The best wood chipper in Canada in 2022 – Comparison, guide and opinion

The best wood chipper in Canada in 2022

The best wood chipper in Canada in 2022 – Comparison, guide and opinion.

A wood chipper is a gardening tool that helps you get rid of branches, leaves, and other types of foliage. Chipping these materials turns them into mulch or compost, which can improve the condition of your garden.

There are many different wood chippers on the market, and it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. This article will compare 24 different wood chippers to help you find the best one for you. To help you, we analyzed then compared 24 wood chippers for 37 hours and took into account the opinions of 647 consumers.

Our favourite model is the Snow Joe CJ603E: it’s easy to use and move and comes at a great price. It is perfect for standard sized gardens.

Below are list of The best wood chipper in Canada in 2022

1. Sun Joe CJ603E

The Sun Joe CJ603E is a high-quality electric pressure washer that offers many features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and durable machine. With its 3000 PSI of cleaning power, the Sun Joe is perfect for removing dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces. Additionally, the Sun Joe comes equipped with many safety features that make it a safe option to use around the home.

Summary of Sun Joe CJ603E features

  • The 100% safe shredder.
  • Well-designed hopper and safety wheel for stress-free use.
  • Effective with twigs, branches and shrubs for mulching.
  • Environmentally friendly zero-emission design.
  • Reduces waste size up to 21 times.
  • Ejection from below, the possibility of attaching a collection bag.
  • 15A / 120V / 60Hz . _
  • Maximum idle speed: 60 rpm.
  • Cutting diameter : 4.4 cm/1.73 in.
  • Sound level: 94dB.
  • Weight : 17.5 kg/38.6 lbs. Wheel diameter: 17.8 cm/7 in.

Photo demonstration of the Sun Joe CJ603E


 What we think of the Sun Joe CJ603E

Once the wood has been shredded, it can be up to 21 times less bulky. You get shavings or smaller pieces. They are easier to recycle, and you can use some of them as mulch to enliven your garden and naturally encourage the development of biodiversity.

The Sun Joe CJ603E is a solid, zero-emission product that respects nature and whose performance is suitable for a small or medium field. This chipper can accommodate branches with a maximum diameter of 4.4 cm, that is, 7 in., and is quite fast.

Hooks allow you to attach a bag to collect the mulch (the Ejection is done directly under the mulcher).

Finally, the machine is relatively light and has two sturdy wheels. Therefore, you can move it quickly within your garden and store it quickly and effortlessly. You won’t have to worry about maintenance either, as the device requires very little maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Sun Joe CJ603E

  • Excellent value
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Very easy to move with the wheels
  • Has difficulty processing leaves

Our verdict on the Sun Joe CJ603E

  • Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Efficiency5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Design4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Price5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Sun Joe CJ603E is a zero-emission wood chipper, with which you can quickly dispose of small branches and obtain mulch. Its quality/price ratio, and safe design make it suitable for all types of gardeners, which has the double advantage of being compact and easy to move.

2.Patriot CSV-2515

The Patriot CSV-2515 electric chipper shredder is perfect for anyone that wants an easy to use, low maintenance machine. With just the flick of a switch, this workhorse will chip branches up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter and is ideal for shredding leaves. Plus, there are no ugly fumes – it plugs into your standard 110-volt outlet.

Patriot CSV-2515 Feature Summary

  • Best for shredding leaves and branches.
  • Feed tube for branches, hopper for leaves.
  • Extremely easy to start by simply flipping the switch.
  • Side drain.
  • Higher power, suitable for larger terrains.
  • Comes with a collection bag and safety glasses.
  • 1.5 hp /14 A /110-120 V.
  • Cutting diameter: 6.35 cm/2½ in.
  • Weight: 43.1 kg/95 lb, fitted with wheels.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Photo and video demonstration of the Patriot CSV-2515

What we think of the Patriot CSV-2515

The CSV-2515 has two feed chutes, one for branches with a maximum diameter of 6.35 cm (or 2½ in) and another that is wide to allow you easily insert leaves or small plants into its contraption. The power here is significantly higher than what we see on competing wood chippers which can make processing more quickly and mean larger pieces must be cut up before being ground down into fine particles ready for use as fertilizer within your garden.

However, a drawback about this machine would have fewer likelihoods regarding future recycling efforts since there isn’t much mention made towards reducing bulky wastes such as twigs.

