The 5 Best Tattoo Creams Of 2021

The 5 Best Tattoo Creams Of 2021

Tattoo Creams Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis In Canada 2021

Before and after getting a tattoo, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated. However, not just any ointment or cream can be used. It is necessary to resort to formulas that have been developed just to calm, stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and accelerate healing. In this sense, you can use Sonew Anesthetic, which will help you better tolerate the tattooing process by reducing the sensation in the application area. In addition, it deeply moisturizes the skin. Bepanthol Tattoo Tattoo is another good option to use after the Tattoo due to its regenerating effect nourishing the skin. Thus, it will remain elastic and soft until fully healed.

The 5 Best Tattoo Creams – 2021 Reviews

With the increase in the number of people who get tattoos, special skincare products in these cases have multiplied, making it more difficult to choose a good alternative. We present our special selection of the best tattoo creams of 2021, where we have gathered those products that have obtained the best rating due to their qualities.

The 5 Best Tattoo Creams - 2021 Reviews

Tattoo anesthetic cream

1. Sonew Tattoo numbing cream

 Something that those who have tattooed agree on is that the process is painful. To avoid this discomfort, it is advisable to previously use an anesthetic cream for tattoos, which makes the moment more tolerable. It is precisely what So new cream offers you, since, according to opinions, when applied correctly, it can almost eliminate the feeling of the skin for 3 hours.

Another outstanding quality of this product is that its formula deeply moisturizes the area to be tattooed, which allows it to be used before and after the process, which will help protect the new Tattoo. Similarly, you can use this formula as a pre-preparation for piercings and other painful methods.

The presentation comes in a small tube, which contains the amount of 10 grams of numbing cream. Its texture is very smooth, does not irritate and does not alter the qualities of the Tattoo so that you can use the cream with confidence. 

This product might be the best tattoo cream if you don’t want to experience pain during the process. Let’s review your summary of highlights.

Bepanthol cream for tattoos

2. Bepanthol Tattoo Tattoo Cream with Panthenol

A frequently used product is Bepanthol tattoo cream. It is because it has emollients and also provitamin B5, which stimulates cell regeneration and, in this way, contributes to rapid recovery. In addition, its formula is fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin so that you can use the cream with confidence.

Among other benefits, we must highlight its transparent formula that does not clog the skin’s pores. In addition, you do not need to apply too much product; with a thin layer, it will be enough for you to perceive its benefits.

  On the other hand, it is interesting to know that this product, depending on its availability, can be purchased in the 100 g or 30 g presentation so that you can take it with you and treat the Tattoo wherever you are.

Bepanthol might be the best brand for tattoo creams. Therefore, we invite you to review this product in detail.

Moisturizing Tattoo Cream

3. L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Specific Cream

It is considered normal for tattoo colours to appear more subdued when the skin is dehydrated, which worries those who want to show them off. For this reason, it is imperative to get a good moisturizer for tattoos, which helps soften the layers of the skin and restore the water level that these areas need. 

In this sense, L’Oréal offers us one of the cheapest options in our comparison, but it is made with good quality ingredients, so we recommend that you take it into account. In addition, by including 200 ml in its container, it offers good performance, and you can apply it numerous times before looking for a replacement.

On the other hand, the product has earned good user reviews due to its smooth texture and aroma. In the same way, it is convenient to know that the cream is suitable for delicate skin and does not leave a greasy sensation.

Now, we invite you to learn more about this product, which is among the cheapest and has been formulated to take care of your tattoos daily.

4. Believe Tattoo Cream Vegan Tattoo Care 

Not all tattoo care products offer vegan certificates. If you prefer a cream formulated so that it excludes ingredients of animal origin, this product interests you.

In addition, you should know that it has an effective combination of emollient ingredients, such as shea butter, argan oil and aloe vera. These extracts are well known for deeply hydrating the layers of the skin, helping it to regenerate and providing important nutrients to keep it healthy.

In addition, the cream helps to eliminate the annoying itching, redness and scabbing, discomforts that are often experienced after tattooing. In this way, it is also recommended as a cream that helps speed up the healing process. When it comes to its texture, it is very smooth, spreads smoothly on the skin and is fragrance-free.

