuverable, practical, and comfortable character.

This snow thrower is also equipped with a rotating handle which facilitates the change of direction. A quick-adjust deflector allows you to change the distance or height of the snow projection with a single push on the handle. 

  • u003cstrongu003eManeuverability:u003c/strongu003e Easy to handle, steer and handle, this compact size machine can easily be driven by a beginner in the field. nu003cstrongu003eOne-click start:u003c/strongu003e Despite the decrease in temperature, this device is started by clicking on the push button which ensures its electrical ignition. nu003cstrongu003eResistance:u003c/strongu003e The rubber auger that accompanies the snow thrower is resistant to corrosion and shocks without forgetting its indifference to a temperature below -10 ° C which allows us to conclude that it is the most suitable model. most efficient of all.
  • u003cstrongu003eColor:u003c/strongu003e The manufacturer only offers this model in one color: black. In this case, you cannot choose a color that you like.

4. Snow Joe – Sj623e – Electric Snow Blower

If you decide to buy it, this electric snow thrower will, first of all, be compatible with all types and sizes of driveways. Equipped with a powerful 15 A motor, this device promises a fast and efficient snow removal of 326.6 kg per minute. Its efficiency is ensured by the four blades that make up its rotor.

In addition to that, they are made of steel, amply resistant to give more resistance and increase the life of the device. On its first pass, this machine can remove snow over a 45.7 cm width of your driveway. Regarding the thickness of the layer, as long as it is a layer of snow 2.4 cm deep.

Although this is not a gas snowblower, starting this product can still be done quickly and without any problems. Moreover, its performance can equal that of a gas machine, given that it can begin on the first try once you have pressed the button. 

  • u003cstrongu003eOptimal power:u003c/strongu003e With a snow removal capacity of over 300 kg of snow per minute in a single pass, it is the dream device to quickly and efficiently clear your driveways during the winter. nu003cstrongu003eStart-up:u003c/strongu003e You can skip the hassle when it comes to start-up and opt for a model that turns on the first time.nu003cstrongu003eEfficiency:u003c/strongu003e The 4 rotor blades allow snow removal over a width of 45.7 cm and a depth of 25.4 cm.
  • u003cstrongu003eSnow removal capacity:u003c/strongu003e We regret the snow removal capacity to a depth of 25.4 because it will be necessary to go back and forth if ever the layer of snow to be cleared was thicker.

5.GreenWorks 2600502 13A Corded Snow Thrower

This inexpensive snow thrower is highly efficient for its size and power. Its engine offers high performance, although it is not a gas engine like other models in its class.

With a power of 13 A, this article can clean over a width of 50.8 cm. In addition to that, it is effective on a layer of snow, the thickness of which does not exceed 25.4 cm. By opting for this comparatively priced snow plow, you will be able to clear the snow blocking your passage on a 6m driveway. 

And what’s more, mobility and maneuverability have also been foreseen by the manufacturer. 7-inch wheels provide the former, while the latter results from its lightness and compact size of 78.7 cm long, 54.9 cm wide, and 94 cm deep. Note, in addition, that an adjustable directional slide and a quick start make the use of this product from GreenWorks even more pleasant. 

  • u003cstrongu003ePower:u003c/strongu003e With a device as powerful as this snow plow, you have the possibility of clearing your way every morning over a distance of 6m. So don’t worry anymore about where to buy a new snow blower because it is already the ideal product. nu003cstrongu003eConvenience:u003c/strongu003e The adjustable directional slide facilitates the projection of snow. In this case, you have the option of choosing up to an angle of 80 °.nu003cstrongu003eEfficiency:u003c/strongu003e Thanks to the size of this machine, you have the possibility of clearing a layer of snow 50.8 cm wide.
  • u003cstrongu003eClearance capacity:u003c/strongu003e The fact that you can only clean a layer of snow 25.4 cm deep could turn to your disadvantage if ever this thickness were to increase.

frequently asked Questions 

Q1: How do I remove snow from my roof? 

Many solutions allow you to remove snow from the roof of your house effectively. It is a complex and slow process that requires attention and concentration. Brands that work in this field have recently produced practical and faster accessories to clear snow from the roof without any difficulty. Therefore, you can use a roof shovel to remove the layer of snow on the top from the ground. It is, in some cases, possible to climb on the roof to clear these piles with traditional tools or to work from the ground with the help of a rake. 

Q2: Who must remove snow: tenant or owner? 

The status of the owner or tenant does not under any circumstances determine who should clear the driveway or not. The point is that the clearing of the layer of snow that blocks the stretch of road in front of a house must be done by the person who resides there. That said, if a tenant occupies the place whose driveway is covered with snow, this task logically falls to him. 

Q3: When to remove snow from your roof?

If you have decided to wait for the ideal moment to remove snow from your roof, know that it must be done when ice begins to appear, when cracks start to appear on the walls due to the weight of the snow, when more than two feet of ice forms on the roof and when the ceiling begins to warp. 

Q4: How do I remove snow from my car?

It is not recommended to use shovels or sharp accessories to clear snow from your car. It would help if you equipped yourself with a harmless tool such as cardboard or a broom to gently sweep the layer of snow that has formed on your car. 

Q4: How to use road salt? 

Road salt is very effective when applied correctly. Here are some tips for use that you must follow to the letter to see the effectiveness of this product:

Saddling should always be done after clearing. Therefore, it would help to remove the snow beforehand and then pour the salt on the cleaned surface.  

You can also use it in a preventive way because it prevents the formation of a layer of snow on your driveway and allows you to save your road salt. To do this, pour salt on your driveway before the snowfall starts. You will see that the result will be impressive. 

Be aware that the salt should not be scattered when you apply it. In this case, try to spread it evenly over the surface and respect the dose of a handful of salt per square meter. This process can be done with the help of a spreader cart or by hand if it is a small area. 

Q5: How to change the oil of a snow thrower? 

Step 1: Start the snow thrower and let the engine warm up without waiting for it to be hot. 

Step 2: Clean the area around the drain plug and remove it to let its contents flow. 

Step 3: Fill the oil tank from the engine fill button


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