The Patriot CSV-2515is an excellent product that requires little maintenance and provides quick shredding for medium to large areas. The included collection bag makes it easy to contain chips, crumbs, or sawdust! This device has a 2-year warranty covering all parts except those needing replacement due to wear caused by abuse during operation.”

Advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot CSV-2515

  • Excellent performance
  • Impeccable build quality
  • 2 supply methods
  • High price

Our verdict on the Patriot CSV-2515

  • Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Efficiency5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Design5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Price3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Thanks to the Patriot CSV-2515, you can quickly get rid of excessive branches and leaves. Once the plants are crushed, you can use them to make mulch or compost. The price is justified by manufacturing quality and efficiency well above what the competition offers.

3. Detail K2 OPC506

It is powerful enough to make the wood chips, but it does not take much room for storage. Also, Detail K2 OPC506 has a large chipping opening with an adjustable diameter of 50 to 125 mm.

Detail K2 OPC506 Features Summary

  • The power of a gasoline engine.
  • Cyclonic shredder with double transmission belt system.
  • 13″/33 cm double-edged reversible cutting blades.
  • 180 degree adjustable chute with no tools required.
  • Towing with 36 in./91 cm axle and 2 in. ball hitch.
  • Includes many safety accessories, integrated steel toolbox.
  • Engine: Kohley 14 horsepower. Displacement: 429 cc.
  • Maximum idle speed: 3600 rpm.
  • Cutting diameter: 15.9 cm / 6.25 in.
  • Wheels: 17.5 * 5.2cm/6.9 * 2in.
  • Dimensions  : 260 * 120 * 150cm/102 * 47 * 59in.
  • Weight  : 170 kg / 375 lbs.
  • Warranty  : Limited, 3 years on motor, 1 year on frame.

Photo and video demonstration of the Detail K2 OPC506

What we think of the Detail K2 OPC506

The Detail K2 OPC506 is a high-power machine that can handle any task you set for it. It features double edge blades, which create thousands of shavings perfect for residential use and branches up to 15 cm/6 inches in diameter – large enough even if your trees are taller than most people!

The engine runs smoothly without needing much maintenance or attention; all adjustments need doeisn’t come easy but two hands will suffice here too because this product only requires minor tweaks whenever things change positions through wear & tear.

The lightweight, high-stability aluminum frame makes this scooter an excellent choice for kids who need to keep up their mobility even when the ground is uneven.

A steel tool box stores your accessories and storage at hand with ease while you ride! In addition there’s safety gear like locks on keys & gloves so that every adventure has its risks handled headon – plus engine oil included too make sure everything runs smoothly during use.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Detail K2 OPC506

  • Commercial-Grade Power
  • Large cutting diameter
  • towing axle
  • Very high price

Our verdict on the Detail K2 OPC506

  • Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Efficiency5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Design5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Price1.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Detail K2 OPC506 is a powerful petrol chipper perfectly suited for those with a lot of branches to dispose of. It is relatively simple to use and comes with many safety accessories. In addition, it can be towed, even in rough terrain.

4. Sun Joe CJ601E

Do you happen to have a few branches that you would like to get rid of, but your garden is not huge and does not need a high-performance device? In this case, do not hesitate to opt for an accessible shredder like the Sun Joe CJ601E, which should perfectly meet your expectations.

Summary of Sun Joe CJ601E features

  • The most compact shredder.
  • Compact profile and low maintenance, ideal for occasional use.
  • Very easy to move, light and equipped with a rear handle.
  • Reduced clutter caused by waste up to 16 times.
  • No smoke, no smell, one-button start. 
  • CSA, ETL certified.
  • Maximum idle speed: 4300 rpm.
  • Cutting diameter : 3.81 cm/1.5 in.
  • Sound level: 108 dB.
  • Weight : 11.5 kg/25.4 lbs. Wheel diameter: 15.24 cm/6 in.

Showcase of the Sun Joe CJ601E with photos and videos

How we view the Sun Joe CJ601E

The Sun Joe CJ601E is less expensive than its competitors because it is intended primarily for small jobs. The maximum diameter of the cut branch is 3.81 cm, which is equal to 1.5 in.

It is a machine that quickly finds its place in a small garden.

Indeed, its first asset lies in its compact and light side. It has wheels and a handle, making it easy to move and store.