Before making your purchase, do not forget to read our analysis of pros and cons; it can help you determine if it is the product you need.

5. Marvel Men Tattoo Hydra Protect Cream

One of the best emollients for skincare is called caprylic triglyceride. In addition, it is a low-cost natural ingredient, which can help the tattooed skin maintain its water balance and make the designs look more intense.

Marvel Men Tattoo cream has this ingredient in its formula, which is why it is considered effective when enhancing the beauty of tattoos and keeping the skin hydrated. In addition, it comes in a 200 ml container, so it packs a lot and has an affordable price.

Among the users’ opinions, its rapid application and absorption into the skin stand out, so you will not have to massage too much to penetrate. Similarly, with a small amount, you can achieve the feeling of softness and shine you want.

Identifying the best tattoo cream is not an easy task, so we recommend that you analyze all the highlights of your favourite products in detail.

Shopping guide

Rather than looking at how much a tattoo cream costs, you must consider many other aspects, which will ultimately determine whether the product will help you achieve your purpose. In this guide to buying the best tattoo cream, we explain what those aspects are so that you get your purchase right.


A healing cream is not the same as a cream for daily use, which is intended to moisturize the skin of your tattoos. If you have just undergone such a process, it is normal for your skin to be sensitive, red and tight. In these cases, you need a very specific product formulated so that by penetrating the skin, it helps the cells to stimulate themselves to repair the damage and promote healing.

In addition, an important aspect is to combat the formation of scabs since, in addition to generating itching, they will create a barrier, preventing the products you apply from penetrating the skin. Similarly, scabs are associated with losing inks, which causes tattoos with less intensity of colour.

That said, if you need a cream to apply immediately after your new tattoo session, you will have to check that it indicates that it can be used in these cases. It is preferable that it does not have fragrances and is focused on promoting healing.

For its part, creams for use after healing are formulated to keep the area healthy and well hydrated and give the tattoo shine. It can also contain sun filters, thus preventing UVA and UVB rays from damaging the appearance and dimming the colours.


At this point, we will focus on the type of ingredients you prefer for the cream. You can find creams based on water or based on lipid ingredients. The experience of applying these two types of creams is very different. Those containing water leave a feeling of freshness and are usually lighter, while those that include fatty ingredients are dense and require massage to be absorbed. The truth is that both types of creams can be very effective, but they have their advantages and disadvantages. We will analyze both cases.

Water-based creams are recommended for those who have no problem making frequent applications on the Tattoo. They can also be a good option when the skin is very sensitive since they are distributed gently. The feeling of freshness can alleviate some discomfort, typical of the tattooing process. Also, they are less likely to leave marks on clothing.

Lipid-based creams form a more effective protective barrier, capable of preventing the loss of moisture from the skin and its assets remain on it for longer. For this reason, they tend to perform better. In addition, if it is a concentrated cream, it can provide the skin with a greater amount of nutrients to promote its healing. The downside is that some people cannot tolerate the greasy feel on the skin, and its ingredients can stain clothing, leaving marks that may be difficult to remove from clothing.


Other points to analyze in your comparison of tattoo creams are the amount of product, container type, and its applicator. We recommend that you evaluate the size of your Tattoo to have a better idea of ​​the amount of cream you may need to treat the Tattoo. Don’t worry too much; more than one good and inexpensive alternative made with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients will take good care of your new Tattoo. You have to be careful to apply it with the indicated periodicity and in the correct amount.

We want to add that it is better to choose those presentations that avoid contamination of the product in the case of healing creams. The skin is more prone to infection, and the cream must be free of any element that favours this problem. In this sense, some containers avoid the contact of the creams with the air and are stored under vacuum, to mention a few cases.

Origin of ingredients

Some people need to ensure that the products they use are free from or derived from animal cruelty tests. Because of this, manufacturers offer vegan certificates and other seals that help identify the policies for making tattoo creams. So you can use them with the confidence that they respect the lifestyle you support.

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