Why Buy a Pressure Cooker

Why Buy a Pressure Cooker

A complete guide for Why Buy a Pressure Cooker The pressure cooker is a high-pressure cooking system that cooks food very quickly.

Like its cousin, the pressure cooker (the term for which was patented in 1953 by the SEB company), the pressure cooker, presto, Instant Pot, or even multicooker make a strong comeback and appeal to large families as well as to those taken. By the time.

But what explains this comeback of this kitchen utensil, which we thought to reserve for our grandmothers, and which once frightened us by the whistling pressure that escaped from the lid?

Are you tempted by cooking in a pressure cooker but still hesitating between acquiring this appliance or a simple pressure cooker?

In this article, we explain why the pressure cooker is the appliance you need in your kitchen and the 8 reasons to turn to this cooking method daily.

Here are brief details Why Buy a Pressure Cooker for your home

Why Buy a Pressure Cooker

First, what is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a kitchen utensil made up of a stainless steel base, a removable bowl most often made of aluminum, and a cover with a one-handed handle.

Then there are other parts used to ensure the proper evacuation of the steam to avoid an overflow of pressure.

Therefore, we observe the depressurization valve, the safety valve, the opening and closing system in addition.

For electric models (which we will mainly talk about in this article), sometimes you also have an LCD screen to set the various cooking functions and display the timer and the preset buttons.

With a pressure cooker, food is cooked very quickly.

Indeed, this cooking appliance is hermetic and allows to reach a very high temperature, more than that of a normal boiling, thanks to the steam under pressure.

It is, therefore, thanks to this excess temperature that Cooking. Cooking is much faster.

To cook in the pressure cooker, there are several main stages, regardless of the models:

  • Place the food in the bottom of the bowl or the steam basket;
  • Add cold water (depending on the preparation, the amount varies);
  • Close the lid and depending on the type of pressure cooker (electric or not), but the valve (cover) or program the cooking mode and the timer;
  • The food and water in the container begin to boil with the effect of heat and steam is formed;
  • The pressure increases thanks to the airtight system, and raises the temperature to more than 118 ° C;
  • The depressurization valve (or pressure regulator) adjusts the cooking temperature, removing excess heat;
  • Cooking can finally begin!

As you will understand, some preparation time is necessary so that the pressure cooker does not start cooking the food.

The water must first heat up, reach its boiling point and produce steam, allowing the ingredients to cook quickly.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about anything!

1. The savings achieved by using a pressure cooker

With the pressure cooker, even the most demanding and most challenging cuts of meat become delicious and tender.

Why? By undergoing a boiling temperature, collagen, this elastic material contained in the meat fibers, begins to melt and turns into gelatin.

The Cooking then becomes very tender, and the meat melts in your mouth.

Therefore, with a pressure cooker, it is useless to try at all costs to cook noble and expensive pieces of meat.

No matter what pieces you choose (tough, inexpensive cuts of meats like stewing cubes and shoulder or pallet roasts), your preparation will be tasty and mess-free!

The significant advantage of cooking in a pressure cooker is also actual energy savings, around 50%.

Indeed, even if the appliance is electric, Cooking is so fast with the pressure that your energy consumption is markedly reduced.

2. A safe kitchen utensil

In addition to saving you great energy and money, the multicooker is a very safe appliance that has evolved a lot over time.

No more fear of seeing the cover explode with an overflow of pressure, the products are now all ultra-secure, within particular several locking systems that prevent overpressure (a safety valve in addition to the valve that regulates the pressure), as well as safety which prevents any opening of the cover until the force has wholly dispersed.

However, each model has its specificities, so it is essential to look at the user manual at the time of purchase.

3. quick-cooking

Since the boiling temperature of the water in the pressure cooker is higher than at normal pressure, food cooks much faster.

For example, there is a cooking time of about 12 minutes for a stew, about 15 minutes for a whole chicken, 4 minutes for chicken breasts, potatoes that are tender as desired, cooked between 10 to 15 minutes.

Even the most recalcitrant vegetables like beets, squash, and legumes generally take an hour and a half to three hours to cook; tenderize in less than 30 minutes in a pressure cooker of 103 Kpa.

At this rate, you won’t want to bother with traditional oven or pan cooking.

4. A versatile device that preserves the nutritional qualities of food

The advantage of the pressure cooker is that it is used in the Cooking of a multitude of foods.

Meat, fish, seafood, rice, vegetables. The possibilities are endless, and here too, you save a lot of money by investing in a multifunction pressure cooker, usually 3 in 1.

Imagine: acquiring a device that acts as a yogurt maker, rice cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan. The dream!

And you can even make individual portions of custard, porridge, and oatmeal for your breakfasts.

And make no mistake, just because the very high temperature cooks food quickly doesn’t mean that it loses its flavor and nutritional benefits.

On the contrary, the pressure cooker is recognized as retaining the vitamins in fruits and vegetables much better than traditional Cooking in a pan, for example.

Before deciding on a model, do not hesitate to consult the different cookbooks that often accompany pressure cookers.

It gives you a good overview of the possibilities offered by the device, and thus to make your choice according to your tastes.

5. A modern and technological device

The various cooking programs are usually activated via the adjustment buttons on the front of the pressure cooker.

If high-end and innovative devices tempt you, some brands offer multiple features that make your life even more accessible.

We are talking about an integrated timer, a setting of the cooking time according to the preparation you want to make, an LCD screen to follow the progress of your CookingCooking, etc.

They are not gadgets since they bring a real plus to the management of your preparations, offering you more comfort and freedom in your recipes.

6. Easy maintenance

Most electric pressure cookers are made of stainless steel, and the removable pan is either non-stick coated, stoneware, or ceramic.

Note that stoneware is ultra-resistant and the material that will offer the most excellent longevity to your pressure cooker.

All this is to explain that this type of device is straightforward to maintain and clean.

After each use, you can put the transparent lid and the tub in the dishwasher without problem or wash them by hand with warm water and soap.

Always make sure that the depressurization valve is not blocked before each CookingCooking.

7. Recognized brands

Investing in a recognized brand for your pressure cooker is a real-time saver and the guarantee of reliable customer service and attentive care in the event of any complaint.

Contacting a well-established manufacturer is always easier than going through foreign merchant sites with cheap but unreliable products.

With a pressure cooker, it is better to pay attention to the quality of the materials to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Among the best pressure cookers, we can cite the Seb Clipso minute model, the Cookeo from Moulinex, the Instant Pot available in several capacities, or the one from Tefal.

With these household appliances mastodons, you are sure to offer yourself the best of the best in terms of quality/price ratio.

Indeed, some models are relatively expensive, but you find yourself there given the many savings made, both energy and financial!

8. cooking faster than in the slow cooker

A slow cooker works, unlike a pressure cooker.

It offers slow Cooking at low temperature, which allows food to cook slowly, for hours, and multiply all the aromas of your preparations.

When set to low, the slow cooker will reach approximately 85 ° C, a low simmer.

When set to high, the food temperature in the slow cooker never exceeds 100 ° C.

In a pressure cooker, it is the opposite: the pressure reached inside the appliance makes it possible to increase the boiling temperature of liquids to 121 ° C.

Thus, the food cooks quickly, in a short time.

In either case, these two devices offer real good quality cooking, where the nutritional qualities are preserved.

Therefore, it is totally according to your tastes that you will be able to choose one or the other.

What you must remember :

  • A safe, quick-cooking utensil that preserves all the flavors and nutritional benefits;
  • The pressure cooker allows you to make significant savings, both energy and financial;
  • A versatile and easy to clean device, we favor recognized and established brands for better after-sales service.