After performing small pruning tasks, feed the machine using the secure hopper. Grounds maintenance waste can then be reduced up to 16 times. A pusher is provided to facilitate the insertion of the branches without the risk of cutting yourself.

You should have no trouble switching on the device since there is only one step: press the power button. You have none of the inconvenience of gasoline (like the smell), you have almost no maintenance to perform, and in addition, you are committed to an ecological approach.

The Sun Joe CJ601E benefits from CSA and ETL certifications which guarantee you a design that complies with the standards in force.

It is also a machine whose good quality/price ratio we appreciate, since it remains solid and is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.

The Sun Joe CJ601E has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Compact profile
  • User safety taken into account
  • Intuitive handling
  • Limited power

 Our verdict on the Sun Joe CJ601E

  • Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Efficiency4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Design4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Price5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Sun Joe CJ601E is an affordable wood chipper: its power isn’t as high as more expensive models, but it’s compact, pleasant to use and solid. Without hesitation, we recommend it if you have a small garden, it will play its role while being easy to store.

5. Sun Joe CJ602E

Sun Joe is a well-known company in garden tools; they focus on providing quality products at an affordable price. Generally, they offer small gadgets for your outdoor, such as cultivators and lawnmowers. Sun Joe CJ602E can process all kinds of wood, but you have to bear in mind that the Sun Joe’s cutting capacity is limited by its 20-inch width. This wood chipper works with a 2HP motor, which provides you with an impressive 5800 revolutions per minute, so you will get your job done faster. Sun Joe CJ602E is a medium-sized wood chipper perfect for small gardens and yards.

Summary of Sun Joe CJ602E features

  • The perfect option for medium terrain with simple vegetation.
  • Designed to transform branches into mulch.
  • Safety hopper with locking button in case of an opening.
  • Wheel and handle offering great comfort of movement.
  • Encumbrance caused by debris reduced by 17 times.
  • ETL certified.
  • 15A. _
  • Maximum idle speed: 4100 rpm.
  • Cutting diameter : 3.98 cm / 1.57 in
  • Sound level: 113dB.
  • Weight : 11.9 kg / 26.2 lbs. Wheel diameter: 15.24 cm/6 in.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Photo and video demonstration of the Sun Joe CJ602E

What we think of the Sun Joe CJ602E

As its name suggests, the Sun Joe CJ602E is a model whose performance comes between CJ601E (our low budget option) and those of the CJ603E (our 1st choice). It can crush and shred branches as long as their diameter is not greater than 3.98 cm, or 1.57 in.

It is a little louder than some competitors.

However, the sound volume remains within the norm for shredders. And it offers an excellent size/power compromise: it can be used in a medium-sized garden but can still be stored without too much effort in a garage or a dedicated shed. In addition, it is light and easy to move.

The handle and wheels make it very mobile.

We recommend it, especially if you need mulching. Indeed, it allows a fast and straightforward production: you have to slide your twigs and branches into the hopper. You do not risk suffering a cut or projections when the hopper is open, thanks to a locking button.

A pusher is provided.

The product is also ETL certified and guaranteed for 2 years: you can make your purchase with confidence.

Of course, you benefit from all the advantages of electricity: minimal maintenance and odour-free operation, among others.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Sun Joe CJ602E

  • Ideal for obtaining mulch
  • Safe and durable design
  • Zero stress, low maintenance
  • Louder than others

Our verdict on the Sun Joe CJ602E

  • Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Efficiency4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Design3.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Price5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Although it is a little noisier than other wood chippers, the Sun Joe CJ602E has many advantages: compactness, simplicity, and safety are part of it. Its price positioning also seems very interesting to us. To produce mulch quickly and inexpensively, this is the best solution.

6. Wen 41121

You’ve never used a wood chipper, your backyard is relatively small, and you especially need to reduce the clutter caused by twigs and branches? You need a model focused on ease of use, preferably affordable: the Wen 41121 can match.

Wen 41121 Features Summary

  • The easiest to use.
  • 2 blades of 17.78 cm/7 in offering excellent shredding speed.
  • Controlled dimensions: machine as easy to move as it is to store.
  • Safety device to prevent start-up if the hopper is open.
  • Delivered with a pusher (storage location on the unit) and 1 bag.
  • 15A. _
  • Breaks/minute : 8000 (130/second).
  • Cutting diameter : 3.81 cm/1.5 in.
  • Weight : 10.5 kg/23.15 lbs.
  • Wheel diameter: 15.24 cm/6 in.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Photo and video demonstration of the Wen 41121

What we think of the Wen 41121

The Wen 41121 being a shredder offered at a low price, is one of the models designed to carry out small jobs: it can shred twigs and branches (as long as the diameter is not greater than 3.81 cm, or 1.5 po) but will struggle with leaves or some rugged woods.

Its main advantage, in our opinion, is its ease of use.

Electric shredders are generally relatively easy to handle, but this is even more true; you have almost nothing to do. Once it’s on its way, you place the wood in the hopper. If you notice a jam, you use the pusher provided (stored on the unit).

A collection bag is also provided.

A safety device prevents starting if the hopper is open.

This product has another interesting feature: it is equipped with two blades, wide and turns quickly. Therefore, as soon as you stay within the framework of small branches, it is effective, you can quickly obtain wood chips which can be used as mulch or, why not, for decoration.

The device is capable of making 8000 cuts/minute!

It is equipped with wheels and therefore moves quickly on your land. A handle is also provided on the back, making it easy to change the shredder’s location if necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Wen 41121

  • Really easy to handle
  • Correct power, compact profile
  • Really light price
  • Reserved for small jobs

Our verdict on the Wen 41121

  • Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Efficiency3.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Design4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Price5.0 out of 5.0 stars

It’s hard to get more intuitive than the Wen 41121: once the machine is running, you insert the branches into the hopper, and that’s it. Accessible and durable, this shredder is also compact, and its wheels make it easy to place wherever you want in the garden. It is only intended for small jobs.

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7. Earthwise GS70015

Are you interested in producing mulch and compost more than decluttering your garden, and are you looking for a wood chipper that will make manufacturing and collecting easier? The Earthwise GS70015 is likely to please you.

Summary of Earthwise GS70015 features

  • The best collection system.
  • Large bin under the shredder with a capacity of 40 litres.
  • Clip-on flared trunking to facilitate the insertion of branches.
  • Safety button, overload protection.
  • Good size/power ratio, wheels for easy transport.
  • Comes with a pusher.
  • 15A / 120V / 60Hz . _
  • Maximum idle speed: 4500 rpm.
  • Cutting diameter : 4.45 cm / 1¾ in.
  • Weight : 14.1 kg / 31.09 lbs.

Photo and video demonstration of the Earthwise GS70015

What we think of the Earthwise GS70015

In terms of performance, the Earthwise GS70015 is a machine that fits well in a medium-sized backyard and can shred leaves and branches (with a maximum diameter of 4.45 cm, which is equivalent to 1¾ po).

Therefore, the power is a little above what we see on some other electric wood chippers, the price being also a little higher.

However, this seems justified to us for a simple reason: this machine has one of the best collection systems on the market. Here, no need to untangle yourself with a bag. You place the supplied container, which has a volume of 40 litres, under the shredder and collects your chips immediately and efficiently.

If you need a lot of mulch and compost, and you want to use natural products as much as possible to maintain your exterior, this model seems to us to be the logical choice.

She also has a few other strengths to point out. For example, it remains compact and easy to move thanks to its wheels.

We also appreciate the ingenious design: inserting the branches directly using the clip-on feeding chute. It is, therefore, possible to be very efficient in small tasks or to grind more significant quantities in one go.

Be careful, though: according to some buyers, the machine is sensitive to jamming. So be reasonable. A pusher is included in your purchase to overcome any blockages more easily.

There are no safety issues to report: you have a safety button, and the device has overload protection.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Earthwise GS70015

  • Much easier collection
  • Ingenious design
  • Good security
  • jam sensitive

Our verdict on the Earthwise GS70015

  • Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Efficiency4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Design4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Price4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Thanks to its extensive collection box and mobility, the Earthwise GS70015 is an ally of choice for those who want to adopt a natural and environmentally friendly approach to gardening. It is pretty sensitive to jamming, but the comfort of use offered compensates well in our eyes.

Our approach

Our method

We are committed to providing you with the best possible information. All of our recommendations on come from months or weeks worth of research, comparisons among consumers’ opinions about products as well interviews if necessary with experts & scientists!

With our top-rated products, you can ensure that the job will get done right. We recommend only those items which pass all safety tests and have an attractive price to quality ratio for your needs!

In the end, the products we recommend to you are the ones we would want to buy, and the ones we would also choose for our friends and family.

Things to know before buying a wood chipper

You’re not sure you understand how to take full advantage of a wood chipper or how this type of product works, and you would like to know more before making the purchase? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions that might help you.

Is the cutting system important?

Yes! There are different cutting systems: blade carrierrotorturbine and auger, listed in order of performance. However, manufacturers do not always specify which method is used in practice.

It is why it will often be more effective to rely on the motor’s power, the maximum diameter of the branches or the advice of Internet users and guides to determine if the device is suitable for your garden.

Should I choose an electric or thermal shredder?

Thermal grinders are more powerful but more difficult to maintain. Moreover, they are polluting, and their use costs a lot of money.

So, unless you have a massive lot with very thick branches to shred, it is often more exciting and less restrictive for individuals to go for electric options, especially since high-performance electric models are now.

How to use a wood chipper?

It would help if you were equipped with gloves and safety glasses.

Thus, you are guaranteed not to cut yourself and avoid possible projections (these are pretty rare, but they can occur).

Then, press the start button and insert your twigs and branches into the hopper. Depending on the model chosen, it may be advisable to remove the sheets beforehand.

How to maintain an electric wood chipper? 

For maintenance, we think, above all, of unplugging the grinder.

The wheels and metal parts should be oiled, and the blades sharpened if necessary. Other than that, you don’t have much to do! Just be sure to keep the shredder as clean as possible.

Can you quickly get compost or mulch?

The shredded material obtained generally provides an excellent quality mulch and is also quite suitable for entering into compost composition. It is one of the most ecological and economical means of receiving it.

Our selection criteria for buying a wood chipper

Are you now sure that the wood chipper meets your needs, but you are unsure which model to choose? No problem! We invite you to discover the criteria we used to make our choices here, allowing you to make your comparisons.

The price

The prices are very variable.

You will easily find electric wood chippers between $100 and $200. Generally, they are solid and secure, but they struggle to handle foliage and are only suitable for small jobs.

By investing $300 or $400, you find excellent value for money, suitable for medium-sized backyards.

If you want to get a super-powerful electric grinder, you’re going to have to raise the budget: some are worth almost $2000. That said, they offer unparalleled efficiency and working comfort.

The power

While power can be expressed in watts (multiplying amperage and voltage, A*V ), manufacturers often list amperage only. The standard is around 14-15A.

Use a high-quality power cord or extension to make sure your wood chipper is in peak condition.

The maximum cutting diameter

It is the diameter beyond which the device will not chip the branch you insert into the feed chute.

On devices intended for small jobs, it is often 3.81 cm, which corresponds to 1.5 in.

The sound volume

Wood chippers inevitably make noise. If you have sensitive ears, do not hesitate to wear appropriate protection. Some manufacturers now specify the sound volume on the technical sheets.

Do not hesitate to check: a slightly less powerful and fast, but much quieter device can be worth it if you mainly do small jobs and you want to maintain good neighbourly relations.

The collection system

It is pretty standard for a bag to be provided.

However, there are also tank models, and we find this more convenient. Indeed, it is easier to recover your chips and distribute them afterwards, and you do not have to empty the bag to continue grinding.

Security elements

The most popular safety device among shredders is the interruption button. It’s located on your machine and will stop it in its tracks if you open up this cutter without unlocking it first, giving yourself enough time to close down again safely! In addition, overload and overheating protection are often present even when the manufacturer does not mention it.

pusher is frequently included: this is used to unclog the machine. It allows you to push on a branch or leaves without bringing your fingers closer to the blades. Generally, a hook is provided to store it directly on the unit.

Dimensions, weight and ease of movement

In itself, a shredder is not necessarily highly bulky. But when it is added to a whole arsenal of DIY and gardening, it can become challenging to find a place for it…

Be aware that logically, if you are looking for more power, it is generally necessary to tolerate more space.

The dimensions remain, most of the time, reasonable

It is, therefore, above all the weight that you will have to pay attention to. Nevertheless, most devices have a handle and wheels, making moving them much more accessible.

If you lack strength, try to favour a lighter shredder, you will be less tired. A word of advice: don’t grind immediately after pruning and felling; wait a bit. The branches will be drier, and you will have enjoyed a moment of rest!